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Kaplan University: Blood Bank for the Washington Post

Kaplan University: Blood Bank for the Washington Post

Print journalism, in the form of newspapers especially, is in critical shape and has been for some time.  Not only is circulation dropping like swatted flies, but working capital and revenue is drying up as well.  The ‘fourth estate’ has experienced and continues to experience an unprecedented wave of layoffs, bankruptcies and closings and this is expected to continue.    According to Business Insider, in 2009 alone:

You can see a listing of the 105 newspapers that have gone out of business and their holdings at:

Business Insider, Dumpala, P. The Year The Newspaper Died

Take the 174-year-old Ann Arbor News that printed its last edition the week of July 20th, 2009.  Hit hard by the recession, declining circulation and ad revenue along with the migration of readers to the web, the paper printed its last edition July 23, 2009.  The former historical institution that was the Ann Arbor News is now being replaced by, a free website.  The new also promised to publish a print edition on Thursdays and Sundays.  According to a report at Journalism, some of the paper’s newsroom staffers have been hired at the new website.  But they have had to take a pay cut in the process.  The closing leaves of the 174 year old paper leaves Ann Arbor, a town of more than 100,000 and the home of the University of Michigan, without a daily paper ( Journalism, Roberts, T. July 24, 2009Ann Arbor News Closes, Friday July 24, 2009,

The almost 150 year old Rocky Mountain News closed in Colorado, leaving thousands unemployed to fend for themselves.  The paper, first produced on the banks of Cherry Creek in the state of Colorado back in April 23, 1859 boarded up its doors in February last year with the paper and its workers issuing this sad statement:

“We will scatter. And all that will be left are the stories we have told, captured on microfilm or in digital archives, devices unimaginable in those first days” (Goodbye Colorado,

To see, in reverse chronological order, about national newspapers closings, bankruptcies & downsizings simply go to (The Year The Newspaper Died  The site has outstanding coverage of the papers and a timeline of stories covering the closings.  You can also find more at (“The Race for a Better Read.”).

The collapse of the newspaper industry runs parallel with the collapse of the US economy, although this is not meant to infer cause and effect.  The fact simply remains that as the economy falls, splinters and leaves decimation in its wake, thousands of workers at newspapers, what were once major sources of news and information for many communities, are now faced with the bleak prospect  of no work or little work at all as they scramble to adjust to the move to digital online news.  Couple this with the fact that entire cities now don’t even sport a daily paper.

What about the Washington Post?  Why has it not fallen or gone the way of the crumpled up newspapers around the country?

The rise and fall of the American newspaper owes its history to how newspapers are subsidized.  Newspapers historically paid for themselves with their classified ad sections.  Now, with the advent of free, easy postings online and the infamous Craig’s List, the classifieds have been reduced to a graveyard and newspapers have been left to rely purely on product advertising and this has put them in a revenue free-fall.

However, although Time magazine and other major outlets bemoaned the death of such legendary papers such as the Ann Arbor News and the Rocky Mountain News, just to name a few of the giants that fell 1in 2009, one paper that has been kept out of the revenue busting fray and thus continues to chug along is The Washington Post.  This seems odd, for the Post is no different than many of the 105 papers that have fallen like deadwood in 2009 alone, and it seems a bit strange that the Washington Post does not seem to be in similar revenue difficulties or suffer any economic jeopardy.  The Post puts out both an online and daily paper.  It also puts out the Washington Post magazine, travel news, sports, editorial pages, a Sunday Outlook and a real estate section, to name a few of its famous inclusions (

Perhaps the answer to how the Washington Post is surviving can be found in the fact that the company and thus the paper does not receive the majority of its revenue from either classified advertising or even advertising itself.  The real story, that the Washington Post will not publish, is that the paper receives the majority of its revenue stream, its life blood, so to speak, from Kaplan University, a for-profit predatory institution that poses as higher education. 

According to the Washington Post Company’s 10-k, filed March 2, 2010 (WOP):

“Kaplan Higher Education generated $1.54 billion in revenue in 2009, 58 percent of the Washington Post Company’s total revenue. The $1.54 billion revenue for Kaplan Higher Education was an increase of $606 million (65 percent) from 2007.

Nearly $1.3 billion (83 percent) of the Kaplan Higher Education’s total revenue came from federal Title IV student aid programs, bringing Kaplan very close to the 90 percent statutory limit. (Note: The 90 percent limit applies only to student loans and federal grants in the Higher Education Act. It does not apply to federal veterans’ higher education programs or workforce investment funds.)

Kaplan Higher Education’s operating costs were approximately $274.8 million for 2009” (Here’s a link to the SEC 2010 10-k annual report from the Washington Post March 2, 2010 filed with the Security and Exchange Commission, take a look at page 5 and 6

This year, the financial magazine Barron’s figured that The Washington Post Co. is worth about $8.5 billion — and $5 billion of that value is from Kaplan (Kaplan University: A For-Profit Take On Education, NPR, May 6, 2010,

According to the 2010 SEC 10-k filing by the Washington Post Company:

“Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company, provides an extensive range of education and related services worldwide for students and professionals. Effective in the third quarter of 2009, Kaplan reorganized its operations into four segments: Kaplan Higher Education, Kaplan Test Preparation, Kaplan International and Kaplan Ventures. The following table presents the net revenue for the three years ended December 31, 2009, 2008, and 2007 for each of Kaplan’s reportable segments The Washington Post Company SEC Filings( ( WASHINGTON POST CO filed this Form 10-K on Mar. 02, 2010

(in millions) Year Ended December 31 
 2009  2008  2007 
Kaplan Higher Education $1,539.6   $1,160.1   $933.3  
Kaplan Test Preparation  445.0    507.1    554.8  
Kaplan International  537.2    545.1    442.2  
Kaplan Ventures  124.2    126.2    105.8  
Kaplan Corporate and Intersegment Eliminations  (9.4  (6.9  (5.2
Net Revenue $2,636.6   $2,331.6   $2,030.9  


The SEC filing goes on to note that in terms of revenue for Kaplan:

“During 2009, funds received under Title IV programs accounted for approximately $1,283 million, or approximately 83%, of total Kaplan Higher Education revenues (Title IV programs encompass various forms of student loans, with the funds being provided either by the federal government itself or by private financial institutions with a federal guarantee protecting the institutions against the risk of default. In some cases, the federal government pays part of the interest expense), and 49% of Kaplan, Inc. revenues. The Company estimates that funds received from students borrowing under third-party private loan programs comprised approximately 1% of its higher education net revenues.

Beginning in 2008 and continuing through 2009, as the private loan market deteriorated, Kaplan Higher Education provided loans directly to some Kaplan students under a third-party institutional loan program. Lending under Kaplan’s institutional loan program totaled approximately 1% of its higher education net revenue in 2009. Direct student payments, funds received under various state and agency grant programs and corporate reimbursement under tuition assistance programs accounted for most of the remainder of 2009 Kaplan Higher Education revenues. The significant role of Title IV funding in the operations of Kaplan Higher Education is expected to continue (ibid).  The Washington Post is being run by federal taxpayer subsidized Title IV loans.

