Ecuador and ‘los nuevos conquistadores’ — mining

I just returned from Cielo Verde, a zone in Intag, Ecuador that is part of the province of Cotacachi where I stayed with Ecuadorean friends and resisters to the mining that now  plagues Ecuador ( There, in the most beautiful pristine land in the world, Cielo Verde, the Junin mine operates each day sucking up […]

The Occupation of Palestine and the Sonoma County Transit System

By guest writer Susan Rahman Hard to imagine what the two might have in common but in this transnational global economy local business is an oxymoron. “Go Local” Sonoma county uses a French multinational corporation, Veolia to operate it’s bus system. This same corporation operates segregated buses in the West Bank delivering settlers from one […]

A Drunken Psychopath At the Wheel: Fukushima Revisited

by John Reimann Like a psychopathic drunk driver careening down a busy street, capitalism on its last legs is creating untold disaster in its wake. One of the most serious is the ongoing example of Fukushima. The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the resultant tsunami are events largely forgotten or otherwise ignored by the corporate […]

Cancer corporations Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta put under the critical lens of scrutiny in award winning film

I have written, as have many, many others have about genetically modified foods and the cancer corporations called Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta which are determined to kill the earth and its inhabitants. In preparation for the GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST GEOENGINEERING AND CHEMTRAILS to take place on AUGUST 25th, 2013, you are invited to watch Gary […]

The Government in Kenya bans importation of GMO foods while Whole Foods Market and other ‘organic’ elites support Monsanto

The Government of Kenya has banned the importation of Genetically Modified foods popularly known as GMOs as of July. The ban, announced by Public Health minister Beth Mugo, follows growing SAFETY concerns over the consumption of GMOs. The directive is expected to take effect immediately, a move that may see dealers of GMO products lose […]

Monsanto and the US military working together to target GMO activists

We have known for some time that the Monsanto mob has been working with the NSA and US government to quell disputes over the mega giants plans to harvest the world for profit by genetically engineering seeds and agricultural products under capitalist’s copyrights.  However, the extent of the spying and work with the US government […]

Defend the Environment, Become a Terrorist

By John Reimann   Obama preparing way for okaying Keystone Pipeline for tar sands destruction It’s been quite a few weeks for news here in the United States. First, Edward Snowden revealed that the US has been collecting data on all e mail and telephone transmissions in the country. Then he fled from Hong Kong […]

The Devil’s Triangle: How Big Green, Mainstream Labor and the Democratic Party Derail the Struggle to Stop Fracking

by John Reimann Fracking kills. It kills by poisoning the earth, the water and the air. It kills by destroying wilderness and open space areas. It kills by destroying our quality of life. It kills by releasing methane – a potent greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere. It kills by diverting investment and resources away […]

The Monsanto Presidency?

US/Corporate America’s president, Barack Obama, has a wide resume. He holds Wall St. interests dear to his heart, as shown by his nomination of Penny Pritzker, the Hilton millionaire, for Commerce Secretary, Jack Lew of Citigroup for Secretary or the Treasury… Need we say more? Then there is the oil, coal and nuclear connected Ernie Moniz as […]

Wikileaks: from US cables: US.: "Oligarchy and armed forces, the decisive power" — Henry Kissinger genoicdal murderer

  The following was published recently by Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  It gives the reader an idea of the imperialist meddling in Ecuador in the 1970’s that would subsequently lead to the democratic election of Jaime Roldós Aguilera and his subsequent assassination by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1981. It is important to note, as […]