Thomson Reuters : From Business News to Entertainment Business

by Abdul Ghani Mahfouz Recently my lawyer brought me the bad news that I lost my case against Thomson Reuters in Cairo before a first degree court. The news was not a surprise for me as but was rather expected. As I previously pointed out, a foreign maid in the United States could fare better […]

Father of Four Fights Felony Immigration Charges to Keep His Family Together: SIGN THE PETITION AND FORWARD!  On September 13th and 14th, the case of Alfredo Avila-Mendez will go before a jury in Federal District Court before Judge Cook.  He has been charged with the felony of “re-entry” - returning to the U.S. after a deportation. All he is guilty of is trying to keep his family together. Alfredo is married […]

Think about life under President Romney – SHUDDER!

By Saul Landau We survived eight years under George W. Bush, albeit seriously wounded by his two wars and a destroyed economy that resulted from his martial efforts. This year we watched Mitt Romney buy and maneuver his way into the 2012 Republican presidential candidacy. At the Republican convention, Yahoo News fired Washington bureau chief […]

David Barsarmian: Author/Editor of Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism: speaking in Sonoma County

Speaking Wednesday September 19, 2012 —7:00 PM Cross & Crown Lutheran Church 5475 Snyder Ln., Rohnert Park, CA 94928 $10.00 donation:  Students, Seniors, and Occupiers $5— No one turned away Sponsored by Project Censored and Media Freedom Foundation in cooperation with SSU Sociology of Social Movements class David Barsamian is founder and director of Alternative […]

Now It's the Democrats Turn

As the Democrats open their national convention in Charlotsville, North Carolina, they are operating at a disadvantage. The disadvantage can be explained in terms of political contradictions or in terms of brain biology, but either way, it amounts to the same thing. Basic Assumptions Basically, both parties of big business are proposing the same assumptions: […]

If My Tone Offends, Blame My Lazy Father

In the early 1980s, I was newly married, seeking my first teaching job, and necessarily living in my parents’ home, which also housed my sister, her husband, and child. We were a pretty interesting extended family nestled in the Upstate of rural South Carolina. One night, I was suddenly startled awake by my sister ripping […]

Chicago teachers draw a line: What does it mean for K-12 public education?

Analysis: Lee Sustar August 28, 2012 CAN THE scrappy band of outsiders that now heads the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) lead the kind of high-stakes fight that most labor unions have ducked? That question looms large-not just for the city’s teachers, students and their parents, but for the entire labor movement. Because while both […]

A former public school testing coordinator who is punished for reading the test item on standardized tests

In this marvelous  video a former public school testing coordinator who is punished for reading the test item on a standardized test, Steve Weinberg, tells the story of one lone public educational worker struggling with standardized tests. This is an important story for it gives us all fortitude in a time of shock and awe. […]

C.O.R.E. video on Successful Chicago Strikes: Teachers set to walk out

Produced by CORE (the Caucus of Rank and File Educators of the Chicago Teachers Union) and Chicago’s Labor Beat. Titled “CTU Strikes: 1968 - 1987”, the video was made during the summer of 2012 in conjunction with the four CORE “Successful Chicago Strikes” forums. It is now up and available on You Tube. The URL […]