Economics of ending poverty: 0.7% of GNI is all it takes!

source: Carl Herman, The Economics of Ending Poverty The following article is also a social science high school lesson that you are welcome to use. Instructions: Please read the following with full comprehension. Cut and copy the questions onto your own Word document. Answer the questions. This assignment is worth 2 points per question. […]

Detroit: DFT picket tomorrow

Picture of a Detroit School   DFT members:  This week we finally end the long DFT retreat, and start to move forward in the fight to defend public education.     1.  The DFT is calling its members and all supporters of public education to rally and picket State Rep Fred Durhal’s office,  at 4 pm this Monday, November 22.  The […]

TSA and The Junk Man: The Thanksgiving Trojan Horse

This Sunday morning, sitting reading the news at my corner coffee shop, I found myself sitting amidst the News Feeding Frenzy that is the Transportation Security Administration “controversy”:  as I struggled to find an article not focused on TSA screening procedures, two young women next to me worry aloud about being “felt up” at the […]

What Do Mt. Clemens, MI and James Bond Have In Common?

What Do Mt. Clemens, MI and James Bond Have In Common? Both are victims of “trickle down”/supply side economics. Both are bankrupt. MGM was sold a couple of times. The hapless buyers thought that surely people would collect DVDs of the classics held in the MGM film library. The NPR reporter said, yesterday, that people […]

The majority’s choice: No One.

Pundits, professional interpreters of events, have awarded the Republicans with a “legislative landslide” in the House, and declared the Democrats “brutally defeated.” Backed by immense and well-organized corporate staffs and spinners (Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire Koch brothers for three) House Republican candidates were “swept into office.” The campaign mavens treated […]


CENSORED IN 1977: SALT: THE END OF ARMS CONTROL The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) began by raising hopes for legitimate and intelligent arms reduction. But SALT, far from limiting strategic nuclear weapons has actually spurred the arms trade to dangerous proportions. It now appears that the SALT talks have been a boon for new […]

An Open Letter To Mr Kristoff

Mr Kristoff apologized to Latin America for his comparison of the United States to Banana Republics.  He was right to do so.  While we resemble the Banana Republics of yesterday, they have, indeed, turned their fates around.  We, on the other hand are much worse off than they ever were.  While Argentina is not exactly […]

The Magic of Words

Yesterday, NPR’s “Morning Edition” magically transported me back to 1974, to when I first watched the Mel Brook’s classic, “Blazing Saddles.”  I was reminded of the scene where the town discovered that Cleavon Little, the man they had hired to be the new sheriff, was black.  Cleavon, upon seeing that his life was in danger, […]