Not only did 83% of the revenue of the company, Kaplan Inc., come from publicly funded Title IV guaranteed taxpayer loans, but Kaplan International, a subsidiary of the company, has been busy as well.  Kaplan International includes Kaplan Europe and Kaplan Asia Pacific.  The sites where the ‘services’ Kaplan provides are located in England, Wales, Mexico, Australia, Ontario, South Africa, India, New Zealand, China, Ireland, Germany, Columbia, France, The British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cyprus, and many more.

There is also Kaplan Ventures, another part of the company:

“The Kaplan Ventures division manages and develops businesses in markets adjacent to Kaplan’s core educational businesses. Kaplan Ventures’ management provides these businesses with industry expertise and management support with a view toward the long-term strategic benefits these businesses may provide to Kaplan. In 2009, the Kaplan Ventures division included Kaplan EduNeering, Kaplan Compliance Solutions, Education Connection, Kaplan IT Learning, The Kidum Group and Kaplan Virtual Education” (ibid).

What services or products from Kaplan, Inc. does the venture division offer?  According to the 10-k filed with the SEC:

“Kaplan EduNeering provides online regulatory compliance training and learning management systems technology principally for businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, health care, energy, telecom and defense-related industries. During 2009, Kaplan EduNeering provided services to more than 1.5 million users at approximately 376 companies.

Kaplan Compliance Solutions (“KCS”) assists insurance carriers, agencies and broker/dealers with their licensure and/or registration filings and assists its clients in compliance with myriad national and state-level regulatory requirements applicable to these industries. During 2009, KCS provided services to more than 700 companies.

Kaplan IT Learning provides certification preparation, assessment, learning services and software to help individuals and organizations train on software applications and prepare for technical certifications in the information technology industry. During 2009, Kaplan IT Learning delivered more than 160,000 certification preparation practice tests.

The Kidum Group, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, provides test preparation courses for Israeli high school graduation exams, university admissions exams and the GMAT. Kidum also provides English-language courses at 11 permanent centers located throughout Israel as a franchisee of Wall Street International, which is a provider of English-language training to corporations and individuals at locations outside the U.S. During 2009, Kidum provided courses to approximately 30,000 students.

Kaplan Virtual Education (“KVE”) operates charter and private virtual schools that offer online instruction to students in grades 6 through 12. KVE also provides instructors and curriculum and manages virtual schools for 19 school districts throughout the U.S. At year-end 2009, KVE was providing courses to approximately 3,850 students (ibid).

Then there is Kaplan Test Preparation.  Who are they and what do they do?

“Kaplan Test Preparation (“KTP”) includes the following businesses: Test Preparation and Tutoring; Professional and Licensure; and Kaplan Publishing. Each of these businesses is discussed briefly below.

Test Preparation and Tutoring

The test preparation and tutoring business prepares students for a broad range of college and graduate school admissions examinations, including the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and GRE. During 2009, these courses were offered at numerous locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, London and Paris. KTP also offers courses online, which are delivered in a live online classroom and a self-study format. In addition, KTP licenses material for certain of its courses to third parties and a Kaplan affiliate, which, during 2009, offered courses at 55 locations in 11 countries outside the U.S. KTP also offers programs and services, including college admissions examination preparation courses, directly to schools and school districts for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. These offerings were provided through Kaplan’s K12 Learning Services business, which, in the first quarter of 2010, was integrated into KTP’s business. In July 2009, KTP launched Kaplan Tutoring, which offers individualized live tutoring and customized online programs for children from kindergarten through 8th grade” (ibid).

Finally there is Kaplan Publishing which is operated separately from Kaplan Professional Publishing.  It publishes a variety of general trade and educational books in subject areas such as test preparation, business, law, medicine and nursing. At the end of 2009, Kaplan Publishing had nearly 550 books in print, more than 330 e-Books and 20 mobile applications for smart- phones (ibid).

Where’s the story?  Kaplan is a vampiric blood bank

If we stick to the metaphor that Kaplan Higher Education is the blood bank for the Washington Post, then we can see how the paper has managed to stay afloat.  Just where does the blood bank, Kaplan Higher Education, get the supply of blood money it needs to keep the Washington Post Company and their newspaper on a permanent transfusion?  The answer can be found in the business practices of the for-profit predatory colleges themselves.

According to the 10-k filing with the SEC:

“The proportion of Kaplan Higher Education’s revenue from certificate and associate degree programs is composed of a higher percentage of Title IV funds than is the case for its bachelor’s and other degree programs. A majority of Kaplan Higher Education students are enrolled in certificate and associate degree programs. Kaplan Higher Education is taking various measures to reduce the percentage of its receipts attributable to Title IV funds, including emphasizing direct-pay and employer-paid education programs, encouraging students to carefully evaluate the amount of Title IV borrowing, and developing additional professional development and continuing education programs. Although Kaplan is taking steps to address compliance with the 90/10 Rule, there can be no guarantee that these measures will be adequate to prevent the 90/10 Rule calculations from exceeding 90% in the future (ibid) (italics mine)

This translates into corporate vampiric necessity and no better vampire victims can be found than students, many of them poor, minority students and working people who sign up for the questionable courses and degrees the institution offers.   They pay heady fees for the diplomas Kaplan sells; that is if they don’t end up in default.  Then it is you and I who pay.

As I chronicled at ( back in 2009, for-profit predatory colleges have for years marketed to the disenfranchised, the down and out, the sub prime students and thus they make up the ‘fringe economy’ of other such predators like Cash Loans, Pay Day Loans, Title loans for cars, Check Cashing scams and the like. These ‘operations of higher predation’ have been caught recruiting students at housing projects, welfare office, unemployment offices, launder mats in poverty stricken areas and now, yes the true down and out – the homeless and often drug addicted segments of our population, mostly minority.  They actually enter homeless shelters where they rabidly prey and feed on the underclass of America (For-profit predatory colleges and universities prey on the homeless while hedge fund operators get busy shorting the sector’s stock: the next big economic bubble (For-profit predatory colleges and universities prey on the homeless while hedge fund operators get busy shorting the sector’s stock: the next big economic bubble. July 19, 2010., 

My experience posing as a would-be student found myself in the lap of Kaplan’s recruitment efforts – a rugged bunch of recruiters with cell phones, smarmy radio voices, and aggressive marketing tactics.  My phone rang daily for weeks by Kaplan recruiters and financial aid ‘advisors’; e-mails were sent to me on a regular basis by the cattle ranching Kaplan recruiters and as I write in, Kaplan was at the forefront of many of the predatory colleges that called me in their seemingly ceaseless efforts to try to recruit me with hard sell language.  This is no surprise, for as a blood bank for the Washington Post, Kaplan’s thirst for blood profits means it must find blood donors and they are best found among the most vulnerable.  Their blood comes in the form of publicly financed student loans, as mentioned above, and these loans are defaulting now with rapidity, directly threatening the larger economy.  They are not the next big bubble to burst; they are the current economic big bubble thta is now bursting.

