Survival, How Hard Can It Be?

People who work pay taxes, which fund the government.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Cut spending to reduce government debt.  On the face of it, this sounds simple too.  Add into the mix that the government is the largest employer in the country and even the dimmest of us can begin to see that it is […]

Podcast: Martin Luther King family civil trial: US govt assassinated MLK

source: Carl Herman, Dr. James Fetzer interviewed me on his radio show and podcast, The Real Deal, in discussion of the Martin King, Jr. family civil trial that found the US government guilty for Dr. King’s assassination. The article explaining the evidence (with video) is copied below. The interview is here (you can fast-forward through commercials and […]

How much more are you going to take…

Spending cuts, jobs, taxes, health care, education, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, defense, and climate are all very important right now and all inter-related.  But they are just noise.  They are a giant smokescreen to hide the GRAND THEFT that has been and is going on right now. Illegal foreclosures.  Bank of America got caught in […]

False Media: Deconstructing Corporate Media If you cannot Listen Live you can always Listen on Archive by Clicking the Link Above Please join us this episode (Wednesday January 26th at 8:00 PM EST) as we pay particular attention to the continued corporate usurpation of TV and radio airwaves as well as the internet, by behemoth corporations. The most recent […]

Sticks and Stones…

By Will Shonbrun Despite the old adage it’s known by most that the impact of words – harsh, accusatory, judgmental or condemnatory – last and fester far longer than bodily bruises. Words matter. Ask the preacher or the politician or the pundit. Ask the dictator. First come the words, then the actions. Since the latest […]

For Immediate Release: Detroit Federation of Teachers Presidential Challenger Steve Conn Declares Victory, Demands New Election to Replace Fraudulent Vote Count

   “This isn’t Florida, and the DFT is Not a George Bush Union,” Declared the Real Winner, Steve Conn CONTACT:        Steve Conn                              (313) 645-9340 In a hotly contested runoff election for President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, challenger Steve Conn of Defend Public Education/Save Our Students, (DPE) declared victory after the Election […]


CENSORED IN 1989: SOMETHING FOUL IN THE CHICKEN INDUSTRY AND THE USDA The number of cases of salmonella has risen to 2.5 million a year and led to an estimated 500,000 hospitalizations and 9,000 deaths. This national epidemic was caused by a massive leap in consumer demand for the “healthier food” of chicken and by […]


I don’t know which is worse—That there are people who would pay $1,135 for a pair of sandals or that there is someone with enough hubris to think that her creation is worth that much.  Apparently, however, Chrissie Morris does, because here it is… “There’s a certain toughness, but the colors celebrate the delicacy of […]

"Top Level Kids" and Accountability-A Radical Response

The 21st century Western world, driven by American corporate and consumer ideology, is a perpetual media culture that depends on sound bites and “the next thing,” leaving the public reduced to media consumers never allowed time to reflect on the information. Volume and speed have consumed and obliterated nuance, ethics, and accuracy. Numerous media outlets […]