A friend asked about my thoughts on Ms Schiller and NPR

Bottom line is you are right it is very sad,  We need to stop hurting each other. The banks are crying about possibly losing $20.5 billion dollars because the new consumer safety bill will reduce their profit from debit card transactions from $0.44 to $0.12 per transaction.  The Banks could probably cover that if they […]

Are you part of the solution, or…?

Governor Scott Walker took a state headed for a great surplus and instituted tax cuts for his Republican friends, which turned the surplus into a huge deficit.  Now is using this deficit to justify the crucifixion of labor.   He is attempting to eliminate collective bargaining and increase the burden on the middle and lower […]

Put The Fraqing Outrage Where It Belongs

If we are to assume that what we hear on the news is what is going on in the country, there is something missing.  I am hearing a lot about how the responsible Democrats, in Congress, are upset at the package the President was able to negotiate with the Republicans.  If one attempts to “read” […]

Yes, "There Will Be Blood."

We have arrived.  Recently, I wrote about Mt Clemens, Michigan that is going bankrupt.  That city only has 17,000 people, but the problem is that Mt Clemens is but one of many.  Because of the total obstructionist attitude of the Tea Party/Republican/Blue Dog Democrats, however, the Federal Government is about to join that list.  Rather […]

Burning the House Down

I am baffled by people who decide that they are not going to vote when the issues are more important now than they have ever been.  The tea party is the height of this foolishness- talk about shooting one’s self in the foot.  I get a few posts from these Libertarians.  The problem with them […]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. Not all conspiracies are theories…

During the run up to the Presidential primaries, two years ago, something bothered me very much.  I liked the policies and plans that Edwards had in mind for this country.  However, he received absolutely NO press coverage, except when they could say something bad about him.  When his wife’s cancer was outed, there were favorable […]

Your Future, in 500 words or less.

I get it that everyone is hurting.  I get it that people’s houses are dropping in value.  I get that people are frightened that they will lose their job or they already have.  I get that people are living in near despair.  I get that people are not happy that the current administration has not […]

Tea baggers fail to see their own hypocrisy

So, there was yet another tea party rally, this time in Boston. They’re still pissed off at health care reform, calling it socialist and communist without ever understanding the definition of those two words. I wonder where they were a few years ago when Medicare part D was push through with no vote and why […]