Look at Who's Partnering with Verizon to Deliver Common Core Offal

Parents and teachers are faced with a volcanic eruption of curriculum claiming to deliver the Common Core State [sic] Standards. Here’s a look at one coterie (check out the third meaning: a group of prairie dogs occupying a communal burrow) gathered under the Verizon Foundation umbrella. Verizon invites Partners to join them at Thinkfinity to […]

Google pushing users to use real names on YouTube

If you ever have the desire to make a comment on YouTube, Google has now implemented a new popup box that urges you to use your real name instead of whatever name you registered with when you signed up to YouTube. If you refuse to use your real name, you are no longer allowed to […]

War & money: Obama’s been a vicious 1% hoax for ‘hope and change’

President Obama and Democratic “leadership” expanded policies of President Bush and Republican “leadership” in unlawful wars and looting of literal trillions of the 99%’s wealth to a 1% oligarchy. This is Orwellian-opposite of Obama’s campaign rhetoric for “hope, change,” and accelerated from usual war-business and rigged-casino economics throughout US history. Let’s look: More unlawful wars: […]


  INTERIM AGREEMENT MINIMIZES LONGER TEACHER WORK DAY,                 STAFFS LONGER STUDENT DAY THROUGH NEW HIRES,                                 GUARANTEES NEW JOBS TO DISPLACED TEACHERS CHICAGO - The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) bargaining committee today accepted an interim agreement that many thought impossible:  The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has finally backed off the unworkable seven-hour 40 minute teacher work […]


The current for profit health insurance industry is a drain on the economy which is contributing to unemployment, and the nation can longer afford to tolerate this. The current for profit health insurance industry is constraining the economy in three ways. First, excessive premiums make the cost of doing business for American companies unreasonably high […]

1% hide $21 trillion and US big banks hide $10 trillion; ending world poverty: $3 trillion

Using data from the BIS, IMF, World Bank, and governments, former Chief Economist at McKinsey, James Henry, reports the 1% have deposited $21 trillion to $32 trillion in tax havens to evade taxes. Related, the Federal Reserve reports the US top seven banks have over $10 trillion in assets recorded in over 14,000 created “subsidiaries” […]

Fourth of July— United States of Amnesia

By Will Shonbrun Another Fourth of July has marched in and out. Small towns across America like Sonoma parade in patriotic fervor, even permitting the dissidents and dissenters their voice in the march, past reviewing stands with waving local politicos. Happy, joyous, bright, stepping to the local band, adorable gaggles of children in costumes, wannabe […]

Hollywood’s War on American Youth

“Dark Knight”, Aurora, Colorado, and America’s Culture of Violence A film that set a record $160 million in earnings in its first week in US theaters cannot be ignored. Especially when a gunman interrupted it in Aurora, Colorado, shooting 70 people and killing twelve. But “The Dark Knight Rises” is nothing but crude Corporate America […]

Largest mass shooting in US history? Try three US massacres on Native Americans

The US government committed the largest mass shootings in national history by opening fire on peaceful families of children, the elderly, women, and men at Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and Bloody Island. These followed repeated US treaty violations to remove Native Americans by armed military force from their lands. Each mass shooting killed about 150 […]