More in for-profit college news: Strayer, the teacher unions and ‘call centers’ called ‘colleges’ and ‘universities’

All research for this post was provided by Dr. Dahn Shaulis, professor and researcher from New Jersey. As Dr. Shaulis writes: “Check out these photos I took in Philadelphia last week.  They illustrate the sociological imagination, showing the links between our present economic system and the gross inequality that it creates.  This is not a […]

More in for-profit college news: Corinthian, Everest, Heald and Wyotech

This is from an article I wrote for Dailycensored back in 2010: “As profits may be in jeopardy, the private owners and major stockholders of the educational means of production have now “lobbied-up.” Take Corinthian Colleges, with about 110,000 students in the Everest, Wyotech and Heald schools: they hired former House Democratic leader Richard A. […]

Criminalizing unions and student groups in Mexico

  On Friday September 13, 2013, the federal police marched in Mexico City’s historic central square to retake space from thousands of teachers who had been occupying it for the past month to protest an overhaul of nation’s education policies. It all happened in a matter of minutes (  After a month of tolerating the […]

Greek teachers defy military mobilization : We will strike anyway!

( By Christoph Dreier 16 May 2013 Greek teachers have voted to oppose the mobilisation order of the government and commence a strike on Friday to coincide with the start of the annual exam period. At the same time, the OLME teachers’ union is doing all it can to prevent the strike from taking place. […]

Teachers in Greece Warned to Not Strike

All over the world fascism is taking control.  Grom Greece to Hungary, from China to the US, the footprint of authoritarianism is leaving its iron heel on the people’s forehead. Teachers, once loved by the people, are now demonized as greedy, laxy, sex-driven, and simply useless.  This is no mystery; the ruling class hates education […]