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Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood

“There’s nothing that the Black man could use to earn
Burn Hollywood Burn”

- Chuck D, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane

By Solomon

(Academy Awards) season has come and gone and so, too, with it another year of Hollywood subsidized racist imagery. Hollywood, like many American mainstream institutions, has the ability to socially condition a great deal of the populous and therefore society. This social conditioning has, by design, far researching ramifications, especially for people of color. African Americans, for instance, continue to bare the brunt of Hollywood’s perpetual racist social conditioning. The American film industry has a long tainted history in depicting black people in the most negative manner. Their motives, in general, are rooted in nothing short of institutionally racist and white supremacist themes. Films like D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” often serve as a point of reference in highlighting the American film industry’s repugnant and racist past. However, structural racism within Hollywood, as with America, is alive and well in 2010. The racist nature of the US is manifested throughout every corner of the country; Hollywood is merely one of those places.

America is a paragon when it comes to institutional racism. This country could give a damn what kind of longstanding impact its debilitating system has on people of color. In essence, America has no conscience regarding its inherent bigotry. Institutional racism and white supremacy are so tightly stitched into the flawed fabric of America that it has become virtually undetectable, much like carbon monoxide, until the fatal damage is done. Police brutality and gentrification are two of the more deleterious forms of institutional racism, however even in the world of “entertainment”, where racism is frequently marketed, racism has long been fashionable. Movies like “Precious” are heavily promoted because they reinforce common racist stereotypes of black women that much of white America enjoys believing in. The fact that some black people, who have long prostituted themselves to white America(e.g. Oprah), underwrite these types of films only it makes it easier for the white dominated film industry to market to the masses. Films that feed into the most destructive stereotypes are no less racist simply because they are made, endorsed or supported by black luminaries. Were early 20th century minstrel shows any less racist because they often featured black people within them? Unlike many of the African Americans who were forced into those roles, people like Oprah seem to enjoy “tap dancing” for white people. As a matter of fact the institutionalization of these stereotypically racist films (Precious) is exactly what makes them so dangerous in the 21st century—their racism is virtually unnoticeable to the media-illiterate mind. America’s atmosphere of racism is so smothering that many people of color have subconsciously absorbed it and redirected the bigotry towards themselves, as well as their communities.

Hollywood and white America, in general, enjoy rewarding black people who are willing to perpetuate racist stereotypes that denigrate African Americans. This is why white owned media corporations (radio, television, record labels) love to promote the most racially stereotypical images in Hip Hop, all the while methodically repressing the most talented, progressive and resistance oriented black and brown skinned rappers. There was no need for a term such as “Underground Rap” until these nefarious white corporations began to buy out everything from the record labels to radio stations, thus suppressing the empowering messages of Hip Hop’s “Golden Era”. Rewarding black people to promote their racist beliefs of African Americans saves them the limited public rebuke, and hassle, of having to do it themselves—all the while making them money. It makes them feel as though they have no blood on their slime laden palms. Meanwhile, the cognitive decapitation goes on without a hitch. On March 5th 2006 the “Academy Awards” rewarded the African American rap group Three 6 Mafia with an Oscar for best song for their hit, “Its Hard out here for a Pimp.”  As the progressive Boston based rapper (Akrobatik) said in his song “Front Steps/Tough Love,” “They shut down the conscious rastas but talk about being a pimp, you’ll win an Oscar.”

As long as Hollywood and the film industry are predominately controlled by so-called liberal or conservative whites, progressive images of blacks will always be filtered down. America, in general, is a nation unwilling to face up to its ugly truths about the past, as well as the present. And because of this, America’s future regarding institutional racism has no end in sight. The United States would rather spend billions of dollars falsely promoting itself throughout the globe as some kind of utopia for all people regardless of their backgrounds, rather than doing anything constructive—such as dismantling its systems of structural racism and ubiquitous white supremacy.

While the US attempts to psychologically manipulate people into believing that they do not systemically oppress people of color, tens of millions of people of color are being systematically oppressed, starved, warehoused and ultimately killed. And the US believes it has the moral ground to lecture Cuba on racism? The inherently racist American propaganda machine has no limits—the Hollywood film industry is a vessel used to regularly carry out their reprehensible campaign. Hollywood and corporate media are used to tame, obfuscate and socially engineer Americans, whether they are black, brown, red or white. Knowing what we do about Hollywood can we really expect them to produce more films that are socially conscious, culturally edifying, historically accurate, or dare I say—not virulently racist? With movies like “The Blind Side”, the answer should be as clear as day.

The Blind Side the classic racist white paternalistic thrash that Hollywood frequently puts out. It is a movie that features Sandra Bullock as white southern woman who takes in, along with her opulent family, a large homeless African American teenage male from the “wrong side of town” (always the black side). Throughout the movie she and her family “nurture” and build up the young man into someone they now feel is ready for society and who has lived up to his “full potential”.