The Kaplan unit of Washington Post Co. had seven campuses at or above the 30% mark in defaults as of December 2009 (For-Profit Schools See More Defaults, December 14, 2009. Wall Street Journal. 

For their part, the for-profit schools and their spokespeople say the higher default rates among their coterie reflect the lower-income students, minority and working adults who attend the institutions. They note that community colleges, with a similar clientele, have above-average defaults.  Yet by the Wall Street Journal’s calculation, community colleges had a 16% default rate, almost half that of Kaplan. 

Abby Hunt, a spokesperson for Kaplan, blamed the ‘quality of students that attend” the college — stating that Kaplan’s students are typically:

“underserved working adults with limited financial means, factors that increase loan default rates.  She named several ways in which Kaplan was attempting to improve its default rate, including improving students’ completion rates, providing financial counseling and enrolling fewer students who are likely to drop out (Kaplan, Ashford students among Iowa’s worst loan Associated Press. January 1, 2010.defaulters

In Iowa, Kaplan University in Davenport and Ashford University in Clinton had some of the highest default rates, averaging 16.9 percent overall compared with the 19.5 percent national average (ibid).

In Pennsylvania, it was found recently that almost one of every five students in 112 for-profit schools in Pennsylvania defaulted during the three years ended in September of 2009. About one in 14 students at 195 traditional schools in the state quit repaying their loans, statistics compiled by the Department of Education revealed.  No surprise that one of the worst default rates belongs to the Kaplan Career Institute, Downtown. About 38 percent, or 395 students, defaulted on their loans, the second worst rate in the state. The school offers classes in health care, law and business.  Kaplan Inc. spokeswoman Michele Mazur said none of the company’s schools, including the one Downtown, has been dropped from the government’s loan program (Student loan defaults rack up in Pennsylvania, Thomas Olson, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW, January 31, 2010,

All over (and we could go state by state), be it in Pennsylvania or Transylvania, we find Kaplan one of the leaders in creating student default rates beyond comprehension.  And they do this by seeking out the poor and disenfranchised.  This is Kaplan’s clientele; this is where the vampire company gets its blood bank to keep the Washington Post open for business and curiously answers the question as to why the paper has not folded as so many others have.  The company preys on the working class, poor, and people of color with promises of a brighter future if they buy their degree from Kaplan and in this way they boost their revenue and siphon off blood to the Washington Post

It is quite easy for the for-profit sector to argue, through its lobbyists, spokespeople and think tanks that low-income, minority students are the culprits when it comes to answering the question as to why the default rate is so high in the for-profit category of colleges and universities.  Blaming the bloodless victims fits nicely into the company’s business plan which is to receive an ever greater share of the federal Title IV grants that are guaranteed by the US taxpayer (as the 10-k from the Washington Post Company, notes above) as ‘too big to fail’.  When the defaults do occur, not only are they not dischargeable in bankruptcy court for the poor suckers who took them out, but they are then tossed on the side of the taxpayer bail-out ledger where working people’s taxes are used to pay off the defaults through outright bail-outs of the defaults, well after Kaplan and others have absconded with the cash and then quickly left the scene of the crime.  Defaults at for-profit colleges like Kaplan are far higher than in non-profit or public institutions.

As I noted in a recent article:

“You see, such disadvantaged students are desirable for the for-profit colleges because they qualify for federal grants and loans, which are largely responsible for the prosperity of the predators.  Federal aid to students at for-profit colleges jumped from $4.6 billion in 2000 to $26.5 billion in 2009. Publicly traded higher education companies derive three-fourths of their revenue from federal funds, with Phoenix at 86%, up from just 48% in 2001 and approaching the 90% limit set by federal law.  And the fact of the matter is that although the default rate is climbing through the roof (see: Predatory for-profit colleges and universities: the escalating default rate for student loans. July 13, 2010., the more bodies the colleges can ‘ranch’ the more money they make.  When the students default and go back to alcoholism, drugs abuse, lock-down programs, mental institutions, prisons or the streets, you the taxpayer pay the government 97% of the loan, for you are covering the bet the students will graduate and pay their loan obligations, a bet not even Las Vegas would touch” (For-profit predatory colleges and universities prey on the homeless while hedge fund operators get busy shorting the sector’s stock: the next big economic bubble (For-profit predatory colleges and universities prey on the homeless while hedge fund operators get busy shorting the sector’s stock: the next big economic bubble. July 19, 2010.,

Blaming students for the default rates after your company has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to recruit such clientele is not only cold blooded; it is tantamount to blaming a rape victim after a sexual assault.  It is incorrigible.  Yet this is what these institutions do; that and wrangle students into the schools through high pressured sales pitches and soft cushioned lies about a more favorable future with a ‘Kaplan’ degree.  Kaplan is no different than their counterparts, as my experience and others show — perhaps they are actually even worse. 

David Hawkins, director of public policy and research at the National Association for College Admission Counseling notes:

“At a for-profit college, if you look at some of the reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission, you will see that the advertising budget is immense … on par and even sometimes exceeding the instructional costs of the institution.”. (His group represents traditional colleges and universities) (Kaplan University: A For-Profit Take On Education, NPR, May 6, 2010,

Kaplan is truly the vampire blood bank that is keeping the Washington Post alive by exploiting taxpayers and students alike.  Vampire economics has replaced voodoo economics as these ‘disaster’ schools work throughout the world to sell ‘education’ as a commodity while they rake in government money and propagandize free market economics.  They rely on neo-liberal government policies of readily available taxpayer ‘cash’ or ‘blood’, as the metaphor demands, for their sordid business plans.  The blood siphoned off from students and taxpayers by Kaplan is then banked in the form of profits and eventually transfused throughout the Washington Post to keep the paper from becoming a bird stained cage catcher for avian droppings. 

Thus, while the amount of defaults rises for the for-profit ‘colleges and universities’, like Kaplan, we as taxpayers find ourselves subsidizing the Washington Post through hefty default bail-outs of the failed Kaplan institutions that spend as much as 25% of their revenue marketing to would-be students.

Kaplan University Violates the Law?

In the middle of last year, 2009, four separate whistle-blower lawsuits that accuse Kaplan Higher Education of violating the law in obtaining federal student aid.  The cases were consolidated before a single federal judge in Florida (4 False-Claims Lawsuits Against Kaplan Are Consolidated. June 11, 2009. Goldie Blumenstyk 

These suits are nothing new.  You might call them the ‘cost of doing business’ for Kaplan and its parent company, The Washington Post Company.  The internet is full of websites and claims by students who state they have been defrauded by the company and college.  One such website is Kaplan University Review Rip-off report (Report: #554083  Report: KAPLAN UNIVERSITY, KAPLAN UNIVERSITY Kaplan Online University Lawsuit False Claims Internet,  This is just one site, there are countless more.

