Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Preceded Current Violence in Nigeria

Written by Atheo News and sources July 31, 2009 Open conflict has erupted across northern Nigeria resulting in hundreds killed, including non-combatants. The conflict’s narrative as given by Al Jazeera begins with attacks on police officials by an Islamic group called Boko Haram: The Nigerian government had vowed to hunt down members of the group […]

Bulldog Watchdog

After some 13 years, Peter Phillips changes the guard at Project Censored By Suzanne Daly Unusual amid the conflict and turmoil that currently plagues Sonoma State University, Project Censored has undergone a smooth and peaceful transition. The highly esteemed media research group of faculty and students who ferret out and then spotlight news stories that […]

America’s Death Squads Inc.

America’s Death Squads Inc. The US Central Intelligence Agency contracted the now notorious private security firm Blackwater for a secret program of “targeted killings” against alleged Al Qaeda operatives, according to media reports Thursday. The agency essentially was attempting to subcontract state assassinations to a private company employing mercenaries. In June, current CIA Director Leon […]

Shopping While Black at Wal-Mart

Felony Charge for Cutting in Line While Black in Missouri By Michael I. Niman, Progressive Populist 9/1/09 In a perfect world, Heather Ellis would seem like a source of pride for her hometown of Kennett, Mo. As a high school honor student she earned a position on the National Honor Roll and was recognized […]

(Nuclear) Energy bill moves to the Senate

(Nuclear) Energy bill moves to the Senate Nuclear industry advocates are encouraged by what they are hearing in Senate Environment and Public Works committee hearings this week. A panel which included Obama Energy Secretary Dr. Chu was questioned by Senators in a hearing which shed light on the likely direction federal efforts at combating global […]

Pig in Robes Antonin Scalia Thinks Its OK to Execute Someone Found Innocent by the Courts

An editor from the ‘Buzzflash’ website remarks on the fact that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia wrote an ardent dissenting opinion challenging the notion that the Supreme Court should ensure that an innocent man not be put to death. Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas joined him in this startling dissent. Scalia asserts that there is nothing […]

Berkeley's War Criminal Professor Confronted As Activists Protest John Yoo's First Day of Class

The Berkeley Daily Planet reports that four generations of UC Berkeley law school, activists lawyers and community members joined forces at Boalt Hall to Protest John Yoo’s return to campus. The activists, organized by the National Lawyers Guild, World Can’t Wait and Code Pink, demanded that Yoo be prosecuted for writing memorandums that were used […]

Otto Reich's Fingerprints on Honduras Coup?

OTTO REICH’S FINGERPRINTS ON HONDURAS COUP? OTTO REICH’S FINGERPRINTS ON HONDURAS COUP? U.S. Right Mobilizes to Support Putsch by Bill Weinberg, World War 4 Report It’s a sign of hope that no nation on earth has yet recognized the de facto regime that took power in Honduras June 28, when the military summarily deported […]