With the help of these “white people” the young man soon becomes a standout, on and off the football field. This movie is apparently based on a “true story” but do we ever ask ourselves why these types of “true stories” always make their way to the “big screen?”  It always has to be a white “savior” saving the black and brown kids from themselves and their neighborhood. Never will one find a movie where the black and brown kids are trying to save their communities from the constant onslaught of American institutional racism. If America was a socially progressive society these types of films would be a lot more balanced and therefore more accurate. People of color (especially those with progressive ideologies) would have much more say and control of their images, and stories, throughout Hollywood and the media. As it stands, Hollywood actively recruits, promotes and rewards as many socially malleable blacks as they possibly can.  Until progressive and historically astute African Americans fully control the creation, production, and distribution of its images Hollywood will always produce and support factually limited and inherently racist imagery of blacks. A planned lack of accuracy and context within most Black “History” based Hollywood films purposefully confuses moviegoers with little point of reference to begin with.

Instead of factually and socially misleading films like Invictus there should be films called “Spear of the Nation” that chronicle the military wing (Umkhonto we Sizwe) of the African National Congress beginning in the 1960s. However, Hollywood, and white America, wants nothing to do with images and stories of Africans resisting (through armed struggle) the evils of white supremacy and European colonization. Whether in Zimbabwe or Angola, black Africans resisted European colonization tooth and nail. Black people should never rely on to tell their stories, especially those of resistance and struggle. Hollywood’s role, like America’s, is to mollify any notion of black resistance. Therefore films like Invictus only serve as models of pacification while taking attention away from the fact that whites in South Africa still enjoy the “fruits” of the land they stole from indigenous black Africans. Invictus makes sure the viewer thinks nothing about the majority of black South Africans who, to this day, live in devastating poverty. Invictus creates the illusion that blacks and white in South African live in equality. The safe image of Nelson Mandela in 1995 is as nonthreatening to the white power structure as Barak Obama was to many of the white liberals who voted for him in 2008. Invictus also uses the backdrop of the 1995 Rugby World Cup to create the false impression of unity and equity in South Africa. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth! Progressiveness and equity continually evade Hollywood as they do US society.

Unfortunately Hollywood (and America) is far from being socially progressive. However, if it was, we might see movies like, “The Life and Times of Nat Turner”. That would certainly be a movie that I would love to watch, especially the action packed last 45 minutes as the protagonist (Mr. Nat Turner) exacts his justifiable revenge.  I would relish seeing many movies in which Native Americans soundly defeat every group of thuggish white cowboys (thieves) trying to encroach on their land. And instead of movies like “The Blind Side” there would be movies featuring titles like “The Right Side”. This movie would detail the life of a poor white teenage boy who grew up in a trailer park amongst an openly racist community and within a broken and extremely racist family (this is a true story replicated throughout America). The young man wanders onto the “right side” of town (in this case the black side of town), where he is taken in by an African American family that teaches him civility, justice, resistance, and humanity. The author would also gladly pay to view multiple films featuring black educators going into predominately white schools to help properly socialize the white students to live their lives free of the racist and xenophobic poison their parents (and America) tried to systematically feed them.

Finally, there would have to be movies that exposed the vile and racist nature of policing in America. However, justice was ultimately achieved when a group of racist white cops found guilty in a police brutality case are sentenced to life in a privately owned prison. The ultimate icing on the cake for this masterpiece shows a portrayal of a prison system consisting of 70 percent white men.  Rotting in those prisons would be the cops who murdered scores of black and brown men like Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, and Timothy Stansbury. Unfortunately movies like those do not exist, at least not in Hollywood. More importantly, reality and justice like this does not reside anywhere within the fabricated borders of American society. Until they do the fight for equality must continue and the resistance to white supremacy must remain ceaseless. Tangible justice and equality will only be achieved if we remain consistent in our collective fight.

Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, public speaker and the host of the Your World News media collective ( Solomon is the author of A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues He can be reached at: [email protected]

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  • Jake

    “The Blind Side the classic racist white paternalistic thrash that Hollywood frequently puts out. It is a movie that features Sandra Bullock as white southern woman who takes in, along with her opulent family, a large homeless African American teenage male from the “wrong side of town” (always the black side).”… please, anyone, can you tell me if you know of a town where the wrong side of town is the white side. Stereotypes come from somewhere…

    • Billy

      Jake Your a funny simply man and probably vastly racist. This article was very much on point and your reaction to it proves how limited your understanding about the institutionally racist nature of America. Given that fact, I have already wasted far too much time explaining this to a person who is content in being limited and apparently racist too.

    • TD Williams

      The wrong side of white town: West Virginia…filled with brother cousins and folks from deliverance. The Appalachian Mountains…does anyone make it to 8th grade their.

      • Guinstigator

        TD What you said shows your ignorance. I am in WV, and I know a number of college, educated people fro here. They are not nearly as stupid as you.

    • Guinstigator

      Doesn’t that depend on who you are, and what your income is?

  • Gary

    Jake, yeah stereotypes come from somewhere…they come from your damn ignorance you idiot!!!

  • ugk

    Bang on the money is this article.
    I personally vouched that i would only watch Hollywood movie again (i was disgusted with that white messiah crap i saw in Avatar) if it was another Jurassic park type movie. Not one that deals with race and politics.
    Im afraid that the majority of people in the melanin community have fallen for the racist white institutions covert racism. People in my own family were praising the ‘Blind side’ and i was absolutely disgusted at their inability to see this movie for the racist bullcrap that it is. I did not even need to watch the movie, as soon as i read the sypnosis, spoilers i knew what this movie was all about.
    What our people fail to realise (except for a residual number of us who are awake) is that racism can express in the most cunning ways. Hollywood used to show Europeans running around shooting the ‘evil’ native americans. That was openly racist and thus all of our people realised it was racist. But now Hollywood cleverly continues its racism in more covert manner and idiots watching these movies think racism is dead. Fools.
    So as much as white institutions are racist devils, our own people dont deserve much sympathy for being a bunch of malleable sheep.

