New pre-emptive arrest powers in Denmark in time for climate summit

The Danish parliament has passed a new law that goes into effect on 7 December that gives police the power to pre-emptively arrest people for acts of civil disobedience.  It also allows for extended custodial sentences upon arrest. Under the new powers, Danish police will be able to detain people for up to 12 hours […]


CENSORED IN 1992: THE WORLD’S LEADING MERCHANT OF DEATH In the 1980’s, global arms spending rocketed to nearly $1 trillion annually — or, about $2 million a minute. The two leading arms merchants were the United States and the former Soviet Union. Now the Soviet Union is gone, but its place has been taken by […]

The Thickening Sickening: charter schools as parasites on a public host

Charter school proponents and defenders like to argue that any charter schools on the ‘fraud and abuse’ chopping block, are just ‘bad apples’ in an otherwise fully transparent, innovative charter system; however the evidence wholly disagrees, pointing to mounting evidence of widespread systematic and institutional abuse from the failure of oversight and full disclosure of business practices, to fraudulent accounting procedures reminiscent of Enron. What are some of the factors that contribute to abuse and fraud within the charter school movement?

Ending The War in Afghanistan

The WAR in Afghanistan is an American war.  We started it when we went looking for bin Laden and El Qaeda.  Supposedly, bin Laden was being sheltered or at least tolerated by the Taliban.   Personally I question whether Bush ever really wanted to catch bin Laden.  If we had caught him then our war on […]

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education Representatives of the US capitalist class used to be famous for stomping all over the world, putting their feet up on other’s desks and, cigar in mouth, handing orders down to their counterparts in other countries. At home, they believed that there was no labor problem that could not […]

Charter Schools Excacerbate Ethnic, racial and class divisions while feeding into a politics public meltdown

In a study of ethnic and class stratification in fifty-five urban and fifty-seven rural charter schools in Arizona done for the Education Policy Analysis, a nonprofit think-tank some ten years ago, researchers noted that nearly half the charter schools studied exhibited evidence of substantial ethnic separation (Cobb and Glass 1999, 1). They concluded that subtle […]

The Real Price of Oil

By Saul Landau From my window in Alameda overlooking San Francisco Bay, I watch hundreds of men and women in white suits, some with masks, busily uprooting slimy sea plants and gently grabbing birds with feathers coated in black grease. Abutting the public beach, this “bird preserve” became a disaster for the very creatures it […]

Venezuela/Colombia War Threat Escalates

Tensions have heightened at the Venezuela/Columbia border, and the war threat has escalated. The Venezuelan ambassador to Columbia, Gustavo Marquez, warns that “there is a pre-war situation in the entire region”.

Another Hateful Weekend:What do militia groups, the KKK, and atheists all have in common?

What do militia groups, the KKK, and atheists all have in common? Actually, I have very little idea of what they have in common, except that there was a story about each group in my local newspaper today. Brilliant. Anyway, it seems that various groups are hitching their wagons to Barrack Obama’s Presidential journey to […]

Sarah Palin: Feminist Hero

She was posing for the cover of Runner’s World magazine. It never occurred to Sarah Palin, when she leaned on a disheveled American flag and held up two Blackberries to the camera, that her legs peeking out from those running shorts would end up on the cover of Newsweek. On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin […]