The 1st Blow In Our Pending Revolution- It's Just Too Poetic.

The first blow has been thrown in the coming revolution.  A conservative Supreme Court justice in Wisconsin grabbed a liberal colleague around her neck in what appears to have been the first blow in this battle.  This bout was over union rights.  As much as the liberals have taken a beating by the conservatives I […]

Annual cost of air conditioning for US wars greater than NASA budget

source: Carl Herman, Excerpt below, article here. Following that is an economics argument from the Marine Corps’ most decorated general on how to end US wars of choice, wars for empire (full article here to explain, document, and prove current US wars are Orwellian unlawful). “The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning […]

Strawman Argument Is All They Have

In the comments of Diane Ravitch’s recent EdWeek Bridging Differences, “Why I Am Marching on July 30,” one comment captures the bankrupt support for the new reformer movement coming from Secretary Duncan, Bill Gates, and Michelle Rhee. takes this swipe at those such as Ravitch challenging the new reformers: “What to say about SOS? […]

Newly published research in leading journals AGAINST fluoride, vaccines

Source: Carl Herman, Excerpts below, articles here and here. To understand that Big Pharma and “health care” companies do not act for the public benefit, continue reading the excerpt from this. Explanation, documentation and proof that US corporate media makes the choice to keep Americans ignorant of these game-changing stories is here, with an excerpt of one game-changing examples. […]


CENSORED IN 1978: NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS — ATOMIC LEMONS The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), a national public interest group, has for years been trying to tell the story of nuclear hazards to the American public with little success. Last year, the UCS released a report titled “Scientists’ Group Judges Federal Nuclear Safety Inspection Effort” […]


WISCONSIN:  DEMOCRACY IN OUR HANDS Sheila Parks, Ed.D. I cannot watch enough videos of the people in Wisconsin as you bold, brave, most decent Wisconsonites are out in the streets - resisting, doing non-violent civil disobedience/direct action, dissenting, protesting, rising up, standing up to and speaking and singing truth to power in the face of […]

Americanism: The US Legacy of War, Imperialism and Racism

By Solomon Comissiong “The American ruling elite see no boundaries in their conquest for wealth, power, and control.” Any nation whose beginning is immersed in theft of land, genocide, slavery and exploitation is almost destined for a legacy of societal deviance. Mix white supremacy and institutional racism into that cauldron of disaster and it easily […]

Dumb and Dumber One Better

Here is one for you, a perfect example of trickle down economics.  In Greece, 60 % of the people do not pay their taxes.  Seventy–five percent said they did not have swimming pools until aerial photographs proved them wrong and they still do not pay taxes.  It also looks like they do not spend the […]