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    • Jeremiah nobles

      I know there are some really racist africans where i live. They hate whites with a passion. They are open about slurs and being violent.

      • weilunion

        I have heard this from others too, Jeremiah in my many years and I find myself thinking, “wait, what is a racist African” What is “racism”? Jeremiah.

        See we have a tendency to sue word believing all people have the same dfeinition we do and of course, as you know, this is not tue. We use words often to describe the world in our heads, not the world outside.

        So before I can understand your point, I must see how you are using language so I can actually understand yo ur point of view. And to do this, I need examples.

        So, can you tell me the definition, how you use the word ‘racist’? Give me some examples or analogies maybe metaphors so I can ‘see’ what you mean. Then define clearly and precisely what ‘africans’ are? What doe is mean to use the word african in the context you wish to use it. Examples, please

        The problem is lack of communication. Slanging language around as if we all understand your point and we do not for the language is never defined and thus it can only invite our own subsitutions for our meaning with yoru words and because this is not critical thinking, there can be no question or conclusion.

        Please, fee free to write back with some clear and precisel definitions aided and abetted by colorful or at least some metaphors, examples, or analogies?

        Until then, I have no idea what you are talking about.



        • Jeremiah Nobles

          Im walking down the street and a group of black people yell at me from a porch ….”hey cracker why u be up in our hood….yo?” …me no reply…..seconds later….”get dat white nigga…beat hiz ass yo.”

  • the virility ex dude

    Jesse is a real jerk to cheat on somebody so kind and wonderful as Sandra. What goes around comes around!

  • djfjr

    The “white controlled Hollywood” is about as accurate as the “white controlled Bank” or the “white controlled Political Party”. The “Chosen Ones” pretty much have the propoganda, finance, and social control industries sewn up tight, and the Goyim need not apply.

    Direct the hate to the ones that deserve it the most, instead of being used as a tool to fight against those who share your common enemy.

    • weilunion

      Booker T. Washington was not the same as W.E.B. DuBois in any way was he? In fact was this not a controversy a hundred years ago?

      So who is the ally and who is the one we should ‘pick’ on.

      Analyisis doesn’t pick on ‘people’ it analyzes. One can disagree with the analysis but only when one knows what is being said. Who is the ‘common enemy, DIjr — if it is common, then I should know right? Can you give an example?

      Where is the ‘hate’ in the article? What is hate and show us where it is directed at the readere.

      One must be speicific with thinking critically on issue such as race, gender, gender prefernce, etc. as you know.

      Posts like this really say little, if anythingg for once again, it is assumed we all have the same language and all mean the same thing. I’ve no idea who the common eney is nor where the hate is in the article. Can you enlighten

  • realist

    You’re crazy. Blind Side, Book of Eli, et al are all about magic negros. Soon zogs will realise movies about macig negros don’t sell.

    • weilunion

      See, now here we do not need language defiition for the language does not make any sense. It is ‘nonsense’ . Impriminted on seems to be a feeble attempt at ‘racial humor’, you know for those who hate blacks.

      So this is good: smoking out the dribble laden words of the Neandertahl is always good and why we like to arite articles that attract all kinds of views.

      The best advertisement for a broke car is a broken car; the best advertisement for ignorance is simply ignornace itself, in this case all belched up into new words and everything.



  • BigCat

    fat negroes, negroes as God, negroes as computer experts, negroes as married couples…negroes are very well-represented as positive in Hollywierd.

    • weilunion

      ‘BigCat’ does a good job of outing himself as a racist. You can see the pattern as the racist e-mail above.

      This is the ranting and raving an inebriate, look at the language. One must always look at how they bundle up the hate for the literacy rate is so low you can see their shorts.

      But yes, one can expect to find this type of bathroom scrawl on Daily Censored.

  • ProudGerman

    Hollywood racist? Not hardly. Hollywood stars look upon adopting black children as a status symbol. They probably stand around the punch bowl at parties comparing how many black children they have adopted.

    The hollywood types actually believes that the Obama administration is transparent even though he never opened up the Health Care debates to C-Span cameras (as he promised) and has recently prohibited the press from taking to family members of the current Supreme Court nominee. Even though the first amendment guarantees freedom of the press.

    Hollywood liberals are not racists. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel and Barrack Obama are racists.

    • weilunion

      To begin with the words, “Proud German” immediately conjure up hubris mixed with fallen governments, returning vets, deflated currency and then I start to think about Doberman Pinschers, one of the SS’s favorite Jew, Gypsie and Homoseuxal herders.

      I think you should wait a hundred more years to adopt the monikker of produgerman. It just seems a bit too early, especially now when the US is creating its own American fascism.

      Aside from this, all pewople are racist. All people come from tribes, families, biases, neighborhoos, see corporate media portrays of black and latinos and youth as criminals, thousands of times per day. Some people just have more power and without power there is no racism.

