Gasping for Reason

After getting a prescription from my doctor for a sinus infection that has triggered asthma, I find myself wheezing in line at the pharmacy, where they tell my insurance refuses to pay for that prescription. Not having anticipated paying $80 for a vial of pills, I reach for my credit card. Not there. Not to […]

"The Difficult Thirty Percent" Redux: The Equity Gap 2012

Ralph Ellison, celebrated author of Invisible Man, spoke in September 1963 at a teachers’ conference “…to discuss ‘these children,’ the difficult thirty percent. We know this very well; it has been hammered out again and again.” Ellison was addressing the educational failures of African American children in U.S. public schools, including drop outs. Rejecting the […]

Washington Post competes with 'Fixed News' for propaganda

Donald Graham’s little corporate bulletin, The Washington Post, is now engulfed in another nefarious affair.  This time, as in the recent past (, when the Post allowed Daniel DeVise, their journalist or stenographer, to alter his story about college tests with the help of college officials, they have cooked the news once again. The Post mirrors […]

Film "The Innocence of Muslims": Religious Fanatics, Accidental Figures and World History

While two US destroyers and 50 US marines headed towards the Libyan coast after the embassy there was burned and its ambassador was killed recent or ongoing riots were reported outside the US embassies in both Egypt and Yemen and the Berlin US embassy was evacuated due to a terrorist threat. Meanwhile, the US presidential […]

USA and Mexico: Best democracies money can buy

By Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes “Do you really want to live in a country where one party is so desperate to win the White House that they go around trying to make it harder for people to vote if they’re people of color, poor people or first generation immigrants?” - Bill Clinton on Republican […]

Why the TPP is a Secret

By Margaret Flowers This week, secret ‘negotiations’ are underway in a remote resort in Lansdowne,Virginia for the greatest global corporate coup in history. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and if you haven’t heard about it, then you are in the majority because there is a virtual media blackout in the United States. To raise […]

Iran Redux

This a.m., Diane Rehm had a show about Israel going to war against Iran.  One of the Israelis said that there was no cause for concern that it might become a much larger conflict.  Rather it would remain regional.  Because the majority of Americans and Israelis do not want a confrontation with Iran, whether Israel […]

Obama's Failing Education Agenda

In the 2008 presidential election, I cast a symbolic vote for Barack Obama. I would have eagerly done the same for Hillary Clinton. I believed deeply in the need to confront the lingering and corrosive racism and sexism that haunt the promise of democracy and equity that the U.S. represents (but has yet to achieve). […]

Organic vs Conventional Crops, What is the HubBub all about?

A lot of attention has been given recently to organic vs conventionally grown foods.  Twelve people- 4 MDs, 2 PhDs, one, maybe 2 librarians, 1 public health person, and three bachelor degrees- one of which had an undergraduate research grant all got together, WITHOUT any $$$ from outside, and decided to comb through 45 years […]