Britain: Kids out of work without a compass

  England, where one in five companies provide lessons in the three Rs because thousands of school graduates are lacking in basic skills and a country where children cannot find their way home The survey by the Confederation of British Industry of almost 700 employers found half were ‘troubled’ by their employees’ reading and writing  […]

Obama’s Support of Mass Teacher Firing Signals New Era

By Guest Blogger XX, The New York Times reports that Obama has escalated his attacks on “failing schools.” The Times outlines a recent speech in which Obama “favored federal rewards for local school districts that fire underperforming teachers and close failing schools, saying educators needed to be held accountable when they failed to fix chronically troubled classrooms and […]

Naive, Brainwashed Humanity !!

Generation after generation, whilst the rich men who own and run the world continue to make money and gain power, populations from all corners of the world continue to endure, accept even, hundreds of tragic armed conflicts, small and large, only because they have been brainwashed to accept what they are told by politicians and the corporate Press. Humankind […]

Scanners Aren’t the Solution

There’s been a push towards scanners since the attempted bombing of flight 253. We take a look at why they aren’t the solution.

New pre-emptive arrest powers in Denmark in time for climate summit

The Danish parliament has passed a new law that goes into effect on 7 December that gives police the power to pre-emptively arrest people for acts of civil disobedience.  It also allows for extended custodial sentences upon arrest. Under the new powers, Danish police will be able to detain people for up to 12 hours […]