In court filing, Washington Post admits telemarketing boiler room tactics at Kaplan U "

ON Dec 23,  2011 Judge Barbara Rothstein  dismissed a shareholder’s lawsuit against Donald Graham and the Washington Post alleging WaPO defrauded investors because  Kaplan U engaged in deceptive and unethical marketing practices.  The lawsuit: Plumbers Local 200 v  Washington Post, Donald Graham and Hal Jones,  was filed in US District Court in the District of […]

Donald Graham Determined to Drive Washington Post into a Ditch

  The Wall Street Journal reported on Dec 3 2011 , in the article “Post’s Graham Digs In Amid Pressure” by By RUSSELL ADAMS And CHRISTOPHER S. STEWART that Donald Graham is refusing to sell any major units of the Washington Post Company, like the failing Kaplan University, despite dramatic declines in revenue and profits and […]

Bill Gates: Popping Up with Compulsory Proactive Help

Remember the obnoxious, hyperactive paperclip that popped up in Word when you were trying to write a letter? As soon as you typed “Dear,” up popped up Clippy: It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like help? Uninvited. You’d been writing letters for decades, but Microsoft insisted you needed what they called “proactive […]

Sometimes it’s not censorship

By now, we’ve all heard and/or read the horrifying story of what happened to Lara Logan. This morning, however, I stumbled across an article criticizing CBS News for sitting on the story for five days. “[60 Minutes] correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, ‘Jew! Jew!’ as she covered the chaotic fall […]


By Guest Blogger George Thompson Numerous corporations such as Microsoft and ETS (Education Testing Service) use philanthropy to influence education policies in such a way as to create demands for their products. To take but one example of how this works, consider how Pearson PLC, is expanding its current markets through the push for national […]

The SEC and Wall Street Journals Epic failure

As Bernie Madoof sits on house arrest in his luxury condo, many are wondering, how the hell did this happen?. 50 billion in investment fraud and not a sign?. Not exactly, now we learn that whistleblower Harry Markopolos notified Security and  Exchange Commission  as early as 2000 of Maddofs operations.  Markopolos said “I gift-wrapped and […]