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Cowardly Terrorists Murder Syrian Civilians


by Stephen Lendman


Aleppo murders are the latest example. Western-recruited death squads ruthlessly target civilians. They’re armed and directed to do so. They’re merciless cowards.


Innocent men, women and children die. Murdering children, raping women, and beheading men are their specialities. So are other atrocities. Since winter 2011, many thousands of Syrians were slaughtered. Dozens more succumb daily.


That’s what terrorism is all about. Imperialism operates that way. Barbarism best describes it. It’s longstanding US practice in all its direct and proxy wars. Respect for human life isn’t America’s long suit. It never was.


Ravaging one country after another is official policy. It’s been longstanding since WW II. Post-9/11, it intensified. Peace, stability, and human rights aren’t in America’s vocabulary. The very notions are abhorrent.


Across the region, millions of corpses attest to Washington’s viciousness. Aleppo is the latest example. Fighting raged there on and off for weeks. It continues.


On October 3, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) headlined “People’s Assembly Condemns Aleppo Bombings and Terrorists-backing States.”


People’s Assembly Speaker, Mohammad Jihad al- Laham, opened the session, saying:


“Aleppo woke up today on a heinous crime, as horrible terrorist bombings targeted innocent civilians in fulfillment of the terrorists’ scheme who do not have any humane values.”


“We condemn these terrorist bombings and the conspiring countries which are backing the terrorists.”


He hopes God will have mercy on the souls of martyrs. He wished quick recovery to those injured and expressed solace for families of those killed.


Most Syrians understand America’s conspiracy against their country. They know and say so. Law Professor Daoud Khairallah told Russia Today that 95% of militants in Syria are foreigners.


SANA said 34 died, 122 were injured, and both totals may rise. Other victims are trapped under rubble.


Three blasts occurred. At 7:50AM, in Saadallah al-Jabri Square, two booby-trapped cars with an estimated 1,000 kg of explosives were detonated. Suicide bombers are suspected.


A second explosion happened at 8:17AM. The Governate Building was targeted. Another booby-trapped car with about 500 kg of explosives detonated. Two mortar shells also fell near the Municipal Palace.


At 10:35AM, a third blast took place. It occurred when engineering units were trying to dismantle a 1,000 kg explosive device in a car terrorists detonated remotely near the al-Amir Hotel, Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce, and the Central Bank.


SANA said “the terrorist bombings have caused great damage to public and private property, public buildings, hotels and residential places, indicating that 250 public and private cars were destroyed.”


“The competent authorities at the Interior Ministry rushed to the area to trace evidence, taking samples of human remnants and the explosive material to be sent to specialized laboratories to establish the identity of the perpetrators and ascertain the type of the explosive material.”


Investigations continue. Responsible parties and supporters are sought. Web site photos show extensive damage. They make disturbing viewing.


Russia’s Foreign Ministry also condemned the bombings, saying:


“We renew utter condemnation of all forms of terrorism and rejection of using terrorist acts under any circumstances.” It added that “initiators and the perpetrators of such acts must be severely punished.”


SANA said Syrian political parties condemned the killings. The Baath Arab Socialist Party blamed “criminal gangs and mercenaries,” adding:


“This terrorist act is a new episode of a series of similar bombings that hit several Syrian cities not to mention massacres against civilians, elderly men, women and children.”


The National Reform Party called what happened “treason because targeting military, public and private properties and institutions (amounts to) targeting the Syrian people and Syria’s territorial integrity.”


Syria’s Arab Socialist Union Party called Aleppo killings “an escalation of the organized terrorism aiming to break the Syrians’ will.”


On October 1, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem addressed the General Assembly in New York. He did so before Aleppo bombings occurred, saying:


“While the peoples of the world wait to see effective and coordinated international efforts to overcome those crises, the reality indicates, instead, the escalation of hegemony and domination on the fortunes of nations and peoples in a way that contradicts the principles and purposes enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international law.”


Worst of all, “permanent members of the Security Council, who launched wars under the pretext of combating terrorism, now support terrorism in my country without any regard to the United Nations resolutions that established the regulations and mechanisms for concerted international efforts to fight this scourge away from political polarization and double standards.”


Daily slaughter and destruction continue. Historic sites are targeted. They’re destroyed or damaged. Western-backed foreign terrorists are responsible. “It is no surprise that the Security Council failed to condemn….terrorist bombings because some of its members are supporting such acts.”


He left no doubt which ones he meant. Washington bears most responsibility. Its regional regime change plans are longstanding. It’s waging permanent direct and proxy wars to replace independent government with pro-Western puppets.


Permanent war is official US policy. So is state terrorism. Crimes of war, against humanity and genocide follow. Complicit NATO and regional partners are criminally involved. UN officials pointing fingers the wrong way share guilt.


The stench of cold-blooded murder spreads everywhere. Responsible parties run America, key NATO countries, and allied regional states. They’re mad dog killers. They’re contemptuous of human life and rule of law principles.


They can’t wait to kill again. Atrocities are their specialty. Those most vulnerable are targeted. It’s the American way. The same goes for rogue NATO allies and complicit regional despots.


