Wikileaks reveals a private network of over 92 companies engaged in full spectrum global espionage

The following was gleaned from the pages of El Telegrafo, September 5, 2013 — an Ecuadorian newspaper.  Introduction Spy Files 3 The Spy Files #3 form part of the documents that the organization Wikileaks has published since 2011 regarding companies dedicated to providing intelligence and security. In this research which  includes El Telegrapho from Ecuador, […]

Seattle Scraps Drones Program

In response to a major outcry from Seattle residents, last week Mayor Mike McGinn ordered the police department to scrap its use of drones for surveillance. According to the Associated Press, the two small drones the city obtained through a federal grant will be returned to the vendor. Lawmakers in at least 11 states are […]

FBI Refuses to Disclose Surveillance Policy

In August the American Civil Liberties filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit with the FBI seeking details of its of its surveillance policy — who it spies upon, how, and under what circumstances. The FBI sent back two 50+ page memos in reply, each totally blacked out except for some information on the title page. […]

I’ve got nothing to hide, so why should I worry?

You’ve heard this statement many times over the past few years.  As surveillance, tracking, and CCTV use has become almost ubiquitous in several places in the world, many people hold to the belief that they truly do not have anything to hide, so they don’t object to more and more intrusions into what was once […]

Big Brother is Here

Yes, Big Brother is here, and amazingly, the local press helped with most of the funding. Of course, the video surveillance camera manufacturer “donated” a lot of cameras for this social experiment which naturally the local government claims is not a social experiment. Unbelievably, the executive director of this non-experiment is a city commission member […]