In the fall of 2011, Career Education Corporation (CECO) revealed that a significant number of its schools had cooked the books on the job placement rates they were disclosing to prospective students and regulators. Now investors in the giant for-profit higher education company are about to earn a nice profit for these misdeeds.

In 2013 a federal judge gave his preliminary approval to a $27.5 million settlement that the Career Education corporation (a for-profit swindler) had reached with shareholders to put an end to a lawsuit they brought accusing the company of deceiving them about its record of placing graduates into jobs. In contrast, most of the students who were the direct victims of this deception – with the exception of students from New York State who attended CECO’s campuses – are unlikely to receive any relief for these abuses. Instead, students who enrolled in these schools based on false promises will be stuck paying off loans they took out to pay for these programs for years.

What accounts for this disparity? The answer is that investors in for-profit colleges have access to the courts for filing their grievances, while most of the sector’s students do not.

Over the last several years, the for-profit higher education industry has succeeded – with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court – in stripping these students of their right to bring class action lawsuits against their schools. For-profit colleges have achieved this by including a clause in students’ enrollment agreements that requires them to settle any disputes with the schools through binding arbitration. By signing these documents (unbeknownst to them), students, often unwittingly, sign away their right to bring their cases to court and in front of a jury.

Supreme Court Decision on Arbitration May
Have Eroded For-Profit Students’ Right to Sue
Read this student’s cry for relief from the tentacles of organized crime.  And remember, Obama and his Department of Mis-Education support for-profit colleges with a gusto.  They even support student loan fraud and have given Navient, a corporation spun off from the Lumina foundation and Sallie Mae, mercenaries for profit, $300 billion in contracts after federal prosecutors recommended Navient be indicted for fraud.
What we have done to higher education and those wishing to engage in it is simply criminal.
Debbie Brenner of Arizona fosund out the hard way how the american ‘injustice system’ helps Wall Street at the expense of American citizens.  She was caught up in the forced arbitration nightmare when she fought a for-profit college and lost.  She is not alone.
However, due to Debbie’s implacable struggle, a new documentary has emerged that confronts the brutal reality of injustice in America and the role of the courts in safeguarding their pals on Wall St.
Below is information about the new documentary provided by Debbie.  We can only hope that this documentary will go viral and that consumers all over the country will see just how the ‘Court system’, a rogue group of hand-picked judges, work day and night to deny due process under the law.  This is an important documentary for the corporate media works day and night to reveal more than they conceal!
Here is an introduction by Debbie and information about the new documentary:

The courts hold out the promise of safeguarding everyone, regardless of wealth and power.  But that fundamental promise of equal justice under law is facing a severe threat.  Buried in everyday agreements for products, services, and jobs is fine print saying when you are harmed, you can’t go before an impartial jury or judge.  Instead, these forced arbitration clauses (  send you to a decision-maker picked by the company that wronged you.  Not surprisingly, one study found that arbitrators rule for companies over consumers 94 percent of the time.  And you’re stuck with their decision because there’s no appeal.  It’s a rigged system that helps companies evade responsibility for violating anti-discrimination, consumer protection, and public health laws.

Narrated by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, AFJ’s new short documentary Lost in the Fine Print tells the story of three everyday people who found themselves trapped in this system—and the impact of forced arbitration on their lives and livelihoods.

Lost in the Fine Print is a game-changer.  It demystifies the concept of forced arbitration, and urges us to demand change.  After the screening, we invite you to participate in a conversation about this critical issue and learn about how we can all stand up to reclaim core democratic principles.

Featured Speakers:

Nan Aron, president, Alliance for Justice

Linda Lipsen, chief executive officer, The American Association for Justice

Julianna Forlano, host and creator, Pacifica Radio’s Julianna Forlano Show

Deepak Gupta, founding principal, Gupta Beck PLLC

Forced Binding Arbitration Documentary.
The documentary “Lost in the Fine Print” will be shown in Washington, DC on October 9th, 2014

Event Location

Marriott Marquis Hotel
901 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC
5:30 pm Reception
6:00 pm Program