International law prohibits foreign interference. Syrians alone may choose who’ll govern them. Most abhor violence and condemn it. They support their government’s efforts to rout death squad elements.


They’re living under nightmarish conditions. No one knows from day to day who’ll live or die. No one’s safe from merciless death squads. No end of conflict looms.


Press TV’s CEO of English language broadcasting, Mohammad Sarafraz, said Syrian militants target journalists reporting truths Western scoundrels want suppressed.


“Threatening and shooting journalists reporting the truth…aims to send this message that they will be shot if they continue reporting the realities on the ground,” he said. “This is unprecedented.”


Countries arming and directing them bear most responsibility. “It’s true that mercenaries that are getting money to come to Syria to fight are responsible for the terrorist acts but countries that are supporting them are even more responsible.”


“Turkey is (at) the forefront of those countries.” Washington bears most responsibility. US Special Forces and CIA elements are directly involved.


Last month, Press TV’s Maya Naser was murdered in cold blood. At the same time, its Damascus bureau chief Hosein Mortada was shot in the back and wounded. Both reporters were covering Damascus bomb blasts when targeted.


They and other independent journalists receive frequent death threats. They courageously stay and do their job. Some like Maya pay with their lives. Hosein was flown to Tehran for surgery.


Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan acts provocatively and belligerently. He’s Washington’s lead aggressor against Syria. He shelters Western death squads on Turkish territory.


He’s involved in training, arming and directing them. He established a CIA command and control center in Adana. America’s Incirlik Air Base is located there.


He’s menacing regional peace. Will he or won’t he wage war on Syria? He called a stray Syrian mortar killing five Turkish civilians in Akcakale “the last straw.”


Turkey’s UN ambassador Ertugrul Apakan called the incident “a flagrant violation of international law as well as a breach of international peace and security.”


Ergogan wants Security Council action against Syrian “aggression.” His comments are scripted in Washington. He says what he’s told. He’s partnered with America’s war on humanity. He’s menacing his own people.


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued his latest one-sided statement, saying:


He “calls on the Syria government to respect fully the territorial integrity of its neighbors as well as to end the violence against the Syrian people.”


He said nothing about Syria’s neighbors respecting its “territorial integrity.” He ignored months of Western-generated violence murdering thousands of civilians and security forces.


His imperial credentials remain unblemished. He blames victims, not perpetrators. So does the UN Human Rights Council. They mock principles of their own Charter.


Turkish artillery responded provocatively. It struck targets near Syria’s Tel Abyad border town for two consecutive days. Several Syrian soldiers were killed.


Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said authorities are investigating how Turkish lives were lost, adding:


“In case of border incidents that occur between any two neighboring countries, countries and governments must act wisely, rationally and responsibly, particularly since there’s a special condition on the Syrian-Turkish borders in terms of the presence of undisciplined terrorist groups spread across the borders who have varying agendas and identities.”


Erdogan’s spoiling for a fight. Washington eggs him on. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said: “We stand with our Turkish ally and are continuing to consult closely on the path forward.”


Hillary Clinton said the same thing. She supports Turkey, of course, and blames Syria. She’s discussing with Ankara what’s next. She called spreading violence a “very, very dangerous situation.”


She should know. Washington bears full responsibility for what happened, and what’s been ongoing since winter 2011.


In Brussels, NATO held a special meeting. A statement followed, saying it “strongly condemns Syria, expresses solidarity with Turkey, and warns Syria to end its violent acts and violations of international law.”


NATO operates as a rogue killing machine. It’s well versed in violence and international law violations. Turkey is a member in good standing. It’s complicit in naked aggression when asked.


On October 4, Erdogan senior advisor Ibrahim Kalin said:


“Turkey has no interest in a war with Syria. But Turkey is capable of protecting its borders and will retaliate when necessary. Turkey has retaliated to yesterday’s incident without declaring war on Syria. Political, diplomatic initiatives will continue.”


At the same time, Ankara’s parliament considered a motion to permit further military action against Syria. Discussions were held in closed session.


Republican People’s Party (CHP) parliamentary group deputy chairman Muharrem Ince and his Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) counterpart, Oktay Vural, objected to closed door debate. They were outvoted.


Ince also opposes war on Syria. The motion discussed says the following:


“The ongoing crisis in Syria affects the stability and security in the region and now the escalating animosity affects our national security.”


“Syrian armed forces have been conducting assaults as part of military operations into Turkish land despite our several warnings and diplomatic overtures since Sept. 20, 2012.”


“This situation risks and threatens our national security. In this respect, the need for taking precautions and acting quickly against any threats to Turkey has arisen.”


“In the framework of the situation, under Article 92 of the Turkish Constitution, we kindly ask the Turkish Parliament to discuss a motion that authorizes the government for a year to send Turkish troops to foreign countries.”


Passage was overwhelming 320 - 129. It makes full-scale intervention more likely. Ince said the motion “has no limits. You can wage a world war with” it. Western-generated violence, complicit regional provocations, and heightened tensions risk it.


Repeated incidents suggest what’s coming. A regional conflict looks likely. The possibility should terrify everyone. If enough people cared, they could prevent it. Public concern so far is woefully lacking. Expect the worst. It’s coming.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]


His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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