Texas: Patriot Group and Denis Calabrese

Patriot Group and the Destruction of Teacher Unions: Denis Calabrese I wanted to include this bit of right-wing rabid fascism and racism for all readers to see what we are up against in corporate America.  What follows is the raving of a semi-literate, anti-humanist who seeks to control children and their access to their world […]

Room with a view: compromising on public education with capital

Is the plan now to cut the humanities and a liberal arts education from community and state colleges?

Don’t be surprised. why should one take messy history classes or philosophy classes when they are majoring in law enforcement or pursuing a Home Land Security Degree? Why should they be exposed to art and music when the priority is getting them ready to compete with China?

The for-profit Educational Maintenance Organization: Academica, Inc.

Academica, Inc. The for-profit Educational Maintenance Organization The first Florida charter school statute was approved in 1996, opening the door for the creation of charter schools as part of the state’s public education system, where they would operate independently. Since that time the race has been on, with Florida, along with other states such as […]