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Students protest ouster of principal, staff and teachers by Future is Now Charter Chain backed by Bill Gates

Students in Detroit walkd out of their schools when Robert Bobb, the lapdog for Elye Broad and his union busting, privatizing crew of superintendent trainers, muscled into Detroit schools thanks to corporate democrat and Governor at the time, Jennifer Granholm.  In fact, they even sat in at her office to stop the appointment of another Emergency Manager.  But to no avail, she had them arrested.  You can search the Daily Censored website and read about this and more.  Walmart was poised to offer units to students in Detroit high schools if they worked for free for the multi-billionaire crime syndicate.  This was scrapped when By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) got whiff of the plan and organized opposition.

The plantation politics of dread and ruin are now spreading, as I knew they would when I wrote my book on charter schools in 2009, and students have been walking out all over the nation ever since.  This is all good news for what the ruling class fears most is young activism.  This is why they are busy retooling curriculae and banning books.  Thinking is subversive and the most subversive thinking is critical thinking, something the ruling class fears most.

In this article, Allen Powell II offers an insight into New Orleans where refugees still lie outside the state and where the Chilean style, Pinochet schock doctrine for public schools was first implemented.

Here is the article from The Advocate

by Allen Powell II

The Advocate
October 7, 2012

New Orleans — Angry at the second administrative shake-
up at their school in two years, Walter L. Cohen Senior
High School students stormed out of class on Friday and
told Recovery School District Superintendent Patrick
Dobard they won’t return until their principal and
teachers do as well.

Juniors and seniors at the school were protesting
Dobard’s decision to fire Principal Gavin Lewis, much
of his staff and four of the 12 teachers assigned to
those grade levels. Cohen’s 11th- and 12th-grade
classes are operated by the RSD, but students in sixth
through 10th grades attend a separate school within the
same building called Cohen College Prep. That school is
run by New Orleans College Prep, a charter school

Dobard plans to turn over management of Cohen’s juniors
and seniors to Future Is Now Schools, a national
charter school organization partially backed by the
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The changeover is
supposed to happen Oct. 15.

Dobard said after his staff conducted site visits at
the school recently, they recommended to him that a
change in leadership occur. Dobard acknowledged that
the change was abrupt but said officials needed to make
certain students were being prepared properly.

“I could not just sit by and say we’re going to let the
status quo go,” Dobard said.

He came out to the school on Friday to talk to
students, but received a testy response from them and
the few parents in attendance.

Dobard has scheduled meetings for next week to discuss
the change with parents and students. He said he hopes
they will trust him and return to learning.

“We appeal to their sense of trusting us as educators,”
Dobard said.

But students at the school Friday expressed little
trust in Dobard or his policies. Several of them
questioned how he could hire an entirely new staff for
this school year and then fire them six weeks later.
Students said they had built relationships with
teachers and staff members, and now that process has to
start all over again.

“The point we’re trying to make is that this is going
to set us back,” senior Terrell Major said.

Major said it was already obvious that the older
students weren’t a priority, but this recent decision
just drives that point home. The students learned of
the firings during a school assembly and were initially
given the impression that they would be moved to
different schools as part of the change, Major said.

Although Dobard has said that won’t happen, students
said they believe the shake-up is proof that only
charter school students matter. Major said it seems
like they’ve already been cast aside by the system.

“A lot needs to change, and it’s more than just my
school. The superintendent needs to change,” said
Major, adding that he believes the RSD kept a few
teachers just to placate students. “What they don’t
know is that we’re going down for all of them.”

Meagan Mckinnon, another senior, said Cohen has a
graduation rate in the high 90s, and students truly
love their school. She couldn’t understand what sort of
problems Dobard found that required such a drastic
action. Now she’s worried about whether the shake-up
will affect her ability to get the credits she needs to

“It’s really making us mad,” Mckinnon said.

Dana Peterson, the RSD’s Deputy Superintendent for
External Affairs, said that the new administration will
be focused on helping students get the credits and
education they need. Peterson said the site visits
found a disturbing culture at the school, although he
would not provide specifics on those problems. Peterson
said there is no precedent for such an abrupt change,
but the superintendent felt it was necessary or the
problems would “linger.”

“He walked away not satisfied with what was going on
there,” Peterson said. “Our goal is to get kids college
and career ready.”

The Future Is Now organization recently took over the
troubled John McDonogh High School on Esplanade after
that school had been plagued by violence and poor
performances for decades. The group is most famous for
school takeovers and turnarounds in Los Angeles. Future
Is Now schools concentrate on smaller class sizes,
improved technology and longer school days to help
students learn, according to the group’s website.

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