The struggle for Workers’ Rights Heats up at The University of Maryland: Impatient for worker rights

Picture of the persident’s mansion that is undergoing a $5,000,000 renoovation as workers struggle to meet the necessities of daily life while putting up with harsh abuse at the site of exploitation — work. Monday, March 26, 2012 Solomon Comissiong, author of this piece,  is a frequent  contributor to Dailycensored.  Readers can use the search engine […]

Bikeswarm: Modern urban guerilla tactic

I had no idea what the Bikeswarm was until I was suddenly, unexpectedly part of it. After having been rousted from their initial occupation site on Nov. 13, Occupy Portland announced their intention to take over an entirely different park. The location of the planned new encampment was not announced, but people were told to […], Cognitive Infiltration, and Obama appointee Cass Sunstein

By – Shawn Hamilton I first became aware of Cass Sunstein’s ideas for controlling conspiracy theories after seeing several ads for a web site called run by the State Department. It’s a complex, well-funded site with more avenues than I’ve cared to examine, but what caught my attention was the section under International Relations: Peace […]

Do You Want to Know How Corporatists Control Us?

If so, check out Radioactivity hosted by Rob Lorei on WMNF, one of the longest running non-corporate radio talk shows in a top 20, major U.S. metropolitan market, on Thursday, September 15, 2011 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern time. Rob’s guests will include Anita Stewart, an activist who serves on a local board overseeing soil […]

National Blogger Censored by his Publisher

Carlos Miller, whose whose blog Photography is Not A Crime tirelessly covers the intersection of police and cameras, thought he had come  upon as story made of pure gold, it had sex, a lawless cop, and even a kitten. But when his publisher pulled the article without even contacting him, he saw his profits plummet. […]

UK government seeks to expand its internet black list

The UK Internet Watch Foundation already blocks websites that contains child sexual abuse content, also known as child porn, but now it wants to expand its powers to include anything that has violent and unlawful content as well. The proposals were outlined in the UK HomeOffice’s latest anti-terrorism Prevent Strategy report, which was released earlier […]

Facebook silently switches on facial recognition, angers everyone

One of the many reasons people leave Facebook is that it constantly changes its privacy conditions, forcing users to continuously monitor their accounts. Recently, Facebook has turned on their facial recognition for photographs without notifying anyone, leaving many users scrambling to find out how to turn it off. Originally turned on for Americans last December, […]

Attorneys Attack Rights of Citizen Journalists

  The Florida Bar has proposed a new rule to eliminate coverage of court proceedings by citizen journalists. The Bar’s proposed rule prohibits anyone other than an official court reporter or an employee of a traditional media outlet, as defined by Florida Statutes § 90.5015, from using any device which can make video or audio […]

New law in Mexico ‘caps’ the use of the American dollar

According to the online site, Wicked Good Travel Tips,( accepted-in-mexico-vacation-spots/), the US dollar is no longer being accepted in popular Mexico vacation spots.  The reason:  the  drug war which finds the cartels basically owning Mexico while the ‘selected’ Calderon government bleeds the country dry, both emotionally and economically, by continuing neo-liberal policies through acts of […]

Violent Gun Rhetoric Criticized in Wake of Assassination Attempt on Congresswoman Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona, was shot in the back of the head by a 22 year old man named Lee Loughner. Six other people were also shot dead and eighteen others were injured. Representative Giffords is in critical condition, lying in a Tucson hospital. Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin published a controversial […]