As a notorious vampiric institution, Kaplan may now be running into deep trouble as new rules are promulgated by the Department of Education in response to the neo-liberal economic practices of Kaplan and others.  We will look at the new ‘rules and regulations’ adopted by the federal government early last week when it comes to dealing with the for-profit predatory sector of education that trades on the New York Stock Exchange, just like for-profit prisons do.  This will be covered later this week at

We will also be looking at the CHI/Kaplan Surg Tech program.  With abuses mounting for the college and students and whistleblowers willing to come forward to file cases against the colleges and their practices, the CHI/Kaplan program called Surg Tech must be rigorously examined for fraud.  Allegations I have received is that CHI/Kaplan lied to students and failed to provide the necessary promises built into its qualification program for students to successfully receiving a diploma. 

If you are a former Surg Tech student at CHI/Kaplan or know anything about the program, especially from 2006 until 2009, please contact me at [email protected].  I will never release your name. 

We need a Wikileaks to stop the practices of these rogue institutions.  I am currently working with both accrediting agencies and others to uncover more about this particular program offered by Kaplan.  I promise readers that news will be forthcoming this week, after we have taken a chance to look at the weak-kneed regulations that the Department of Education has now called for after years of allowing these predatory piranhas to operate with impunity.

Finally, if Kaplan is put out of business, as it should be, we can be sure to see the deliquescence of the Washington Post as it adds its name to the growing newspapers that now line shelves, cover glassware for packing purposes, or are used to catch what many of them should be catching – the proverbial bird droppings that falls at the bottom of the cage.

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About The Author

Dr. Danny Weil is a public interest attorney who has practiced for more than twenty years and has been published in a case of first impression in California. He is no longer active as a lawyer but has written seven books on education, has taught second grade in South Central LA, PS 122, taught K-1 migrant children in Santa Maria, California and Guadalupe, California, taught in the California Youth Authority to first and second degree murderers and taught for seventeen years at Allan Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, CA. in the philosophy department.Dr. Weil holds a BA in Political Economics and Philosophy, a multi-subject bilingual credential in education (he is fluent in Spanish) and has a PhD in Critical Thinking.He is a writer for the Truthout Intellectual Project.

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  • Jord Dorwell

    The collapse of so many paper spells the end of investigative journalism. The consequence is that companies like Kaplan can do what they want. This is why the university and k-12 systems are privatizing without the public ever knowing.

    • weilunion

      Sure, Jord look at their business plans. Charter schools, testing prep, for profit universities and consulting services for the privatizers.

      That is why you won’t hear a peep from them in their ‘paper’ on Race to the Top, school closures, privatization or any issues dealing with public education. Reduced to ‘trasnfusions’ of capital from the for-profit wing of their business, the Washington Post is little more than a corporate bulletin. Nor will you see anything on MSNBC who works with Newsweek (WOP), The Washington Post, et. al.

      They are literally ‘bleeding to death’ so when the vampire Kaplan goes down, as it may, the 58% of their business will buckle as well. But let’s face it; they never really did much ‘investigation’, preferring to conceal more than they reveal.

      They are bottom feeders now; making a living off of federal loans given to the down and out, the homeless, drug addicts, and the unemployed.



    • Christopher DeWitt

      This is an email that I just sent to Kaplan University concerning an issue…anyone know a good lawyer for this!

      You stated that my EFC (expected family contribution) increased in 2008-2009…but…I was not even working at the time…the year after that I was on unemployment…it’s all in my taxes…I do not understand how you are even getting these numbers. I looked back at the documents and I also have them dated correctly.…I was not the one who submitted them in late back then. My question as well is why did fafsa and you approve that pell grant if there wasn’t an issue then?…Meaning…IT WAS APPROVED…NO ISSUE WAS BROUGHT UP BACK THEN AS WELL! Plus in the documents is still shows approved, with the dates! Why with my taxes this year while I am working am I eligible for pell grants…but back then when I was not working you claim my EFC went up…what are you talking about…they did more than 1 audit through the time I have been here with you. I also had a finance judgment done last year because they raised my EFC and found it a mistake and they yet rewarded me with a pell grant….Look I am sorry I may pay this balance off…but I am still contacting a litigation firm and in the process with dealing with a business lawyer now…I am sure you will get the details here soon enough…I disagree with you…I had never heard of getting approved for a pell grant 3 years ago and then this year it gets taken away from me. I am sorry as well…whatever happens…happens…I am going to fight this. I will pay for a lawyer either way…I still have all my documents and with the proper dates…whatever your people did is your issue to solve…
      Please check the attachments for the proper dates…like I said the document was on time and approved!…QUIT WITH THE GAMES! I have 2 of these documents in the attachments… the document 2 was dated on 4/17/09 and the document 1 was dated on 6/11/2009 The document 1 was approved on 6/12/2009… I am not paying until I speak to a litigation firm and I’ll wait to see what they say about the matter. I was approved back then and that is what matters the most!…You do not sell someone a house and 3 years later say “oh I am sorry you are denied credit to live here”.

      • Eunice

        Have you found a lawyer yet? My case is different, but Kaplen is a fraud and the more I read on this cite is making me nervous. I was going to Kaplen dueing 2008-2010 and last year the said that I owe them all this money. They didn’t even have my promissary note on file! I ask them about my advor and was told I don’t have one, and they don’t know how this could have gone on for so long. Needless to say, I can’t pay it back and I am kicked out. I have tried for over a year to get this taken care of, to continue my education. They keep telling me I need to file this out and that out, and then I can be reinstated. Well it is one thing after another and needless to say it at the point they want their money after they messed up and I am out of college and all my credits! Two years of college and one fourth of the way throw, means nothing. This is sad and very upsetting to me.

  • Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

    Great work, Danny!

    Far too often, students in search of an education and a career fall for the false claims that they can get an education from these predatory colleges in things like medical billing, graphic arts, or radio and TV production only to find after they graduate with $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan debt that very few jobs are available. Of course, public colleges are not much better as they promote degrees in things like anthropology and oceanography while knowing that very few of their graduates will find work in such fields.

    Even people who get degrees such as those in business, engineering or education often find that they cannot find a job to make enough money to pay off the student loan debt which they incurred to obtain these degrees. Even worse, they find that the Federal government has made it virtually impossible to eliminate student loan debt, so many millions have been turned into the modern equivalent of indentured servants working to pay off their student loan masters.

    If you wonder how these predatory lenders can commit fraud and get away with it, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? at and don’t miss my short speech.

    If you take a look, you’ll learn why those in power and those who can improperly influence them can get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

    • weilunion

      Thanks, Mark and do not forget that American Military University, the ‘for-profit’ traded NYSE college that employs an instructor who counsels torture under the auspices of teaching, doubled its stock in less than two years. They have a pipeline that services the returning vets and invading troops — all for profit and all reported here, at Daily Censored. We can thank Julian Assaange at Wikileaks for this story. You can see it under my name found at Author Posts.

      Best and thanks for your work!


    • Eric Odgaard

      Most of the points are good, with two exceptions. First, I suspect most students who graduate with debt rack up more than $10-20k. Certainly the students of the for-profits do!

