Tennessee bill makes welfare benefits dependent on school performance

The state of Tennessee is attempting to pass new legislation that will penalize families if their children do no perform well in school. If a child does not meet the state’s requirements in reading, math, or language arts, the family will have their welfare benefits reduced by 30%. One of the most egregious errors in […]

Tennessee mined student data for more than 20 years

Tennessee has data mined kids for 20 years in schools but never allowed teachers to see test scores: now under Race to the Top the scores will be accessible Arne Duncan’s Race to the Top is a federal extortion plan designed to reward states for educational deform keeping with the philosophy of competition and class-based […]

NRA-Drunk With Power?

This rant is based primarily on two articles I read in the last two days. One comes from the the AP, written by Erik Shelzig- “Tennessee Demonstrates Trend of Looser Guns Laws.”  The other is entitled “Members,  NRA not in Accord” and it comes from the Scranton Tribune. The Tribune article is about a poll […]