source: Carl Herman,

2011 in America:

I use the terms “psychopathic” and “Orwellian” as the most accurate for what is factually and verifiably in front of all of us: US “leadership” with a veneer of socially-acceptable behavior thinly veiling acts of vicious destruction, and propagandistic language stating the opposite of what is being done.

US “political leadership” is by any rational definition a fascist government; nowhere near its constitutional republic promise to Americans and the world. This places Americans in similar position to Americans of 250 years ago: witnesses to the destruction of their rights under law as citizens.

And as history progressed for the founders of our nation, this new year dawns upon new-found public comprehension of the “emperor has no clothes” facts. Americans are using their critical thinking skills and trusting what they see and verify with their own sound minds and hearts. For example, American public support for the invasion of Afghanistan is down to 35%.

Many of us offer the fascist criminals and their minions Truth and Reconciliation (T&R): an exchange of their full testimony and return of public assets for no prosecution. Their alternative is full criminal and civil prosecution for their psychopathically-driven mass-murder. These psychopaths have a “Scrooge conversion” opportunity, if they have the wisdom to take it.

2011 will advance in American dissent: the elegantly simple expression of demanding what we’re already promised under the US Constitution. This is similar to the core of work led by Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.

2011 will be the year that more Americans than ever embrace their natural self-expression of dissent and speak the powerful, obvious, and crucial facts to end the unlawful US wars and unleash trillions of dollars of creative productivity.

Our voices shape our collective future.

Speak and act with boldness and wisdom.

Embrace President Kennedy’s remarks in the above-left video excerpt.

Embody the Founders of our nation who predicted that We the People would have to rise and defend our freedom from would-be tyrants.