      Second, it is not the role of a university to provide a degree in a field to which someone will then go work. It is only the relatively recent addition of “career” colleges (e.g. business, education) that have led people to this mistaken assumption. It is somewhat surprising that a JD/MBA would make this point, though — there is no specific bachelor’s degree for getting into law school (or medical school), and it is still common practice in business to hire people with the requirement of a college degree without caring what the degree is in.

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater — it is faulty logic to link for-profit schools to your (arguably wrong) opinion on the value of liberal arts degrees!

      • weilunion


        To broach the first point: no, most students have no where near the debt that for profit schools have.

        Secondly, career colleges are not new. They have been around for decades, they emerged after World War Two as my articlew in shows. They had to be regulated back then for fraud. Go to the site and type in ‘Proprietary Colleges’ and it will take you to the article. Read the history.

        Now, these colleges brag about ‘degrees’ for they are diploma mills.

        ” It is somewhat surprising that a JD/MBA

        If you mean me, no, I have a JDf, am a lawyer and have a PhD all from real colleges, ERic.

        would make this point, though — there is no specific bachelor’s degree for getting into law school (or medical school), and it is still common practice in business to hire people with the requirement of a college degree without caring what the degree is in.”

        This is not the point, the point is that these colleges have commodified education and now sell it to a ‘subprime’ population who defaults on debt that is carried. You then pay for the debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. You will pay billions on top of billions for defaulted title four loans. The collleges go to the bank. The students either get misled or degrees that are not worth the paper they are written on. $80,000 for a YHomeland Security Degree.

        We have now created a culture where education is not even valued. These schools are in strip malls, located near title companies in buildings with boiler rooms and computere screens.

        This, for a country that once boasted of a university system available to all, modeled after Germany.

        Fast food or disaster colleges is what is being sold. You will pay the cost of the company profits in defaulted loans.

        The bathwater stinks, the baby is stillborn. This is all fraud for a population that does not understand how these ‘degrees’ are bought and sold like bananas.

        The for-profit schools are not linked to a liberal arts degree by me. We do not have universal educatio, Eric, those that go to Harvard or Yale or UC do not go to Phoenix or Kaplan. The comapnies market their products to those on the edge of bankruptcy — they are drive by colleges that prey on working class, minority youth and njow, if you read my article— they sign up the homeless and former crack addicts to get the government cash.

        Don’t you understand you pay for all this fraud? How can you defend any of it when the statistics are so apparent, the facts so glaring.

        It would be nice if we taught critical thinking and a liberal arts curriculum, sure this is my bias. Perhaps as citizens we would be able to then see the system and how it works. But we don’t. Training has replaced education in this country but these companies do not even ‘sell’ training.

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    • weilunion

      Yes, the coffins open during the day, no need to wait until the sun goes down for the vampire recruiters work 24/7 looking for arteries so they can fill pint jars with blood for the hemorraging Washington Post.



    • weilunion

      Not true. Anyone can take a look at the WOP 10-K and see show they are on a drip system provided by Kaplan.

      The WOP gets 58% of their blood from Kaplan. What percentage does the paper bring in? Tell us the statistics, please.

      This paper would have died along time ago if not for the criminal sydndicate that is known as Kaplan.

      I invite anyone to do the math and then ask: why does the Post not report on itself, its own industry, for profit colleges? Why don’t they report honestly about anything in the rea of the privatization of education? From Race to the Top to for virutal charter schools the paper is nothing but naked print in clothing.

  • Kaplanholic

    Way to go Danny Weil - its about time someone said what bottomfeeders and scumbuckets these Kaplan people are. Rippin off minority students all the time. They dont care what kind of hole you dig for youself as long as they make the dollar. Shame on to them.

    • weilunion

      Yes, and shame on the system, Kaplanholic, that enables them, pays for the predatory activity and calls them a ‘college’.

      Now let us see if we can uncover the alleged fraud at CHI/Kaplan. This should be a big story if I can get some help!


  • bell

    Beyond Kaplan and the Post, the problems of newspapers may be summed up by, as I recall at this late date, Peter Drucker’s observation that the failure of the nation’s privately owned railways emanated from their getting out of the business of serving the public and into the business of running a railroad.

    Call it the William Henry Vanderbilt theory of running a railroad. The model simply says that businesses exist for the benefit of stockholders rather than to serve the public.

    As one small potatoes newspaper publisher once phrased it, before becoming a congressman, “The purpose of a newspaper is to make money.” The wife of another publisher once quipped, “Our purpose is not to educate!”

    While the above mentality has been the ruination of many businesses - including railroads, airlines, banks, and even religion - it was particularly deadly to newspapers because it violated the public’s trust.

    No longer did the opinions of local folks matter in pursuit of an enhanced bottom line. Instead, “experts” defined fashion and decided issues. While there was rarely blatant censorship, stories tended to disappear if they might offend advertisers. It was a cozy arrangement that served only those positioned to profit from the scheme.

    Sometimes, it may take a while. Nevertheless, the public eventually figures out who is fleecing them. In time, as increasing numbers of students become de facto indentured servants, the once gullible masses will repudiate Kaplan. When they do, the Post will go the way of the iceman and buggy whip manufacturer.

    • weilunion

      Great analysis, Bell. Thanks for this for the readers (not to mention myself) profit when we get something like your analysis.

      Best and thanks for reading!


  • lionsbreathe

    how does this happen with kaplan getting away with it. it seems like this is a scam but the government oks this. for real?

    • weilunion

      The government has no oversight, collusion and you can read how they do it at which I reference in the article.

      Neo-liberalism, the government exists for the corporations.

      Thanks, Lion’sBreath for writing and responding.


  • Uncle Smith

    My wife works at Kaplan, will not say where, they are the biggest thieves in the world. They DO NOT care about thier workers or the students. They are one of many schools like this that prey on poor people, the records can not transfer because the school is useless and if you are lucky you walk out of there with a $8.00/hr job and thousands of dollars in student loans.
    These type of schools have found a loop hole in the system and I wish someone had the BALLS to shut them down. Once again the taxpayer is ripe off

    • weilunion

      Oh, UncleSmith I know the economy is bad, times tough and your wife does not want to lose her job. But please, if she can rustle up a student, faculty or even a janitor willing to go on record we can beat them!

      Fear is how they win and I empathize with your wife, not to mention the points you make.

      But someone must come forward. We all must have the ‘cajones’ to take them down or they will continue to operate with mafia impunity.


      • Maggie

        I know people who can help you in this….contact me

  • Pingback: Student loans keep Washington Post afloat « eats shoots 'n leaves

    • weilunion

      Thank you for spreading this for this is how we can perhaps get people to come forward, like Wikileaks, to give us ‘discovery’, including but not limited to documents, inner memos, testimony and any other evidence we can bring to the court of public opinion for pressure.

      One correct: this is not how “perhaps the answer as to how the Washington Post is survivng, it is the answer. The figures do not lie — 58% of WOP revenues come from Kaplan and its Kaplan subsidiaries and this is in their 10-K filing as stated and cited in the article.

