The Chilean dictatorship used chemical weapons on their own people: September 11, 1973 and the rise of the US backed terrorist regime of Augusto Pinochet in Chile

Americans remember well the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York.  Not only was the attack used by politicians and the corporate media to justify an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it was also a symbolic platform for the emergence of the neo-American ‘patriots’ who saw an opportunity […]

Prolonged detention: Obama explains FEMA Camps and Preventive incarceration

Obama calls for preventative detention and  for building a legal system for this from scratch.  “Prolonged detention” is necessary, according to Obama, to fight ‘terrorism’. See the Youtube at:

Mery Zamora, former president of the National Union of Teachers was convicted of sabotage and terrorism in Ecuador

May 17, 2013 I got a message today from a person who I trust, a true dyed in the wool Socialist and defender of justice and freedom.  He sent me an article from the Ecuadorian newspaper, El Comercio about the sentence and jailing of Mery Zamora.  He told me it was sent to him by […]

Teacher arrested at JFK for possession of teaching tools

    A public school teacher was arrested recently at JKF International Airport and held by the FBI.  He was accused of posessing weapons of math instruction (  The unidentified man was carrying a ruler, compass, slide ruler, protractor and calcultor.  At a press confernce thrown by Attorney General Eric Holder, the AG said he believed […]

New list of words used online that will make you a target for DHS

After a hearing in the House of Representatives, the Department of Homeland Security was forced to release their list of hundreds of words that will trigger analysts to monitor behavior online. Naturally, the list contains words such as Al Qaeda, terrorism, and bomb, but there are some rather odd, yet interesting words as well. For […]

The Great Dumbing Down: NY Department of Education calls for censorship

Uploaded by LeakSource2012  March 29, 2012 03/28/2012 If banning books by right-wing reactionaries is not enough, then how about asking text book companies to censor certain words from textbooks?  LeakSource, an online service, reported that the NY Department of Education has asked text book companies to censor certain words the department finds offensive.  One hardly […]

US war law explained: Arrest US War Criminals before they attack Iran

The laws of war are essential for citizens and legislators to master if humanity is to evolve beyond a violent history of war to enjoy civil communities. To bring these basic laws to life, we’ll review the destruction of war’s history, explain the letter of US war laws, explain the philosophy/spirit of US war laws, […]

Happy What ?

A country of fascists, addicts, and simply greedy bastards we have become.  A number of us think it is perfectly OK to shoot our mouths off about starting another war with a very strong country on the trumped up charges of trying to build a nuclear weapon while our president signs a bill that lets […]


Danny Glover and Saul Landau 2:30 PM, departure time the most excruciating part of visiting Gerardo Hernandez. A prison guard announced: “Visiting hours are over.” Gerardo lined up against the wall with the other inmates. We stood with wives, children and mothers. Finally, the electronically controlled, heavy metal door opened. Gerardo held up a triumphant […]