84 Questions about Sandy Hook Never Answered_Accountability?

     When a government is no longer accountable to its people, when the promise of transparency is a word used by politicians only when they are running for office and not afterwards when they take office, when investigations done by governments essentially investigating themselves produce results that have no relevance to the reality of […]

Free Houses for Sandy Hook Families

   On Christmas Day, 2009, in the town of Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook elementary school was located, several houses were legally transferred for zero dollars ($0). Among the recipients of such largesse were three selectmen of the town, selectmen being similar to your city council members.    The other pieces of property, essentially […]

Sandy Hook_Evidentiary Sources for Report

The first part of my reporting on the Sandy Hook cover-up was taken down temporarily by Daily Censored because they felt I had no sources for my exposition. So having satisfied them that I did I was up and running again. My article was re-published. But I feel an obligation to those who have read […]

Sandy Hook_Forgotten, Classified, Covered Up?

Is there any parent of a child, elementary school age or younger, who would be satisfied with just looking at the photo of the face of your child for identification purposes if he or she were murdered along with 19 other children in an elementary school mass shooting? Probably not, correct? You would need to […]