      The paper is hemorraghing of this there can be no doubt. Revenues for classifieds and advertising have hit bottom as noted in the other 105 venerable newspapers that died last year.

      Were it not for the transfusion of blood from KKaplan, the paper would have already bled to death.

      Thanks for writing!


  • aunt ginny

    Guess you can’t keep saying you brought down a president and hope that gets you through the night any more. Well boo-hoo for the Wash Post - what goes around comes around. With any luck at all, Kaplan too will hit the skids.

  • weilunion

    No, it is the system, aunt ginny. Kaplan is simply one example of how all of our public institutions have been hijacked by Wall Street and the monopolies.

    This is our fight, and it must take place through mobilizations, city by city. Lawyers can sue, and this is good, but not if they agree to 78.5 million dollar settlements for whistleblowers (Phoenix - you can see my article under author posts) for what they are doing is taking ‘fines’ or money and in return covering up the practices of these colleges by agreeing to keep all discovery sealed. This is surely not in the public’s interest and we will not be reading about it in the blood soaked Washington Times.

    It will take more than luck for Kaplan to hit the skids, as you say. Government is simply an enabler in all this, as you will see soon in my next article.

    The answer is to organize and put pressure on the stocks of these companies so that they go down, so that Wall Street investors see that Kaplan is a bad bet, all the way around. This can be done, but we need Wikileaks people to step forward and give us documents, paper trails and more ‘discovery’. Thanks for writing


  • weilunion

    Just a note for readers:

    I just received this e-mail yesterday, the 28th of July. Since it is sent to me, I will simply post it. This is how they work, day and night.

    The e-mail:

    This email was sent to you because you expressed interest in receiving more information about University of Phoenix and its educational partners.

    Dear Danny,

    I realize that you’re busy. In fact, that’s why I called to talk to you about taking courses online. You could complete your degree program on your schedule - and sooner than you might think.

    Please call me back at the phone number listed below. Or reply to this email, letting me know when I should try calling you again.

    Best phone number to call:
    Best time to call:
    I look forward to hearing from you today!


    Michele Powers

    (602) 387-3460

    [email protected]

    If you do not wish to receive marketing updates about University of Phoenix in the future, please:

    Click Here

    University of Phoenix is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association ( The University’s central administration is located at 4615 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85040. Online Campus: 3157 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85034. For more information about University of Phoenix accreditations and licensures, please visit:

  • aunt ginny

    Danny - saw today that Kaplan was mentioned at the hearings. What do you think will happen next with them? It look like they are in some hot water.

  • weilunion

    Thanks, Aunt Ginny! Kaplan is little more than a criminal syndicate. I will show this soon with a real story the government will not look at or speak about.

    Harkin wants to know if the whole orchard is corrupted:

    From the Post:

    “Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), committee chairman, said he will seek more documents from the companies and hold more hearings in September. “Critics say it’s only a few bad apples,” Harkin said, “but again, I [ask]: Is the entire orchard contaminated, to use an analogy? Does something need to be done systemically, systemically, to make the for-profit institutions viable and an asset to the society, rather than a debit to these students?”

    The Post went on to note:

    “The GAO did not find evidence of fraud at any of the largest for-profit companies but did cite pushy tactics and poor advice.”

    Bull shit! The company is corrupt. I will soon print a story showing just show corrupt they are Ginny but what will the government do? Enable them, no doubt by saying there are a few bad apples and then attempting to throw up some ‘regualtions’ of an industry that is itself reprehensible and thus unable to be regulated.

    The billions involved are staggering but I would not hold my breat. This could just be, and probably is, another ‘BP’ moment of outrage that will drift from the public’s mind while little will be done.

    The answer is to go after them. They should be tried under RICCO statutes. Will this government do this? No, of course not and the Post will continue to hide in public or post stories that cover up the crimes.

    Meanwhile, student lives are ruined, debt is piled up like firewood and stocks traded for profit. We will pay all the defaults in the end unless the companies are drained.

    Thanks, Aunt Ginny, look for a big bomb soon!

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  • Jason H

    Thanks for all the information I was bout to fall into Kaplan’s trap until I seen all the trouble they have been causing I know they said it was gonna be over $11,000 a year for me to go to school there and I would require 3 years to get my degree, thats 34 grand, I would have to pay 23 grand back in loans which i think is bs. If someone wants to go to school to learn they shouldnt have to go in debt to do so. I am gonna tell these people I am no longer interested and to f*** off.

    • Anthony

      Jason ( and the majority of those here). You are an idiot! Reall (as you whine) “If someone wants to go to school to learn they shouldn’t have to go into debt to do so.” Whine, whine, whine!! Really. Um…let’s see. that would negate almost 98% of Universities in America! Here are some actual numbers of how much it costs to attend university here in the US. Don’t let Danny serve his own agenda. Ask him how how much he has in student loans and how much is his debt to income ratio not that he has his PHD and JDf. Danny???

      I do not choose to do the research for you, just like you shouldn’t relay on crappy journalism to form your opinions.

  • weilunion

    Good, Jason, then we won! Don’t get near them they are going down and we will take them down!

    They do not want you to learn, they want your carcass for frenzy feeding.

    Best and thanks for reading


    • Maggie

      given me your contact info and I will put you in touch with someone ready to talk….

      • weilunion

        I wrote Maggie


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  • weilunion

    Thank you Drive by!!

    The entire meida is profitting from it, which of course is why they cover it up. Pearson publishing is one of the biggest publishing houses in the world out of Britain. They too are in the ‘business’.

    We need to change the narrative and call them what they are” criminal conspiracies that must be indicted under RICCO



  • http://[email protected] Shannon Croteau

    First of all this is nicely written article and I think it should pertain to everyone across the nation, a federal act.

    I have a Yahoo Group that is getting people to join everyday and it can be found in Yahoo groups: [email protected] and I invite anybody who has been a victim of Kaplan and is willing to work as one voice instead of many.
    I want to add something here and if you feel this discribes you or someone you know or both please join the group:

    What About the Victims?

