Who's Your Daddy?

You know you live in a great country when a candidate for Governor in South Carolina says that providing welfare for the poor is like feeding stray animals while John Travolta flies a planeful of supplies to Haiti. According to Andre Bauer — he’s the gubernatorial candidate — handing out welfare promotes the unemployed and underemployed […]

The Real Conundrum

‘What’s a Body To Do?  On the one hand there is a Special Envoy, who even used to be a General, saying that the military is not the way to win against terrorism in Afghanistan.  On the other hand, the president is freezing social programs at a time when they are the only things that […]

Tohono O’odham Nation: How Many Wars?

The Tohono O’odham Nation, which is located in Arizona on the Mexican border seems to be having a problem with drugs, immigrants, and federal agents. Which is worse is hard to determine. As with most wars — in this case, the War on Drugs — everyone is right. After all, everything is fair in love […]

New Loan-Guarantee Bailout for New Nuclear Reactors Puts U.S. Taxpayers at Risk

Department of Energy Hands Over Billions of Dollars to ‘Poster Child for Cost Overruns’ Nuclear Power Industry is Perfect Illustration of Why Taxpayers Are Saying “No More Bailouts!” - Billions for Plant Vogtle Reactors Impossible to Justify in Terms of Rising Financial Risks, Reduced Demand for Power, Cheaper Renewables and Huge Potential of Energy Efficiency […]

Remember, You Heard It Here First!

Remember that old song, “Looking for Love in all the wrong places?” That song kind of reminds me of what’s going on in D.C. these days.   No, I am not talking about the latest round of adultery.  I mean the latest “bi-partisan” effort to control the public debt.  Debt is not inherently bad.  It can, […]

Democracy Privatized!

Forget about those lucrative investments in foreign oil! It’s Time for the Next Big Thing! Purchase influence in the newest, Made-in-USA Bubble, the Election Market! Yes, friends! Become a shot-caller and make millions! We guarantee the vote will go your way – every time! Log onto Dollars for Democracy.Com, “We bring good things to Life!” […]

Uneven Exchange: The New Language of Political Discourse

In the harsh climate of postmodern America the old adage “Money talks” doesn’t suffice: money screams. With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Citizen’s United v. the Federal Election Commission, a corporation’s right to sway elections with its wealth has essentially been granted part of its right to free speech, making this old turn of […]

Absolutely Stunning

G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats By Michael Cooper, January 20, 2010 BOSTON –Scott Brown, a little-known Republican state senator, rode an old pickup truck and a growing sense of unease among independent voters to an extraordinary upset Tuesday night when he was elected to fill the Senate seat that was long held by Edward M. […]