Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist Brutally Beaten by Police (R Prophet)‏ Join us this episode of Critical Insights for an exclusive interview we conducted with Grammy nominated Hip Hop Artist, R Prophet, formerly of the Nappy Roots. On April 25th 2013 R Prophet was brutally beaten and numerously tasered by police in the state of Kentucky. This interview shows the images of his battered body […]

Social activist’s holiday letter to family

Note: My family doesn’t discuss my social activism with me. They seem somewhat uncomfortable about the topics; most are already pressed with busy schedules even if they weren’t uncomfortable. After this holiday season without discussion, I decided to send this: Dear Family, It was great seeing everyone over the holidays! Given limitations of time being […]

Using the for-profit college swindle to teach students critical literacy

“At its best, the theory of critical literacy needs to develop pedagogical practices in which the battle to make sense of one’s life reaffirms and furthers the need for teachers and students to recover their own voices so they retell their own histories and in so doing “check and criticize the history they are told […]

Federal Reserve System CAUSES unpayable debt, unemployment, inflation, higher interest rates

The Federal Reserve System’s mechanics cause ever-increasing and unpayable debt, unemployment, inflation, and high interest rates. Ellen Brown is right: it’s time to transform the Fed into a public utility. This shift from the Fed being a privately-owned business to maximize its owners’ profits to a public service would end the national debt, provide full-employment, […]

The Lumina Foundation, Brice Harris, City College of San Francisco and the privatization of higher education

Readers can take a look at the mendacious and sophistic Brice Harris, the former Chancellor of the Los Rios College.  He is a ‘Lumina Foundation’ made man.  If you do not know what Lumina is, do Google ‘Danny Weil and Lumina’ and you will find out fast that this criminal syndicate, formerly with Sallie Mae […]

The racism ,class warfare & theft of wealth behind austerity

    Republicans have been using propaganda  to promote a racist agenda. A phony concern about voter fraud has been used to promote voter ID laws and voter role purges to disenfranchise African American voters. Similarly, a phony concern about budget deficits is being used to sabotage the economy  to damage President Obama’s legacy and […]

More on the for-profit front: Corinthian College and the criminalization of education

Senator Dick Durbin Calls For Investigation of Corinthian Colleges and Other For-Profits Merry Christmas to the for-profit college sludge. They fill their stockings with taxpayer monies and leave IOU’s for the citizens of America while stuffing debt socks for students. As for profits continue to get $30-40 Billion annually from the feds (Pell Grants, VA […]

30+ Emmy winning journalist: 1% are ‘mercenary class, predators, looters.’ What do you see? What will you do?

In this three minute video, 30+ Emmy-winning journalist Bill Moyers characterizes the 1% as an oligarchy poised to end democracy and make change from within impossible. He calls them: “the mercenary class,” “predators,” “looters.” What’s missing from Bill’s analysis: the 1%’s main acts in war and money are illegal, demanding their immediate arrests to stop […]

Corinthian College is a criminal enterprise: Then why are teacher pension funds buying their stock?

Why  (Corinthian College) COCO is a Zombie University Take a look at their stock!  This corrupt institution is down to pennies in the stock market.  Now, with the State of California going after them for illegal practices, what is their future and why are the teacher pension funds buying this stock?  Especially CAL STRS? 1.       […]