Historic March for Jobs, Justice & Peace in Detroit

Readers- If you have not heard about the scheduled march for peace, justice and civil rights in Detroit tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, it is due to the sock puppet press’ monopolizing the corporate airwaves with news of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck might sell better for the forces of profit maximization and oligarchy but the real […]

The Mosque of Misdirection

By Lew Brown In May of 2010 blogger Pamela Geller, a particularly strident former editor of the New York Daily News and Associate Publisher of rich boy local rag the New York Observer began to shrilly complain, about the renovation of a defunct factory a couple of blocks away from the stinking hole that still […]


Government is an interesting contract between the people and the entity it creates, ideally to promote the common good and safety.  A lot falls under that.  There is a body of laws that describe how people and businesses should treat each other and there are agencies created by the government to promote the aforementioned good.  […]

California Community Colleges decide not to outsource to Kaplan University

Kaplan, the for-profit predatory college whose name keeps popping up when one looks at fraud, misrepresentation, larceny of Title IV funds, theft of student funds, recruitment practices that only parallel the military and many other issues such as poor professors, pre-packaged curriculum and failing colleges has been rebuffed in its plans to privatize part of […]

Everything is for sale!

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: August 22, 2010 Donor Pledges Dollars if Stephens College Workers Lose Pounds By Ilana Kowarski A Stephens College alumna has promised to give her alma mater $1-million, with one weighty condition: Employees of the women’s college in Columbia, Mo., must lose a total of 250 pounds by the stroke […]

Detroit: We Will Defend Public Education! We Will Defend Our Union!

  Defend Public Education / Save Our Students met on Friday as scheduled.  First we heard reports from the various schools represented.  We heard about the many teachers who have not received letters rescinding their layoffs and returning them to their schools.  We heard about Teach for America and others from outside DPS interviewing for Detroit teachers’ jobs at priority schools.  And […]

Our Next $680 Billion Dollar Bail-Out

AND, they don’t even need it. Yesterday I wrote about how the top 2-5% are stealing your money and your jobs.   Today Paul Krugman discussed the new $680 billion bail out that the Republicans are about to push through again.  If you do not want to write a $3,000,000 check to the 120,000 people in […]

Ground Zero Intolerance

By Will Shonbrun The controversy over a Muslim community center and mosque being constructed in close proximity to the WTC’s “Ground Zero” is an exercise in bigoted illogic. The argument goes: It was people of the Muslim faith that perpetrated the horrific murders of thousands and therefore a mosque near that site is an affront […]


CENSORED IN 1976: SUICIDES LEAD VIETNAM VETERAN DEATHS While accurate and current statistics from different sources tend to vary, they do agree on one thing — more than twice as many American Vietnam veterans have died after returning home than were killed in the fourteen years of actual combat. The estimated number of actual combat […]