Best Bike Lock Ever

Oh the old sweater-lock. Gets me every time. I was about to steal this bike but forgot my scissors.

The Zen of no desire as millions die, billions suffer, trillions looted

What is: Wars violate our most essential law, all based on lies. Poverty agonizes billions, all preventable for less than 1% of our income. Money-lies, looting, and ever-increasing debt. What is not: Enough humans of intellectual integrity and moral courage to end unlawful and lie-based wars. Enough humans of empathy to end poverty. Enough humans […]

A Dangerous Bicycle Is Off the Streets

And to think it happened in America – Portland, Oregon, to be precise. Michael Hernandez was getting ready to go home after a typical working day. He texted his wife Christina in the early evening of November 9, 2012, to let her know he was on his way and would see her soon. He hopped […]

Student Loan Asset Backed Securities and the $1 trillion dollar student loan debt

“In times of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the radio show Clearing the FOG - Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed. The show originates from Washington DC on 1480 AM. The issue that was addressed was […]

Neoliberalism in the American military and its impact on civilians

In this enlightening article, Jennifer Mittelstadt writes about the neoliberal agenda to privatize and outsource the retirement and health care benefits of military personnel and their families.  Though many in civilian life might find this specific only to the military but as Mittelstadt so correctly notes, the impact of market reforms to military health care […]

2-minute video: US debt visualized; 2-minute read: US obvious solutions

Demonocracy created a new and stunning visual to approach a grasp on US Federal Government debt of ~$17 trillion. An easy tool to understand US households’ share of this tragic-comedy: ~100 million US households means an average ~$170,000 debt/household. Another way: ~$50,000 average annual household income means a household with $100,000/year income owes ~$350,000, and […]

Student loan debt driven by corporate mafia

Remember when the mortgage industry and the banks touted home ownership and the “ownership society” as a ticket to the American Dream?  It turned out to be a one way ticket to the American Scheme. The mafia banksters who run the student loan financialization scheme are no different.  Now Obama is touting his 20/20 educational program.  […]

Indigenous Protests Grow as Ecuador Auctions Amazon Oil Blocks

November 28th, 2012, by Mitch Anderson Help stop the destruction of the Amazon and sign the petition at: The Ecuadorian government’s plans to auction off nearly ten million acres of rainforest wilderness in the south-central Amazon – home to seven indigenous nationalities – was met by fierce opposition from hundreds of indigenous people this […]

Carl O. Franzoni Davis: One of the original Freaks of the early 1960's

Carl O. Franzoni Davis, along with his friend Veto Paulekas started the movement of ‘freaks’, what became to be known by the corporate media as ‘hippies’.  Szou, Veto’s wife, made the clothes that became the icon of the ‘freak’ movement and led to the hippie attire familiar to many.  All of this began in the […]