Forget about Democrats and Republicans: I Voted for Occupy and an End to Apathy

By: Brady Osborne I Voted for Occupy.  Contrary to corporate media portrayals accusing the movement of being disorganized and unclear, the Occupy movement knows what it wants- an end to a corporate controlled culture of greed.  Contrary to politicians who claim to care about the welfare and interests of American citizens, the Occupy movement has […]

90 Million Eligible American Voters Decide not to Participate in 2012

By Tanya Trimble The American voting system is a fraudulent, worthless game played between members of the same elite corporate class. As America shakes with unrest, chaos and criminality, 58 percent of eligible voters have withheld their vote in the 57th Presidential election. Mostly, these decisions not to vote were made with good reason. Non-voting […]

‘War’ word origin is ‘confusion’: how US 1% wage war on 99%, how to end war

The word “war” has its origin as meaning “confusion.” US Wars of Aggression were only possible from public confusion of the facts; especially the fact of war law: After two world wars and all our families sacrifices, the US led the creation of two treaties that limit armed attack on another nation only if attacked […]

Breaking down the six strikes law

Several major ISPs have revealed how they intend to implement the new six strikes law that intends to curb piracy. It has some major flaws and questionable procedures that the ISPs believe will educate the casual pirate. The ISPs plan on accomplishing this in three phases. Despite the “six strikes” moniker, both Verizon and Time […]

Obama's Win, But Educators' Loss?

For three decades now, one block of American voters and workers has lost politically regardless of which party or candidate has won—educators.* That was again likely the case in 2012 despite the re-election of Barack Obama and despite a few positive political victories vis a vis education ballot initiatives and the election of state-level education leaders. Since the […]

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) hails circuit decision striking down Michigan's ban on affirmative action

November 14, 2012   BAMN HAILS SIXTH CIRCUIT DECISION STRIKING DOWN MICHIGAN’S BAN ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION The entire en banc panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the  Sixth Circuit today ruled by a vote of eight to seven that Michigan Proposal 2’s ban on affirmative action in college admissions violated the Fourteenth […]

Ecuador: A View From the Roof: CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Defeat President Correa

Many Americans do not know it, but elections for president of Ecuador occur next year.  This election promises to be a big one.  Among issues of the petrol-society and Correa’s insistence to continuing mining, is the role of the CIA and Obama administration in trying to recolonize Latin America. Posted on November 13th, 2012 by […]

CIA Chief Steps Down: More Than Meets the Eye

On Friday, November 9, the head of the CIA in the US, retired General David Petraeus, resigned. His resignation came allegedly due to revelations of an extra marital affair with his biographer, and former fellow army officer, Paula Broadwell. Much was made of the fact that his secret extra-marital affair could potentially be used to […]