      One can prefer to hang around Chinese people and never see a black person and not be racist. Racism implies the power to deny or allow.

      So the south was racist and still is for its social policies. You are racist, if you are white and in power, for you exercise white skin privilege with power.

      Hollywood is certainly racist, it gives us the fickers that manufacture consiousness and manage the perceptions.

      Now, we can go to the man your momma calls obama but that is not the point of the article of your argument is it? Isn’t this what we call a fallacie in thinking — missing the point, a fallacie of relevance.

      The question at issue was not about Obama and the Supreme Court and C-Span and health care pro,ises was it? No, the question at issue is if Holly wood is racist.

      You tried, but fell face first in the punch bowl and then tried to dry your face with a wet towel called a fallacie, missing the point, or what is also know as irerelevant.

      But you showed, even with weak reasoning, that we can renegineer the chicken scratches to see that you are a racist yourself, aren’t you? Isn’t this about Obama, and power?

      Now you see what you did, Ollie!


    • TD Williams

      Proud German…Ah you must have participated in the wonderful brain lobotomizing experiments your people are so famous for…must do you proud, the blood, the genocide…now that’s a real history to embrace.

  • DWM

    Hollywood racist? You gotta be kidding. Not only does virtually every commercial have to have a negro in it, every movie has to have a negro as a major or central character even when it is totally ridiculous. This has gone on for quite some time. Take for instance, the old movie Dirty Dozen. It had to have a negro infiltrating Nazi Germany (yeah right!), or the western Lonesome Dove, you had the magic negro Danny Glover as a scout? If a negro was ever allowed on trail drive, he would only be allowed to be a cook. I would LOVE to see an all white movie with a white culture theme. This would be considered racist but having all black movies help them celebrate the “culture”. Makes me want to puke!

    • weilunion

      Do you know the history of black movies in the US, in the 1940′s and 50′s and earlier? Have you ever seen one?

      Were there Black people in World War II, DWM? Isn’t that when Truman declared the army would be integrated? So why would it be far fetched to have a black soldier in the dirty dozen? I am not following the reasoning. Give me a chance:

      There is no racism in Hollywood
      Reason: blacks are in everything due to liberals and their affirmtaive action plicies

      There was a black man in the Dirty Dozen, there fore Hollywood is not racist.

      See the logic, how poorly constructed it ism let alone how seemingly unhinged it is. But it is the logic itself one can follow.

      Many of the racists, like this and others you read understandably have little edcuation, have never travled much, are unemployed, young many returning veterans. But more than this they have no social life. They have no economic future and no social future. There will be no jobs for them, if there are they will cover the cost of food and rent if that. As the social system falls apart and the white minority sees its standard of living go down they point to the black man, the working man, the union man, the left, the liberal etc. This is history.

      What is remarkable now is that the US is more and more like South Africa in the fact that the disappearing White Man’s time has come. And this with the shift in power racially in many areas, the white man, who is taught to hate blacks usually from birth and socialization now has a real enemy to point to.

      The rationality of the irrational mind or whta is called sociopathy



    • TD Williams

      Have Caucasoid will travel.

  • Jeremiah nobles

    Hollywood panders to the negro! Tyler perry wouldnt have a dime if it were racist. Not to mention hollywood is primarily owned by the jews! They also control a large percentage of the media ie tvshows, newscasts, paper……

    • weilunion

      Now here we find more of an American Nazi. One only has to see the reference to Hollywood being owned by Jews, which it of course is not. But they never due the research. Evidence can only hurt Jeremiah’s case and he does not know how to get it and what he would do with it if he had it.

      No, this is the mind you see emerging: Everyone knows that if a person hates blacks they usually hate jews and vice versa. But using the Jews own this and that they pander to the negro is not only an old argument, it flies in the face of history for actually entering into Hollywood was a civil righs experience.

      The Nazi gets his talking points from both ignorance and its bearers and like the above writer, needs it to feed a lost, wasted life with no future. For he does not know how the system works and thus pins the tail on the wrong donkey as he runs around blindfolded until he collapses and becomes earth for the next one to rise.



    • wolf

      Jerimiah nobles. You are so wrong. Tyler Perry is soooo not Hollywood, does he pander to people? Yes. Are his movies trite crap? Yes. But, in a country where black people are brainwashed, coded, branded and herded, you have millions of blacks who go to church on SUNday to praise white jesus and identify with Mr. Perry’s crappy movies. Maybe if white hollywood looked for more black writers with a conscience, we wouldnt have successful coonery like Tyler Perry and ICECUBE.

  • Horatius

    Like I want to buy a ticket to watch negroes on the big screen.If I want to see negroes,I’ll watch “Cops” or the crime segment on the local news

    • TD Williams

      It’s amazing how often the word negro is used. A negro invented the stop light that prevents you from getting into a head on collision and the gas mask that prevents soldiers from being poisoned and let’s not forget platelets that has saved more than a few of the elitist folks. News flash people; life originated in Africa and the oldest human fossils can be found in Tanzania. Race is a social and political construct that people have been conditioned to support.

  • Truth

    What a big fat lie and a waste of space. This, like Hollyweird’s crap, is just another way to ram NlGGERS down our throats.
    Not all the special effects in the world can make NlGGERS appear to be reasonable, responsible humans.

