I am baffled by people who decide that they are not going to vote when the issues are more important now than they have ever been.  The tea party is the height of this foolishness- talk about shooting one’s self in the foot.  I get a few posts from these Libertarians.  The problem with them is that even if they had a plan that would improve this country, they are not of sufficient numbers to make a difference.  The other problem is that what they are proposing would plunge millions of people into despair.

Regarding posts about the evil in both parties.  Yes, there are bad people in both parties, but it is the structure in which we live.  There are good people in both parties, too.  Albeit, there are fewer good people in the Republican Party.  The reality is that this country is in a fight for its very life right now.  It may be fine to debate whether we should burn the house down to save the people in it, but we do not have the luxury of the necessary time to waste on it.  We need to find a way to get through the problem of bigotry, ignorance, and greed if this country has any hope of surviving.

All these posters are doing is trying to throw more accelerant on the fire of partisanship that is burning now.  I do not dispute their right to spew their brand of poison, I just resent their attempt to co-opt my bully pulpit to do it.   If they want to siphon off energy to their cause then they should get their own blogspot- there is no shortage of spots available.

One of the best discussions I have read on the current, raging fire, the Times’ editorial in today’s paper is the best summary of the current battle that I have read in quite a while.  People today would do well to read it if they cannot see the difference between the parties.