Nobody I’m familiar with knows when, or if, victory for the 99% will come.  To provide context: I was friends with Bucky Fuller for the last three years of his life, worked with both parties’ “leaderships” over 18 years lobbying to end poverty, and currently work with many leaders in different fields.

All of my contacts say they have no idea; several have received apparent deliberate disinformation (remember - the etymology of the word “war” is confusion).

We do know how to explain, document, and prove massive crimes by a 1% oligarchy centering in war and money. We do know that arrests of obvious criminals for obvious crimes would be an elegantly direct response. We do know there are ~100 areas of similar critical importance.

Many of us find Faith a helpful context to keep moving forward in “good faith” effort. Faith answers a question we all answer, yet few consciously ask: Do you trust Life?

Those who live the answer of “yes” are fearless. If one experiences trust in Life to be just and loving, there is obviously nothing to fear. Paradoxically, we recognize danger, and respond as within any other game of strategy. We know, for example, that Martin King was assassinated by our 1% opponents (among many).

We are all guests on this beautiful and dominated planet.

We are only allowed to play our roles with limited human vision as powerfully as we can.

Faith empowers action after action, for as long as we’re allowed to play.

So those with Faith trust the journey, even though we’re clueless how long this apparent tragic-comedy of criminal domination will continue. We’re confident our Source/Creator has this Earth game/experience as fully worthy of our best self-expressions.

For that, we feel and stand as fully accountable, in accepting embrace of our limited human perception.