More in for-profit college news: Strayer, the teacher unions and ‘call centers’ called ‘colleges’ and ‘universities’

All research for this post was provided by Dr. Dahn Shaulis, professor and researcher from New Jersey. As Dr. Shaulis writes: “Check out these photos I took in Philadelphia last week.  They illustrate the sociological imagination, showing the links between our present economic system and the gross inequality that it creates.  This is not a […]

Support for Elected School Board Growing in Chicago

November 11, 2012 From: Larry Miller’s blog: Aldermen push for city-wide referendum on elected school board BY FRAN SPIELMAN  AND ROSALIND ROSSI Staff Reporters November 8, 2012 Chicago Sun Times Independent Chicago aldermen vowed Thursday to push for a citywide referendum on an elected school board opposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, emboldened by 86 […]

Chicago teachers vote to give union to call a strike

  Chicago has been the focus of corporate school “reform,” but Chicago is now the epicenter of the push back against it. On June 11, 2012, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) leaders announced that 89.73% of CTU members—98% of those who cast ballots—voted to give the union authority to call a strike if contract negotiations with […]

AFT Pres Weingarten Supports Charters, Merit Pay, Green Dot Schools and Attacks UTLA during 2010 Visit to SF: “I started a Green Dot school in New York”!

In the following video (, you can see what American Federation of Teachers, (AFT) President, Randi Weingarten had to say back in 2010 when asked what plan and strategy AFT had to fight privatization. The video is important for it sheds some history as to where we are and how we got here. In this […]

Is collective bargaining dead? 21 Idaho districts impose teacher contracts unilaterally

The Idaho school districts’ ability to impose contracts without negotiating with unions comes under Idaho’s new but not well-known school reform laws; they  rolled back most collective bargaining rights for teachers and limited contracts to one-year terms bringing teachers closer and closer to ‘independant contract status’ or ‘at will workers’.  They also limited contract negotiations to salary […]

Governor Walker’s victory and what it might mean: Police and thieves in the street

I recently read a shocking report about a country presumably trying to combat criminality, especially narco-trafficking, and to do so are using brutish and restrictive means to kettle the general population.  One such means is greater surveillance and repression, both on line, on phone and in the streets.   The article noted that country has passed […]

BAMN: AFT and NEA we must win at the conventions

Join the Equal Opportunity Now/BAMN Campaigns for National Leadership of the Teacher Unions! Build a United Student-Teacher Civil Rights Movement Fighting to Defend Public Education!    Yvette Felarca for AFT President!    Mark Airgood & Ceresta Smith for NEA Executive Committee!   Education Must Be a Right – Our Children Are Not for SaleSave Dr. […]

Unionizing charter schools, bashing teacher unions: how ‘capital’ makes us hate organized working people

Unionizing KIPP: a tale of two schools or is it four? Some recent history      It all started in January of 2009 when 16 of the 20 teachers at KIPP AMP Charter School (AMP means Always Mentally Prepared) in Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York, informed their co-principals that they were organizing themselves into a union […]