California UC Berkeley Chancellor forced to resign! BAMN

The most recent edition of the newsletter for the group, By any Means Necessary (BAMN), is out and posted below.  From issues revolving around affirmative action, immigration, school closings, union struggles, securing LGBT rights, resistance against Emergency Managers, and fighting for universal access to public higher education BAMN has been at the forefront.  Dailycensored has long been an […]

Robert Bobb must resign! Detroit Schools

We Celebrate Our Huge Victory in Court, and Demand that Bobb Resign Now!  Submitted to the December 9th DFT General Membership Meeting  Whereas: 1.      In a huge victory this week for the people of Detroit, most especially our city’s students and teachers, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter issued a permanent injunction barring Robert […]

GOP Forcing Burris to Resign

Now this story may not be censored, but on a late Sunday night before Presidents Day the Drudge Report has missed this story and the Huffington Post has burried it on the bottom of the page 2 hours after the AP released it. Additionally, Yahoo pulled it off their homepage after 30 minutes. As for […]