Monsanto and the US military working together to target GMO activists

We have known for some time that the Monsanto mob has been working with the NSA and US government to quell disputes over the mega giants plans to harvest the world for profit by genetically engineering seeds and agricultural products under capitalist’s copyrights.  However, the extent of the spying and work with the US government […]

Why is the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm doing an about face on freedom of the press in Ecuador: The Freedom Foundation and the CIA

In 2012 the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm felt strongly that there was freedom of expression in the country.  In an interview with Ecuadorian paper, The Telegraph on June 23, 2012, the U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador found that there was not just freedom of expression in the small country, but “a lot of freedom […]

Ecuador’The Yasuní initiative seemed to break a deadlock: it proposed the world should compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil from a biodiverse national park’s plan falters     As reported on, Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa won a stunning, yet not surprising victory, in this tiny country in South America.  But there are reasons to be concerned for the environment and the people of this courageous nation as the race for resources continues unfettered by faltering developed nations seeking to […]

Collateral Murder, the WikiLeaks video

This is the video shot of US military personnel firing upon and killing over a dozen people, including two Reuters journalists. Reuters has tried to obtain the video from the Pentagon several times without success. Thanks to anonymous whistleblowers, Wikileaks now has the video. The following is from Wikileaks’ site, Collateral Murder. 5th April 2010 […]

Bush’s Treasonous Plan To Attack America and Install ‘Fuhrer’s Law’

This March shocking new details have been revealed about George W. Bush and his legal council John Yoo’s memos outlining the destruction of the United States Republic. The memos laid the foundation for the President to order the military to wage war against the US population and to rewrite of the US Constitution. Constitutional scholar […]