Happy Feet 2 - Bridge of Light

This 3rd music video from Happy Feet Two (first, second) encourages you to keep moving forward in good-faith effort. The story has a trapped civilization with a relative few able to act to free the masses. Their love drives an unforeseeable creative response.

Love promotes our action even when we can’t foresee victory because we care too much to disengage.

I emphasize: those of us who see the 1%’s escalating unlawful Wars of Aggression, economic looting while reducing the 99% ever-faster to debt peonage (despite obvious solutions), destruction of American ideals and Rights, and perhaps literally a hundred other areas of equal concern for our future, are expressing as clearly, professionally, and powerfully as we can imagine to make this choice clear:

Humanity either gives love now for the success of all Earth’s inhabitants,


Humanity chooses peonage to “emperor has no clothes” obvious criminals.

As an academic professional trained at U.C. Berkeley and Harvard, and having experience in helping shape ~300 policy briefs for Congress and field professionals, I assert with absolute professional confidence that colleagues and I have explained and documented the facts as clearly as humanly possible.

We have done our job to make your choice clear.

Importantly: choice includes action. Your parents taught you, and you’ve already learned in your own experience that it’s not enough to say that you know, you must act.

The most elegant response is for US military and law enforcement to arrest leading criminals in US “leadership” for “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes centering in War Crimes and economic looting.

“Bridge Of Light”

Just when you think

hope is lost,

and giving up

is all you got,

and blue turns black,

your confidence is cracked,

there seems no turning back from here.


When your feet are made of stone,

and you’re convinced

that you’re all alone,

look at the stars

instead of the dark

you’ll find your heart shines like the sun.


Let’s not let our anger get us lost.

And the need to be right comes with way too high a cost.


That’s when you can build a bridge of light.

That’s what turns the wrongs all right.

That’s when you know it’s worth the fight.


That’s when love turns nighttime into day.

That’s when loneliness goes away.

That’s why you gotta’ be strong this night.

‘Cause only love can build us a bridge of light.


Deep breath, take it on the chin.

But don’t forget to let the love back in!


That’s when love can build a bridge of light.

That’s what turns the wrongs all right.

That’s when you can’t give up the fight.


And that’s when love turns nighttime into day!

That’s when loneliness goes away!

That’s why you gotta be strong tonight!

‘Cause only love can build us a bridge of light!


Only love can build us a bridge of light.

Only love can build us a bridge of light.