    I am glad that these articles are coming out about these “illegal, fraudulent, for profit schools” but when is the “lip service” going to stop and someone is going to help us; we are the casualties of Kaplan University. Why are all the Attorneys scared of the “Big Bad Kaplan Monster”? I have shared my story along with my newly found friends (unfortunately because of being victimized by Kaplan) to lawyers, law makers, investigative reporters and NOTHING is being done. I sit here with my storage bin full of proof for the “needle in a haystack” that cares that our families and bills are suffering because we believed what we were told by this proverbial snake in the grass, Kaplan, which bit us while we were down. I have had it; we have been prisoners from day one under moral duress and civil conspiracy with the “school” and the lenders (that is another story; it does involve Kaplan and their illegal dealings). There are so many dimensions to everybody’s story, but the common denominator is we were all duped by this illegal institution to trust them and believe that they were professionals and to me they were not professionals. There is an ex employee on one of the complaint boards that was upset because she was fired for her child being sick for too long; the part I am getting to is she was the Manager of the financial aid department and only held a high school diploma. Is that a professional in a financial aid office? Kaplan needs to be held liable and pay the bill as punishment. Why are there double standards for Kaplan and the common criminal? We jail all individuals that break the law; so why are we not punishing Kaplan and its employees that are still pulling a salary, along with the employees of the Washington Post, on my loans that I have to pay and I can’t. Last time I checked that was embezzlement or straight out stealing. The first time I have heard Mr. Arne Dunkin admit “Far too many for-profit schools are saddling students with debt they cannot afford in exchange for degrees and certificates they cannot use. This is a disservice to students and taxpayers, and undermines the valuable work being done by the for-profit education industry as a whole” ok Mr. Arne Dunkin what action are you going to take to fix this? How do they sleep at night? I am guessing very well because unlike the victims they do not have to wonder if they will be homeless tomorrow, will be able to feed their families, have their vehicle repossessed, have irreversible credit damage, and so on. Many of us do not get a good night’s sleep and others cry themselves to sleep only to wake up and find out it was not a nightmare it is your living nightmare. Does anyone care about this? It is time that as victims we are heard by all of those people in power to punish Kaplan, like Mr.Dunkin & Mr. Harkin and all his friends. I am not going away I will write to everyone over and over until I get justice for all of us who have been victimized by the Monster Called Kaplan University.

  • weilunion

    Shannon, thanks. We must organize. I am a lawyer but do not have the resources to go after them and the federal government seems to want to do nothing. They should be prosecuted as criminals.

    If there are any lawyers that can help, please write either me or Shannon or both for we have stories that come in daily from the crime scene. These serial killer institutions will never stop leaving bodies unless we stop them. They prey in daylight and during the night as all vampires do.


  • weilunion

    See this Thursday the 23rd for a large story about this criminal conpsiracy we call for-profit colleges.


  • cheryl newbold

    Thank you for your information.I have been dealing with Kaplan for 1month.I got my red flag yesterday 10-12-2010.I was proceeding to the next step,which was to take a prelimonary test.However before I could proceed with the test I was instructed to disable my pop-up system.Foolishly I tried to do so, only once.I was alerted that doing so would leave all my information open to anyone who wanted it.We were at the financial stage of my application.I addressed my concerns with my consultant, who by the way has called me 3-4 times a day for a month.I have not heard from him in 2 days.I thank God that the person who gave me this computer set up certain safety systems.I am 50yrs old single mom looking to further my nursing career.My son is 10yrs old I retired as a nurse after Hurricane Katrina.These people pretended to care,saying I’ll be there from begining to end.It’s bad enough to take from the young and inexperienced.I’m old my main concern is my boy ! After the red flag I looked up your web site!GREAT JOB! THANK YOU!
    [email protected]

  • Tim

    Hi Danny:

    Spread the word that Scott Travis from the Florida Sun Sentinel is looking for students who are in touch with Rene Harrod and the AG’s office to interview about their Kaplan “difficulties.” He can be reached at 561-243-6637 or [email protected]. He wants to talk to those who are filling out the affidavits.

    • Danny Weil

      Thank you, Tim!


  • lose weight

    I’ve been researching for a short time for any decent articles or blog posts regarding this one niche . Researching in Search engines I eventually revealed this page. Looking at this kind of review I am lucky to convey that I have a very good feeling I came across exactly what I needed. I will make sure to don’t forget this web site and look it over consistently.

  • Danny Weil

    Thank you for reading!


  • Victoria

    Mr. Danny,

    I attended Kaplan University for about a year and some change, at the beginning of the year(2010) I deployed to Afghanistan, (am an active duty soldier), before i deployed i contacted my academic advisor (GITA WILLIAMS) the student accounts, the military financial aid, i mean i talked to everyone i could to let them know i was being deployed and i needed to drop the classes i was taking at the time. They all said it was taking care of, and that i was dropped from the school. So here I am 6-7 months down the line, still deployed and now receiving emails from the student accounts office and some guy name Kenneth Snagg, stating that i owe them $1750 but with interest $2475, for some classes i took back in 2009. WTF!!!! my communication capabilities are very limited since am deployed to Afghanistan, I emailed the Student accounts office, the Kenneth Snagg guy about 5-6 times, NOT a word from them. I had been using my TA and my Montgomery GI bill to pay for the classes, so I have NOOOOO idea what they are talking about. I have tried contacting Kaplans higher ups but nothing now they have reported this “delinquency” on my credit report and they keep sending me emails about this, but they won’t answer my questions. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have tried emailing my academic advisor but she is not returning my emails. Help PLZ?!

    Thank you for your time.

  • Danny Weil

    Thank you, Tim!!! Readers can read more on this at:

    November 18th, 2010 Removing the plaque at the gumline: for-profit universities


  • Teresa

    This article makes me sick. Did you take into consideration that Kaplan helps students that might not be accepted elsewhere? Single parents that can not enter a residental College because they need to study online? Kaplan has good hearted, hard working people that truely want to change lives. I have heard lots of success stories from students who have found good jobs and are using their new found skills to earn a living. I do not know of anyone at Kaplan that attempts to find students via homeless shelters, or anyone who prays on the poor. I would love to learn where you collected these lies. If you want to place blame on where funding is going ask the Government why convicts get funding when they will not be employed any time soon? The Government makes the rules that students follow! Perhaps this funding should go to those students that can’t afford to go to College or are down and out but like most Americans want to live the American Dream and work there way out of poverty starting with a good education that is obtainable. Kaplan is Regionally accredited which means they could not be considered an enrollment mill and still qualify for such high standards in the industry. So yes, send Kaplan the poor, undereducated students no one else wants and they will give them a life. They will believe in the student even when that student never believed in him or herself. They will help change the life of this person when all you see is an undereduated, suffering person they will see potenial. It is snobs like yourself that probably came from privalege that want to distroy good hearted folks at Kaplan that are trying to help the less fortunate as well as those that can afford to come to school. We have 270,000 Graduates and you think we have not changed lives? I suggest you speak with more people and not the ones who failed.,

    • weilunion

      Nice try, Teresa but Kaplan is a criminal enterprise that lives off of tax payer funds. Currently we know of 28 suits brought against the for profit predators and eight of them re Corrinthian and Kaplan. Kaplan owns 8% of Corrinthian.

      So, you can stand up for them but the facts speak volumes. The schools is a crime scene and the sooner those who might fall prey know, the better it is. In the interim we will work to expose the crimes of Kaplan in hopes that we can close them down.

      Danny Weil

  • Temple Wappel

    Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting here .