    DEPORT them all to Apeland South Africoon, get all the HUMANS out of there and move them HERE. Any further appearance of a NlGGER on American soil must be met with swift justice.

    • http://act rabshakeh

      the troglodyte fraudulently calling himself “truth” is the knuckle-dragging neanderthal that makes all white people look bad. “american soil”? your seething racist bile is surpassed by only by your staggering ignorance. you speak for no one, and your tiny mind doesn’t have room for complex ideas like race & racism.

      • http://act rabshakeh

        gee, i guess you’re right. the heroic white european invaders were confronted with the racism of the aztecs who dared to resist being slaughtered by the spanish. and the indigenous peoples of this continent and the caribbean islands were thoroughly racist trying to resist being exterminated by white people who stole their lands and obliterated their civilizations. and those damn africans were so racist as to resist chattel slavery, the disruption of families and entire cultures, and state-sanctioned terror and oppression. and your mental superiority is further demonstrated by your use of anachronisms like “negro” and “caucasion.” your commitment to ignorance and xenophobia is apparent.

    • weilunion

      Now this one you gotta admit is juicy! Any man, and this is a man you can tell how he writes - actually can hear the desperation in his voice for he has no idea of what is going on in the world and looks to hate, be it gays, jews, African Americans,etc. Always some one.

      but interestingly he calls himself ‘truth’ meaning he actually believes he has ‘truth’ and truth is something you can have. Now, if you disagree with a guy like Truth then you lose for his truth is fundamenatla truth, right Truth? This means he is fundamentally right, we are fundamentally wrong.

      Truth can’t see this though. He sees alll people that do not agree with him as ‘Untruth’ and thus objects.

      Yes, as America fails as an Empire all kinds of toads and worms, reptilian thinkers and racists are bound to emerge.

      they are the least educated, the least teachable and they follow orders from the top real well. They have to: the love authority.

      Take a look, Truth:

      And don’t forget to take a few days to ponder this!

      Conscience and Authority
      Since the Nazi atrocities toward the Jews were discovered at the end of the World War II, people have wondered how so many could have engaged in such obviously unconscionable behaviors. The death camps in which Jews were systematically tortured and killed were efficiently organized and managed by well-trained administrative personnel. These administrators were not extraordinarily vicious savages running amuck. On the contrary, the Germans who ran the death camps seemed to be ordinary “decent” citizens, with consciences no different from those of any of us. How could they have blinded themselves to the clear injustice of what they were doing? More generally, what motivates the unethical acts of ordinarily decent people?

      Perhaps one of the most fascinating experiments ever conducted to investigate this moral question is known as the Milgram experiment, after Stanley Milgram, the psychologist who devised the experiment. Subjects in his experiment were told that they were going to take part in exercises designed to test other people’s abilities to learn. They were seated at a mock “shock generator” with thirty switches marked from 15 volts (“slight shock”) to 450 volts (“danger-severe shock”). Through a small glass window they could see the “learner” in the adjoining room strapped to a chair with electrodes on his or her wrists. The subject was told he or she was to test the other person’s ability to memorize lists of words, and to administer a “shock” when the learner made the mistake, increasing the intensity each time. As the intensity of the “shocks” grew, and the learner pretended to cry out in more and more pain, eventually fainting, the experimenter told the subjects they had to continue administering the shocks. Astonishingly, although the subjects grew nervous and agitated, more than two-thirds administered the highest level of shocks to the learners when ordered to do so by the experimenter. Milgram concluded that when people are ordered to do something by someone they view in authority, most will obey even when doing so violates their consciences.

      In view of the Milgram experiments, the Nazi crimes are not difficult to understand. Milgram himself suggested that one of the major factors accounting for the Holocaust was the ready propensity of human beings to obey authorities even when obedience is wrong. Indeed, although Milgram’s experiment has been repeated dozens of times with many different groups of people, the results are always the same: most people will obey external authority over the dictates of conscience.

      Although Milgram’s findings are disturbing, more recent research has suggested that obedience to authority over conscience is not inevitable. Indeed, the research of Steven Sherman, also a psychologist, suggests that education can strengthen the power of conscience over authority. Sherman had a colleague contact several people by telephone, ostensibly to “poll” them on their opinions. The “pollster” asked them what they would do if they were ever ordered to perform a certain act that was morally or socially undesirable, and spent some time discussing the issues with them. Several weeks after the contact was made, these same people were actually asked to carry out that act. Surprisingly, two thirds refused to obey the order, a sharp contrast to to Milgram’s finding that two thirds of those ordered to act against their conscience would normally obey.

      The implication of the Sherman experiment is that if people reflect on a moral issue before they are involved in it, they are more likely to behave in accordance with their consciences when that issue faces them in real life. Moral reflection and discussion of the kind found in the best types of moral education substantially enhance the ethical quality of a person’s future choices.



    • TD Williams

      Wow…you don’t love yourself…travel to a Scandinavian country where unless you are platinum blond with blue eyes you are considered of African ancestry. Then have a conversation with someone and find out just how life evolved. Maybe you’ll learn that you are the reason genocide exists and you are the reason the market has crashed.

