Don’t Believe the Hype: Obama’s NCLB Waiver More of the Same

If you’re a casual observer of the education debate, today might seem monumental: George W. Bush’s controversial No Child Left Behind (NCLB), which created a system of extensive high-stakes testing for students and schools nearly a decade ago, is finally being “revamped” by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, according to a […]

A Moral Schlemeil’s Memoir

By Saul Landau Remember the aggressive guy in grade school and high school who snarled out of the corner of his mouth, and always egged other guys into fights but never felt knuckles on his own cheek? He’s the same guy who later got six college deferments for the draft while he advocated for the […]


By Saul Landau A rogue elephant ravishes the American living room. But instead of stopping the criminal antics, the people and elected officials salute, praise and honor him, and keep him close to our hearts and wallets. The scoundrel’s name? The Defense Department. Thanks to clever PR teams, the media refers to its murderous and […]

Teacher Inactivist Man vs. Achievement Gap Woman: Double speak as idiot wind

  Teacher’s wages, student poverty, cuts in educational funds, leaving ‘children behind’, ‘failure to close the ‘achievement gap’ and more sophistry in education all combine to frame the Sophocles tragedy we call ‘educational theatre’.  As you listen to the YouTube tragic-humor found at pay close to attention to the language employed, not to mention […]


  DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WITH DEMOCRACY AND THREE URGENT PLEAS Sheila Parks, Ed.D. Democracy. Who used to have it in the USA, and who has it now? People with white skin privilege?  People who were born male?  People with piles of money, much of it stolen from other people’s labor? I often hear European Americans […]

NO, Fraq NO, a 1,000 times NO

The Chinese have a new stealth fighter jet that can evade our radar.  They have a new ballistic missile that can strike our aircraft carriers.  BFD.  But, our Secretary of Defense feels that we have to respond to this threat. “They clearly have potential to put some of our capabilities at risk, and we have […]

It’s High Time Hillary Passed Out Lollipops In This Country

Our Secretary of State, H.R. Clinton just promised another one half billion dollars in aid to Pakistan “Aboard her plane from Pakistan, Clinton said U.S. efforts to convince deeply skeptical Pakistanis that American interest in their country extends beyond the fight against Islamist militants appeared to be gaining ground. To boost that shift, she announced […]