Bradley Manning: America’s #1 political prisoner and the ‘rule of hypocrisy’

Selective prosecution Much has been written about the unfair charges and actions taken by the government of the US against political prisoner, Bradley Manning.  However what often goes unnoticed is the leaking of information by the US government when it is convenient for them and the failure to prosecute the one percent. Bradley Manning was […]

Robert and William Isaias Dassum: The case of the Ecuadorian banking fugitives that live and invest in the U.S.

  Introduction     The Ecuadorian bank, Filanbanco’s failure helped cause the 1999 banking crisis in this tiny country.  It is estimated that the brothers, William and Roberto Isaias Dassum, owe the Ecuadorian treasury a whopping $661 million which they allegedly embezzled from the bank.  Armando Bermeo, then head of the Supreme Court, accused the […]

Domestic or International Terrorists – Who Is Worse?

“The fringe of the fringe” was raised within the ideal Strict Father Model. Their parental authority uses strong physical punishment to enforce what he believes is right. Their religious authority uses politics to create a culture war and identify the enemies of their imaginary theocratic America. Their media authority names their enemies and defines their failures. Their economic authority makes sure the religious and media authoritarians are funded even when they can’t survive on their own.