Exposing the Cancerous Tumor

    You know the problem with doing research and gathering ALL the facts on many conspiracy events that have and continue to flourish since the JFK assassination is that one becomes despairing of his fellow citizens’ lack of interest or minimalist view of the truth. And when the contrary evidence presents itself to the Official […]

Courting the Last World War

by Rebel Fagin The United States has at least 7,300 nuclear missiles; Russia has at least 8,000. Russia’s foreign policy relies on nuclear weapons. Should Russia use nukes, how do you think the US would respond? Nuclear bombs have changed since 1945. One of today’s bombs contains 2 million tons of TNT. This is equal […]

Burnt Alive vs. Shock and Awe

     Most Americans have responded to the recent burning alive in a cage of a Jordanian jet fighter pilot shot down by ISIS with SHOCK. FOX News added to that shock by showing extended coverage of the actual burning to its viewers. This done by FOX despite its denunciation of such coverage during the […]

Sweets for My Sweet

By Rebel Fagin Valentine’s Day is coming; a day when we celebrate our love for one another through poems, flowers, and chocolates. Many people think chocolate comes from Holland or Switzerland. Actually, chocolate is grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Guinea, and Burkina in northwestern Africa. Some of the farmers there use child slaves to […]