1917: J.P. Morgan bought US media to be 1%’s lying sacks of spin?

video here. Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WW 1. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests, including profits from US […]

Valkyrie: movie for US military today to arrest US War Criminals

with movie scene here. Valkyrie opens with the Nazi soldier’s loyalty oath; identical in effect to the 2003-altered US Army Soldier’s Creed: “I will always place the mission first” (as dictated by the leader/fuehrer). The historical hero, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, writes in his diary that Germany has been lied-to by their political leadership, that […]

Star Wars: a false flag story; US-Iran (1953-1988): false flag reality

video here. A false flag attack is when a nation attacks in disguise. The purpose is to fool the public who otherwise wouldn’t support a criminal War of Aggression. The desired outcome for false flag attacks is control over other governments and their resources. The brilliant 10-minute video from CameronFanSite walks you through the plot […]


By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés In 2012, the White House will focus on the most important of international and national issues: the re-election of the President. US-Cuba policy will fall into “Next Year’s” box – or the year after that. The National Security staff reverts to its familiar positions on relations with that […]

2-minute video: USS Enterprise false flag target for US War Criminals to attack Iran?

video here. Iran’s nuclear energy and medical isotopes are all legally accounted for in IAEA inspections with zero evidence of unlawful use of nuclear material or technology; President Obama leads the lies of “Iran’s weapons” for another criminal war. Mr. Obama also leads the lies that Iran’s president threatened Israel when the speech is absolutely […]

Students facing class shortages at the public community colleges while the for-profit drive-by colleges move in for the kill

Elizabeth Bucher, 19, who is attending a California community college in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa Junior College), did all she could to get into Biology 2.1 this semester, the last class she needed to transfer to UC Davis.  The problem is that the classes were full and the seats were not available.  The students were […]


By Kathleen Barry After the 2005, Haditha massacre in Iraq, Frank Wuterich who took command of his unit when his commanding officer was killed by a roadside bomb said that he did what he was trained to do.  His words were those of a remorseless killer, which is how he was trained to be a […]

Gingrich's Strategy: Racism

In an excerpt from Take this Hammer (1963), James Baldwin speaks pointedly and thoughtfully about “Who is the Nigger?” In this explication of the racial slur now rendered taboo, Baldwin explains: “What you say about somebody else, anybody else, reveals you.” His examination asks his listeners to turn the racism and demonizing of people positioned […]

US war law explained: Arrest US War Criminals before they attack Iran

The laws of war are essential for citizens and legislators to master if humanity is to evolve beyond a violent history of war to enjoy civil communities. To bring these basic laws to life, we’ll review the destruction of war’s history, explain the letter of US war laws, explain the philosophy/spirit of US war laws, […]

Newt Gingrich proposes child labor for US: 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours A Day For 70 Cents An Hour in China

Newt Gingrich has recently been lauded by some and under attack by others for his comments regarding child labor.  Newt, you might remember, proposed that children should be janitors in their schools so they might learn personal responsibility and the value of a ‘job’. This of course is familiar bantering among the financial elites and […]