  • kiksuya

    DWM if your going to research the history of where the word came from why don’t you take the time to understand what it actually means. Anyone can be prejudiced and participate in discriminatory actions against a group of people. But only people in positions of power can be racist, because it is through those positions that their beliefs turn into laws that significantly affect the lives of those people they chose to misunderstand, fear and hate. From the illegal inception of this country the oligarchy, which consists of WASP’s, has used every possible medium to embed ideological hegemony. This goes beyond personal preferences to systematic exclusion of a group of people’s rights that is institutionalized racism.

    The unsubstantiated claims and incredibly racists’ nature of many of these posts attest to how deep the propaganda and indoctrination of WASP values and beliefs have penetrated the psyche of most Americans. It’s incredible that something as basic as understanding that phenotypical differences within the HUMAN race are in their entirety just adaptations to environmental changes. And that they have no connection with behavioral characteristics and intellectual capacity.

    On another note, quantity is not quality. Just because you see a brown or black faces in Hollywood does not mean that racism is gone. Largely, these roles are ones that perpetuate stereotypes about their race. You want to say that Tyler Perry’s success is an example of how racism is gone…Really?? I would venture to say that a lot of his success is due to the fact that each one of his characters perpetuates some stereotype of black people, which for white people, the current racial majority, loves to see and accepts as acceptable portrayals of black people. The majority of “successful” brown and black people are where they are because they have submitted to accepting the dominant ideology and that is why they have been able to move up within the ranks because WASPs don’t see them as legitimate threat to their power structure. People like Spike Lee and Aaron McGruder have been successful but there have been numerous attempts to prevent them from continuing their critical analysis of racism through their works because their movies and shows are not subservient to black stereotypes but challenge us to think about how we are boxed in by the mainstream. Like Tyler Perry BET has been allowed to remain as a channel for the same reasons. As soon as someone like Aaron McGruder found an enticing and thought provoking way of challenging these Uncle Toms they retaliated by taking his show of the air. If we are in a country with freedom of speech and press why does something like what happen to the Boondocks happen all the time.

    Its true that “The Blind Side”, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, “Freedom Writers”, and “Dangerous Minds” are based on true stories however, how come we never see Hollywood create movies that show the true dedication of black and brown people helping their own people. For every white teacher that is in the “hood” teaching urban “at-risk” minorities to become “good citizens”, there are thousands upon thousands more black and Latino teachers doing the same thing and more. Why don’t these stories every become multi-million dollar Hollywood movies? I’ll tell you why because it would show oppressed peoples that they are capable of overcoming these obstacles alone and if they united this mentality would challenge the current power structure.

    • DWM

      How come you don’t see Orientals bitching that everyone is racist towards them and they aren’t represented by Hollywood? Well, the answer is that Orientals are intelligent, hard-working people who have what they have because they earned it and it wasn’t given to them. Also, why do negros complain about segregation then go off and segregate themselves with the BET channel, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the American Negro College Fund, various all negro colleges, etc. etc.
      Why is it people talk of the “Black” vote and the “Latino” vote, but never speak of the White vote or the Oriental vote. The reason is that virtually all whites and orientals think for themselves and vote based on their own reasoning. Blacks and Latinos for the most part (I know their are exceptions but it is small statistically) do not think for themselves and are highly suspect to propaganda and charasmatic leaders, thus they tend to vote in blocks - think herd mentality.

      • TD Williams

        Well, first of they don’t like to be called Orientals. Second, they bitch and complain all the time about you good white folks…their public speaking platform still goes unheard. Go to China, you’ll find as a white man, cabs don’t stop for you. Welcome to the world you created.

      • Chambers Zane

        Wow as an black American..this is by far the most ignorant and racist comment I’ve ever heard! So we are subject to propaganda and charismatic leaders? Haha really? This coming from an Asian citizen. But I guess when you learn everything you know about black people and black experiences from FOX and CNN news this is what you get. Sad and Unfortunate

  • weilunion

    I want to take the time to thank all the semi-literate and even the illiterate racists for taking the time to read (it gets easier) Daily Censored and Solomon’s argument.

    It is good to know you are out there, as we have always known. Please, come back and read our ground breaking stories but before you do, bring a dictionary, a pocket full of examples to define term, try to use the English language as much as you can, not the language you use cracking a bud with your bubbas and give us some cites and reasoning if you can.

    We love to hear from you for many of us have met you and will again



    • DWM

      Of course, racists must be semi-literate or illiterate. If we could only read we wouldn’t be racists. Meanwhile, you have a very superficial understanding of history and obviously have never dug any deeper than what your liberal teachers told what happened.

      • TD Williams

        On the contrary…you don’t understand history as you would see that an act of racism or hatred against one is an act against all. That’s why you are stuck where you are, doing what you do.

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  • godofpool

    Well, I agree with a lot of what was said in this article, but I do have a couple of exceptions.

    First, I am a white man who grew up on the “wrong side of town” in the town I lived in. It had nothing to do with the race of the people who lived there, it had to do with the crime rate, drug-use rate, and sometimes, the poverty rate of the area I lived in. Now, in most societies, if you were to seek out areas of town that had high crime rates, drug users, and low poverty rates, you’ll also happen to find African Americans and Latinos. THAT is where the racism comes into society. The “wrong side of town” will stop bringing up images of people of color once this society finds ways of lifting people of color up so that they have schools and chances in life given to most of white society.

