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Calling Out and Challenging Evil… While We Still Can

Even in the early days of Nazi Germany, there were good people who called out the evil. They were purged, jailed or killed, or they fled the country.

Here in the USA, we call people who call out evil whistleblowers.
The current Department of Justice- Obama’s DOJ- has become the worst, most dangerous enemy of the canaries in the coal mine- the whistleblowers, ever in history.
Then there are the protesters- courageous activists who are speaking out, investigating, taking stands. The first ones to be jailed and categorized as terrorists are the eco-activists. Will Potter has been documenting  at his website,, this systematic assault on righteous activists- an attack that includes lobbyist inspired congressional legislation (stupid me- is there any legislation that is not lobbyist inspired or influenced? Any at all?)  that characterizes eco-protest, even writing about it, as domestic terrorism.
So, who will be next? Who will face the risks? And those risks are growing. Now, Obama can imprison, indefinitely, anyone he chooses, for as long as he wants, without excuse or reason. Sure, NDAA has been enjoined by a judge, but I don’t believe that’s stopped the people who are using the powers it grants.
Now, back to calling out evil. We talk about how people are voting for the lesser of two evils. Forty five percent, in a recent poll, said they were voting for the lesser of two evils. And we know that if you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, things get more and more evil.
Every time evil appears- every time- there are cowards who allow it to accumulate power and get stronger, even if it and the powers that it is manifesting through are weaker, to begin with.
Hieronymous Busch image from wikipedia
The greatest collection of cowards in America have taken residence in congress. With a few exceptions, and most of the exceptions have been purged, the members of congress have become enablers of the evil that is emerging on this planet. That evil manifests as corporatism, as the un-restrained financial power of billionaires and multinational corporations, both operating beyond national boundaries with the tools that global trade agreements have provided them (agreements signed by Clinton, Bush, Obama, with the worst one- TPP being pushed hard and hidden by Obama. )
The congress is supposed be one leg of the three legs of government that balance power. Congress though, has been steadily and consistently eroding its power- ceding it to the Executive and Judiciary branches.  A vote for a member of congress, most of all, means empowering that legislator to do the bidding of the lobbyists and anonymous (to us, not necessarily to him or her) whose companies funded his TV ads and campaign.
Congress has become a very ugly repository of the manifestations of evil, doing more to undo protections to people and workers and the middle class, enabling and empowering the corporations and wealthy.
I’ve written about the need to eliminate billionaires from the US and the planet.

De-billionairize” the Planet

Traitors in America; Packs of Benedict Arnolds

it is one step that is do-able, that will take some of the most malevolent players out of the mix. It is one necessary step, but not enough. We must take on the metastasizing power of multi-national corporations and the globalization treaties that are unleashing them.  We must envision battle plans and we must envision a future that exists without giant vampire corporations, without vulture billionaires, as Greg Palast has described. I believe that the internet has catalyzed a bottom up revolution that could make a difference. But the top down centers of power are amassing all their resources to fight the bottom up revolution.
We need to do these things while we still can, before truth-tellers are legislated to be re-defined as domestic terrorists.  Maybe I’m paranoid. But there are eco-activists in the highest security prisons already. The silencing has already begun.

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