No News Is Good News, Right?

Were you as surprised as I to hear of that RN in Spain? On national media, it was as if only the US and West Africa existed, without a thought given to how the disease could spread elsewhere. I will have to think about that later. At least, in Europe, they have Universal health care. […]


The current for profit health insurance industry is a drain on the economy which is contributing to unemployment, and the nation can longer afford to tolerate this. The current for profit health insurance industry is constraining the economy in three ways. First, excessive premiums make the cost of doing business for American companies unreasonably high […]

The Magic of Words

Yesterday, NPR’s “Morning Edition” magically transported me back to 1974, to when I first watched the Mel Brook’s classic, “Blazing Saddles.”  I was reminded of the scene where the town discovered that Cleavon Little, the man they had hired to be the new sheriff, was black.  Cleavon, upon seeing that his life was in danger, […]

Who needs terrorists?

For years Americans have purchased pharmaceuticals from Mexico and Canada because they are so much cheaper there.  Their governments provide Universal Health Care and their governments bargain for the best prices.  We have been repeatedly warned not to buy medications from these countries  because the pharmaceutical companies say the drugs cannot be trusted. So, what […]

America’s Continued Thirst for War

America’s Continued Thirst for War By: Solomon Comissiong America’s insatiable addiction to war not only destroys countless innocent lives abroad; it robs its own citizens from basic human needs at home. It robs them from envisioning a better world and an auspicious tomorrow. Since its amoral inception the so-called United States of America has steadily […]

Video: Obama destroys promise for 5-day public inspection; signs corporate “health” welfare bill

videos live at source. Obama promised five days for public consideration, discussion, and informed opinions about bills reaching the President before he would sign them into law. Obama promised the identities online of lobbyists and corporations that would benefit from tax increases, including how much these corporations would benefit.   The amount American taxpayers lose […]

Economic fascism: corporate-directed health care instead of at cost physician-directed public option

two videos live at source. Three out of five Americans want universal health care, as do three out of five US physicians. If corporate media were to communicate the cost-benefit analyses accurately, those numbers would increase because these studies assert that Americans would save between $100 billion and $300 billion every year. These savings would […]

The Winds of Change are Blowing

I debated a day or so publishing this.  They shoot messengers here. We staunched the massive hemorrhaging, but the patient coded.  We pushed the eppi,.  We defibrillated at least six times, chest compressions, the whole nine yards.  The patient is acidotic.  Everyone looks to the doc.  It is time to call it.  THAT is where […]

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject?

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject? By Will Shonbrun Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the Act Falls the Shadow -T.S. Elliot A hot topic of debate among progressives regarding health care reform is whether the current Senate bill is worth keeping or should be jettisoned and […]