    Secondly, if “The Blind Side” were just a movie about a white family who takes in a young black man and tries to make him “right” by transforming him to their ways, I’d agree that is it a racist film. But it is based on a true story in which the real life person it is about, who is currently a player in the NFL, happens to be black. The family who adopted him happens to be white. He was poor and homeless, and they took him it and provided for him, and helped him realize a gift he had for football. The kid they took in could have just as easily been white, or latino, or anything else, but in real life, it was a black man taken in by a white family. The movie is based on a book that HE wrote, and to write the film any other way would have been a lie.

    • wolf

      godofpool. Perhaps, just maybe, this NFL idiot who wrote the book could have been edited. Or, perhaps, the NFL constantly seeks, recruits and pampers mongoloids of society willing to risk not walking at 50 so they can shine at 24.
      Football and Baseball are two of the most racist sports in America and both use militaristic training, verbiage, and drills to mold the minds and bodies of young men. Brainwashing is perhaps a better term to describe the mental and physical conditioning that takes place in this sport.

      Taking what I just said into consideration, judging by the track record in both love and career decisions of Ms. Bullock (You are talking about a woman who pimps out George Lopez, allegedly had an amorous relationship with a skinhead with a white criminal name, Jesse James ) it is not a stretch to see how this woman could be involved in a white messiah movie such as “The Blind Side”.

    • Johnnyplayworks

      The blind side is all good but black families have always embraced white families no matter what side of town they are from. I do not recall ever watching a film depicting benevolence to whites from black folk. If there has been a such a film it certainly is not recent

    • Nameci2479

      The people who adopted him came forward saying the movie excluded many of the other people who helped house him it wasn’t just one family that took him in.

  • wolf

    there is no greater feeling than to find other people understand you, your life and the system you have grown up in. sometimes, it gets lonely when you feel nobody sees the garbage, racism and just trifflin’ trash that comes out of such a small group of millionaires year after year. I was just watching “Worth Winning”. Why? Because I am a typical Minority in the USA, MASOCHIST. In any case, the beauty of corrupt snake is that eventually it bites its own tail. Hollyweird has alienated so many minorities, and sympathetic, reasonable White Americans, I doubt it will be long before it goes the way of the newspaper, music cd, or whatever other media garbage still exists in the old american landscape. In the world of anonymous torrents, you tube, netflix etc. I severely doubt this supremacist trash will continue to make sense to an awakening public. Food for thought, the latest Jennifer Anniston, White Goddess dating the 80′s White God movie was a recent FLOP. Karma. Now, if only ICECUBE and his Lottery Ticket coon movie would just flop, thats an America I would be proud to live in!

    • AMPM

      For some reason I have the feeling that all of you people are white… and you are all using politically incorrect terms.

  • chris

    I’m white and I agree with this article.

    (I understand the irony in the fact that I feel the need to point out that I am white)

    But regardless of the irony in my opening statement I have to say I agree with everything said in this article. I; as a young white person, growing up with money, privilege, surrounded by the ruling wasp class; can see the same institutionalized racism in our media as this article laid out.

    Do I experience the negative effects of it? No. I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to say I fully understand the plight of “black america.” I also wouldn’t be arrogant enough to say I’m not without prejudice myself; as everyone on the planet is.

    To be without prejudice is to be without preconception, and to be without preconception is to be without context, to be without context is to be without consciousness.

    But the problem, as I see it, is not our inevitable prejudice but instead the substance of Americas prejudice and the inability for most White Americans to recognize their own.

    As already laid out in the above article/comments, Americas cultural context has been loaded with racism from the beginning. The rot goes so deep it’s nearly impossible for any white person to even discover all of the preconceptions they have about race. Which is why I tend to see racism in varying degrees.

    You have your obvious and proud racist. The confederate flag toting bunch, who openly hold and share a belief that they are superior.

    You have the racists who know their racist but keep it private.

    Then there’s the racist who on a deeper level recognizes their racism and in private conversation say disgusting things but simultaneously believe themselves not to be racist (within their definition.) These tend to be the majority of the Republican leadership.

    Next our liberal racists, The kind who preach equality and brag about their “one black friend” but if they walked down the street and saw a black stranger walking toward them they might get frightened. They here the words gangster, or crime, and because of cultural conditioning, visualize a black person.

    Then finally you have the small percentage of white people who recognize that the pure massiveness of our racial indoctrination is so large that we have to consciously work past the ingrained racist ideas in our heads to realize the truth of the situation.

    And the truth of the situation is that the country got rich on the work of black slaves, continued getting rich on the work of under paid black workers, made stereotypes of black individuals, implemented complex political and social systems to try to continue keeping them down, and now white america still has the balls to angry at the idea that racism hasn’t gone away.

    On a final note, beyond the racism of the media towards black america, their is a general white washing to any story involving any other race except for white people. Hollywood never stops pushing out these white messiah stories. Where regardless of the historical situation, a white lead has to be the savior.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the article.

