Yes, selection year is upon us again, and a few of us thought that we would do a radio show to bring everyone up to speed on all of the things that everyone has kept you in the dark about.  Of course, some people are well paid to keep you in the dark, but most just can’t find the light switch due to the fog pumped out incessantly by the Ministry of Truth and its programmed lack of knowledge about how to look for enlightening information.

I’ll be joining Randy Kelton and Deborah Stevens on the Rule of Law radio show from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, Feb. 23.  You can listen live, just click on the Listen button and scroll down to select the live feed that you want to use, or you can catch the archives anytime.

We will discuss the problems with adopting a Stalinist election system, the seven state constitutions with provisions which specifically prohibit counting votes in secret, the U.S. Supreme Court decisions which prevent votes from being counted in secret, and evidence showing that the Presidential Primary results have been rigged this year.

By the way, Stalin said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything.”  Unfortunately, the votes in elections in the good old U.S.A. aren’t counted in public or even by public officials like Stalin used to “count” the votes in secret, but instead, the votes are counted in secret by the folks who work for the corporations who make and program the secret vote “counting” computers.

Jim Condit, Jr. will also join us on the show to talk about his efforts to detect and deter election fraud which resulted in the change in the winner in the Iowa caucus from Romney to Santorum, and we will discuss the resistance from the campaign staff of those who claim they want our votes. Learn more about Jim’s efforts here.

John Russell will also join us talk about the proof we obtained in 2006 showing that votes which were cast for him were not counted for him by the secret vote “counting” computers, and we will discuss what the leaders of the Democratic Party told him about asking questions about elections.

We are also inviting other election reform activists to come on the show to give us their input, and during the second hour, we plan to take calls.  I hope that an election reform activist who recently told me that he is not sure that states have to follow their constitutions when they count votes will join us to debate that issue, but of course, I doubt that he will.  Still, we will discuss this issue so that folks aren’t confused by that bit of disinformation which is floating around the election reform community.

Finally, we will talk about our efforts to push the presidential candidates to take legal action to require votes to actually be counted in public and how you can help.  For more information about this and how you can help, see Project Vote Count.