Corporate Media Cover-UP: Oklahoma Supertornado

In all the news items about the super tornado that almost swept away Moore, Oklahoma, there is no mention of global climate disruption. In fact, it was just two weeks ago today (May 8) that the Wall St. Journal published a column from two “scientists” claiming that increased CO2 levels are not causing global warming […]

Public Banking Conference: June 2-4, 2013 – Trillions in taxpayer surpluses released

Public Banking Institute is having our 2013 conference in San Rafael (Northern California) on June 2, 3, 4 to publicly present solutions in banking and money worth tens of trillions of dollars to Americans. You literally have nothing more valuable to attend to (registration info here, including for only Sunday evening; Monday evening is free). Among public banking’s available […]

Mery Zamora, former president of the National Union of Teachers was convicted of sabotage and terrorism in Ecuador

May 17, 2013 I got a message today from a person who I trust, a true dyed in the wool Socialist and defender of justice and freedom.  He sent me an article from the Ecuadorian newspaper, El Comercio about the sentence and jailing of Mery Zamora.  He told me it was sent to him by […]

1948… Never To Be Forgotten

By Guest Writter  Sadeem Bukhari “Massacre of innocent people is a serious matter. It is not a thing to be easily forgotten. It is our duty to cherish their memory” Mahatma Gandhi (2 July 1947) Today, 15th of May marks the anniversary of Nakbah. Sixty five years have passed since the invasion of Palestine by […]

King George, Barack Obama, The AP & the 4th Amendment

On May 16, 2013 President Obama responded to the emerging scandal involving the Department of Justice’s warrantless spying on AP journalists by stating that a “balance” needs to be maintained between national security and freedom of the press (     Obama’s stance on the DOJ warrantless spying is in clear violation of the 4th […]

Go beyond the ideology of democracy

“This article first appeared as a letter in Today newspaper. The writer is the editor of Philosophers for Change and resides in Singapore.”   The letters on the subtext of democracy, “Look at message behind quote” and “Conundrum first-past-the-post system poses” (May 14), emphasise the problematic nature of this ideology. However, we would be mistaken […]

Greek teachers defy military mobilization : We will strike anyway!

( By Christoph Dreier 16 May 2013 Greek teachers have voted to oppose the mobilisation order of the government and commence a strike on Friday to coincide with the start of the annual exam period. At the same time, the OLME teachers’ union is doing all it can to prevent the strike from taking place. […]

Teachers in Greece Warned to Not Strike

All over the world fascism is taking control.  Grom Greece to Hungary, from China to the US, the footprint of authoritarianism is leaving its iron heel on the people’s forehead. Teachers, once loved by the people, are now demonized as greedy, laxy, sex-driven, and simply useless.  This is no mystery; the ruling class hates education […]