  • Jon Forister

    Thank you so much, this was a good read. I was actually born in Spain (I’m not telling you when though!) but moved around europe and finally settled in Britain when I was 6. I dont remember much of the few years I was in spain, but the smell of spanish food always seems to ring a bell in me or something. Funny, how I dont remember anything except the smells,isn’t it! I even found a whole internet site dedicated to spanish recipes, which gave me great delight and thought I ought to share. Anyway, thank you again. I’ll get my husband to add your cast to my rss thing…

  • Elmer Doakes

    Thanks for the posting, I really appreciate it. It was most helpful.

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  • kevin


  • mrfuckhollywood

    Hollywood is the white supremacists tool for propaganda. They use it to whitewash their racist history, they use it to create stereotypes and they use it for there underhanded and spiteful inside jokes. FUCK HOLLYWOOD!

  • A&W

    Hollywood is dominated by anti-white jews. Compare how many evil Nazis, white hillbillys from the South, ect. to how many jews, negroes, ect. are portrayed in a negative light. Look at all the racemixing propaganda for non-jews, most whites despite loving non-whites and their culture aren’t naturally into racemixing. They do this to create tension between whites and other races. If they unite as many groups as they can against the group they see as their biggest threat and whites are destroyed, they believe they can then easily dominate over the non-whites. Divide and conquer. Most people are just being good little goy-slaves, this will change in time. If not by whites than by asians.

  • mda

    hollywood will always be racist in one way or another , no matter how stupid and long this disscussion is , hollywood is hollywood , why do you think that interracial movies in hollywood are so taboo ? dont be a bunch of fucking idiots and relize this bull.

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  • kewatch911

    hollywood is run by jews and not by “whites”.

  • Reason Promotions

    I agree with much of this kiksuya, 
    although, White People are not the majority. That’s another lie we’ve been told. :)  Enjoyed your writing.

  • Johnny

    This is a long needed look at this aspect of racsim in america. I too would like to people of color in films that depict them in roles where they rescue those of the so called dominant culture from the fabric of racsim. However, racism is a matter of the heart that manifests in open view. Therefore racsim will always live until hearts are changed no matter what is done

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  • John Prewett

    Superfly influenced the style, thinking,
    and choices that a lot of young black men began making around that time. I know
    it deeply affected me. I came out of that movie more convinced than ever that
    the white man and I were like oil and water: We didn’t mix. My partner, Shell
    Shock, was on the same wavelength. He started thinking


    that maybe there was a future in
    dealing drugs. A few weeks after we saw the movie, we were sitting around at
    his place getting wasted when Shell Shock outlined his game plan, which was
    essentially a scaled‑down version of the plan Priest had devised in the movie.


    “I know I can do it, man.
    Most of the white folks that got money did something illegal to get it. Look at how the Kennedys got started. They
    bootlegged liquor during the Depression, then went legit. Now they
    millionaires! All I gotta do is make enough money to start my own business,
    then I can quit the drug game.”


    It was
    shortsighted, far‑fetched fantasy for sure. But to our way of thinking, it was
    no more far‑fetched than the‑civil rights notion that white people would
    welcome us into their system with open arms if we begged and prayed and marched
    enough. As for the risks, dealing drugs seemed no more risky than working a
    thankless job at the shipyard for thirty years, always under the fear of being
    laid off. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other.

  • kmorgana

    UGH I cannot STAND films like “The Blind Side” how can we citizens put UP with crap like this year after year? Why do blacks allow themselves to be whored out like this?? One of the most horrible examples I can give you is the hip hop/thug style fashion sold strictly for the black population, therefore ensuring they’re branded as criminals by even the clothing that they wear. Oh- and did the slang and bad English didn’t do it enough. You know who started this? Not the black man! This is a common misconception, but sold TO them in the guise of “this is YOURS, brother- it belongs to you and “yo brothas” (snickering). I do fault the black man for allowing it to happen, but it took two to tango. Guys, don’t let your kids listen to music that glorifies thuggery, drugs, nor allow yourselves to dress yourselves as such. Trust me on this one, it was all done on purpose, to keep the black man in the gutter. 

  • James Watt

    I don’t agree with this article - at all. Hollywood is a Jewish institution, (just ask Ben Stein) and it has, for decades sought to denigrate those, particularly the men, of European culture and infuse modern screen characters with either the old characteristics assigned to blacks back in the 30s and 40s, or as loving sycophants to Zionist ideals. The modern Hollywood agenda is to promote a fantasy of Black superiority as something to be emulated by young white men as ‘admirable’. The purpose is to dumb down white men and destroy Western Civilization, replacing it with Zionist agendas. This is why black men are put in positions of power in movies and white men are their underlings. In the real world, blacks, comprise 12% of the general population, but year after year, commit 50% of all murders. The crime statistics are atrocious and shocking, yet…when was the last time a black man was ‘the criminal’ in a Hollywood movie?

    That they have constantly vilified Arabs, goes without saying. Hollywood is nearly single-handedly responsible for the barbaric and ignorant attitudes the majority of Americans have to people of the Middle East. On the other hand, I defy anyone who read this to name ONE Jewish character in the last 3 decades of Hollywood movies that was ‘bad’.

    No, Hollywood is Jewish agenda and it is both vicious, hateful and
    dedicated to replacing reality with fantasy as the governing attitude
    among Americans stupid enough to watch anything from that subversive
    enclave. the last thing it is is a ‘White European Supremecy movement’. This article is, itself, crap.

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