  • Christopher

    The following is what I am going through now for Kaplan University…and Ideas of help…They need to be blown out the water!
    You stated that my EFC (expected family contribution) increased in 2008-2009…but…I was not even working at the time…the year after that I was on unemployment…it’s all in my taxes…I do not understand how you are even getting these numbers. I looked back at the documents and I also have them dated correctly.…I was not the one who submitted them in late back then. My question as well is why did fafsa and you approve that pell grant if there wasn’t an issue then?…Meaning…IT WAS APPROVED…NO ISSUE WAS BROUGHT UP BACK THEN AS WELL! Plus in the documents is still shows approved, with the dates! Why with my taxes this year while I am working am I eligible for pell grants…but back then when I was not working you claim my EFC went up…what are you talking about…they did more than 1 audit through the time I have been here with you. I also had a finance judgment done last year because they raised my EFC and found it a mistake and they yet rewarded me with a pell grant….Look I am sorry I may pay this balance off…but I am still contacting a litigation firm and in the process with dealing with a business lawyer now…I am sure you will get the details here soon enough…I disagree with you…I had never heard of getting approved for a pell grant 3 years ago and then this year it gets taken away from me. I am sorry as well…whatever happens…happens…I am going to fight this. I will pay for a lawyer either way…I still have all my documents and with the proper dates…whatever your people did is your issue to solve…
    Please check the attachments for the proper dates…like I said the document was on time and approved!…QUIT WITH THE GAMES! I have 2 of these documents in the attachments… the document 2 was dated on 4/17/09 and the document 1 was dated on 6/11/2009 The document 1 was approved on 6/12/2009… I am not paying until I speak to a litigation firm and I’ll wait to see what they say about the matter. I was approved back then and that is what matters the most!…You do not sell someone a house and 3 years later say “oh I am sorry you are denied credit to live here”.

  • Ben Wilcox

    Getting the government on your side when you are facing a tough fight in court is a time honored technique in American business, and Kaplan and the for profit industry is no stranger to it. The usual approach is to equate the threat to Kaplan or the for profit industry with injury to society ,(i.e. Americans are uneducated and need college degrees), then exaggerate the magnitude of the problem beyond recognition ,( i.e. If we don’t educate every american we will loose control as a world power) and then claim Kaplan has the answer in online education paid for by student loans. This rhetorical strategy makes it seem as if America is hanging on by a thread to its status as world economic power . All will be lost if it is not already , unless legislation is enacted to protect this altruistic industry and provide a college degree to everyone in America at tax payer expense.

    The real problem ignored by the DOE is the conflict of interest between Kaplan, the for profit industry, elected officials, and the taxpayers. when the for profit industry is in trouble it has every incentive to use the political process to improve its chances of survival. Elected officials who see an opportunity to extract political contributions and other favors often are eager to help. Regulators at the DOE and accrediting bodies like the HLC are also willing participants insuring survival of the industry because their current positions and future ability to market themselves to the private sector are enhanced in this process. Elected officials and regulators know that there is a good chance the problem will get worse, but they don’t care . By the time the industries problems become to visible to be ignored and the student loan debt crisis hits they will be long gone and a new generation of elected officials and regulators in place. And for this new generation the “crisis” will present additional opportunities to search for scape goats like Ben Wilcox and rescue the industry. These efforts are then used to convince tax payers who are left to pay the bill, that the government is on their side and something is being done to bring the guilty like Kaplan University to justice.

    The message is clear , don’t be a whistleblower, if you do the FBI will come and silence you. We must put an end to FBI and political repression in this county. For too long the FBI and big business have used their power and influence to silence people who expose the crimes of big business.

    The for profit education industry in the United States is a highly sophisticated, diversified, activity that annually drains billions of dollars from Americas economy by unlawful conduct.

    The question is, should the U.S. taxpayer continue to subsidize the for profit education industry and government backed student loans when so much fraud goes unchecked by the courts?

    The case against me was nothing more than retaliation by Kaplan University against a whistleblower that caught them defrauding their students and the tax payers out of over a billion dollars in a student loan scam.

    The main lesson here is the need to be vigilant to guard against the arbitrary exercise of power by the government against whistleblowers when they threaten the economic establishment of big business.

    I just pray that the lord Jesus Christ will allow this to encourage Judge Patricia Seitz in Miami to use the evidence I produced to dispense justice for the US tax payers and students who have been defrauded out of hundreds of millions of dollars by Kaplan College and The Washington Post criminal enterprise.

    I will continue to cooperate with the OIG and Department of Justice to recover the millions stolen by Kaplan University from its students and the US tax payers.

    Ben Wilcox

  • Beaulah Elling

    sowed in the number the tent, and we will again in Paddan-aram, to make them not destroy all that he with his work which was the field was in the foremost, saying, Fulfil the place where ye are: and put a bunch of the same day, saying, The sons of

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  • Shaliesmom

    One person stated that Kplan helps those who are single parents and have no money.

    My story…………………………

    One day while setting at the desk playing on facebook I ran out of credits. So I looked for the free offers to fill out to get credits. I said oh ok look there was an easy one to were I could give a certain sight my number and a collage would contact me. “what a mistake” My phone could not handle all of the phone calls I recieved. In the next ten years I had planned on going to school to get my medical coding and billing degree. Kaplan university called me over and over. I let her know what my future plans were. She proceded to tell me that a degree in medical coding and billing is not a good choice because in the future it would no longer be needed. She told me that they had a great program Called Medical trancritpion. She stated that it would be the same thing practicaly. I hung up and thought about it a bit. Over and over I recieved phone calls. I answered Kaplan once again and they threw in a $1000 dollars off of my last term and waive the technology fees. Ok well they suckered me into it. At first you could be late on home work. Which in major situations was ok. Then they changed it after me going for two years. I had been covered by financial aid the whole time and always had a positive or credit on my account. There was once they told me I needed to pay $100 dollars. That same term I had a credit of $700 dollars. After Medical terminology turned out to be not what i wanted I changed schools for ne day. I actually got calls from Kaplan stating how Medical office managment had an imphasis on coding and billing. I was never told about this program. You would thing if medical office managment had a imphasis on coding and billing they would have told me about it in the first place. I do blame my self for not making choices and saying no. I finished school about two four months ago. I have yet to recieve my degree. At the last term I asked about the $1000 toward toition. I never recieved it. I asked financial aid if I could get a loan from them because me and my husband had seperated and I could not afford the last term. The advisor told me I needed two denial letters form a loan instution. I got the denial letters and did not here from Kaplan anymore. I called and asked about it. That is when I got an ambudsman who told me I could not get a loan. She told me that I still had funds with my financial aid. I reminded her that I was only taking three coarses. She said no problem. Just change my paper work and my aid would be based on a year instead of by term. After two years of school I had told her that I would need to fill out a paper so that money would be sent to me so that I could get the left over to pay my bills asociated with school. They approved me for $1994 and $1995. That is after my tuituion which was $1200. Everything went smooth. I got some of the money around $1995. They last day of class I checked my account and they had sent back all of the funding because I did not qualify for it. So they had me owing $2800. After throwing a fit they ended up asighning me an ombudsamn who looked over my account and he stated that they should have not sent back $1000 of it and that the other would be whiped off my account because of the advisor telling me the wrong things? It was that easy! ” Why was it so easy?” Because I took it upin myself and asked them on facebook why they acted like this. They had many students repond with the same problem. I contacted the BBB and many congress men! MY externship was also based on me working 90 hours for a women who left the company for suregery I did not learn anything toward medical office managment. I was a free worker. I have got to be so ignorant. I should be getting my degree next week! we will see.

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