Majority Party in Haiti Banned from Elections: Living in tents, dying of cholera, the majority can't vote for their candidate anyway

by Wadner Pierre HAITI—On the eve of presidential and legislative elections in Haiti, skepticism and disenchantment among Haitians is widespread. “I am not going to vote,” said Elause Jacques, a mother of two who runs a cyber cafe with her husband in Port-au-Prince. “I have no candidate.” Jacques’ sentiment is shared by many Haitians, who […]

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective By: Solomon Comissiong Year by year, nothing tangibly changes in America regarding the deadly issue of rampant police brutality within myriad communities of color. Unarmed black and brown people continue to be systematically brutalized by rogue state sponsored police officers. This issue is far from anything new […]

Letters from Inside

REMEMBER ME BY WESLEY C. LOGAN Most taxpayer’s of the golden state believe in California politician’s good common sense, in theory, but some how they can’t apply it to your daily lives, their failures are recorded every millisecond on the state budget meter as a constant reminder, something is radically wrong at the state capitol […]

Baby, You Can Touch My Junk or Fear Not the Friendly Skies

By Will Shonbrun Like all of you I was born totally immodest. For a few years there I didn’t care who saw, or for that matter handled, my so-called private parts. Naked came we and propriety be damned. Then we learned that was b-a-d; we were not to go flouncing our nakedness about. We were […]

Jobs? You Want Jobs?

Illegals hold seven million jobs, according to the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.  Seven million Hispanics are paying taxes for services, most of which they will never get. One notable exception, education.  As education is paid by property taxes, these illegals pay for education, too.  If they have children, they are probably born […]

Detroit Teachers say 'NO' to privatization and a state takeovers of public schools

Picture of Robert Bobb, Chief Financial Administrator and Eli Broad henchman along with David Bing, conservative mayor of Detroit and an employee of corporate Houghton Mifflin discussing their privatization efforts.   Press Release                                      For Immediate Release Detroit Federation of Teachers Stop the Legislative Attack on Underfunded School Districts! Picket MI State Rep. Fred Durhal’s Detroit […]

Yes, "There Will Be Blood."

We have arrived.  Recently, I wrote about Mt Clemens, Michigan that is going bankrupt.  That city only has 17,000 people, but the problem is that Mt Clemens is but one of many.  Because of the total obstructionist attitude of the Tea Party/Republican/Blue Dog Democrats, however, the Federal Government is about to join that list.  Rather […]

New RFID in cell phones aims to get access to your social networks

There are several new phones coming out next year that will have RFID stickers on them, enabling you to pay for your purchases with just a swipe of your cell phone. It all sounds convenient until you learn that retailers want access to your cellphones and social networks for marketing purposes. When users pay for […]

Project Censored Awardee Wadner Pierre Speaks About His Experience Covering Manmade and Natural Disasters in Haiti

By Brandon Fastman, 11/21/10 Wadner Pierre was studying Computer Science in 2004 when Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown in a coup d’état. Soon after, Pierre’s step-father, a Catholic priest who protested Aristide’s overthrow, was thrown in jail. At that point Pierre decided he could no longer continue his studies without taking a stake in […]

Podcast: teaching critical thinking skills for civic education

source: Carl Herman, Dr. James Fetzer interviewed me on his radio show and podcast, The Real Deal, in discussion of the central problems and solutions of the US economic crisis. The interview is here (you can fast-forward through commercials and music that covers local program information). The printed article and classroom lesson on teaching critical thinking […]