High school teacher in Idaho under investigation for saying “vagina” during anatomy lesson and encouraging critical thinking on climate change

Reporter, Katie McDonough, writing this week for Salon on-line, let us know that a high school science teacher, Tim McDaniel is currently being investigated by Idaho’s professional standards commission.  Why?  Easy, it is because McDaniel allegedly used the word “vagina” while teaching a 10th grade biology lesson on reproduction and anatomy. That’s right.  Science is […]

The World’s Debts Shall Not Be Repaid

From: The B u l l e t Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 791 March 28, 2013 By Ingo Schmidt Ingo Schmidt is an economist, a writer, and a labour educator. He is the Coordinator of the Labour Studies Program at Athabasca University. His latest book, co-edited with Bryan Evans is Social Democracy After the […]

Corporate registration of the Commonwealth of Australia exposed: The Security and Exchange Commission and US Patent Office have registered the Common Wealth in D.C.

  Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, writing about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), had these salient words to say, among other things: “If the TPP is approved, the sovereignty of the United States and other member nations will be dissipated by trade tribunals that favor corporate power and force national laws to be subservient to […]

Provocative Documentary by Woody Harrelson

Ethos Peter McGrain 2011 Film Review The hour-long documentary Ethos, narrated by actor/activist Woody Harrelson, is now available free online. In my opinion, it has powerful take home lessons for Americans across the political spectrum. Largely because it addresses what I view as the two main obstacles to political change in the US 1) the […]

Alex Abramoff, son of "Casino Jack" Abramoff, to run for Santa Monica College Student Body President

Readers might remember the horrific Jack Abramoff who, with his surly counterparts such as Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist and a host of crooked politicians, milked American Indians out of millions in consultant fees. Abramoff eventually went to prison but exited with a tell-tale book and a radio show. Doing time is nothing for these scoundrels […]

Swedish bus driver forced black people to travel on separate coach in apartheid-style incidents

Sweden, once known for its social democratic policies is now emerging as the new South Africa under apartheid.  The long hatred of anyone not white, which includes of course immigrants, has left the country with racial hatred, eurocentric policies and xenophobia. This is not really new.  Sweden was the site of Nazi rule for a […]

Canada registered with the SEC as a corporation

The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission has the country of Canada registered as a corporation (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0000230098&owner=exclude&count=40&hidefilings=0). Why, you might ask, would the country of Canada be registered with the SEC?  The answer lies with the fact that the world is now being divided into ‘free enterprise zones’ or ‘multinational corporate region, which of course means […]

Challenging Structural Racism in New York City Schools: Horatio Alger, RIP — Why Korean immigrants succeed

There is a link between the state and the interests of capitalists. …The state, especially in organizing and directing the educational system, trains bureaucrats, technicians, executives and workers for the economy…the state’s educational system does not merely train personnel in the skills required for production. The ideological structure necesssary to maintain the hierarchy and absolutism […]

The Crisis of the European Welfare State

The United States failed to replace the ‘welfare state’ with ‘participatory democracy’.  Thus, we in the US are and have been seeing the destruction of the gains made under FDR as the ‘New Deal’ has been and is under attack. In the following article, Asbjørn Wahl, from Norway, remarks on the destruction of the European […]

Public Banking Conference: June 2-4, 2013 - You’re invited to have trillions of dollars!

Public Banking Institute is having our 2013 conference in San Rafael (Northern California) on June 2, 3, 4 to publicly present solutions in banking and money worth tens of trillions of dollars to Americans. You literally have nothing more valuable to attend to (registration info here). Among public banking’s available benefits: State budget deficits end […]