New Book by Andrew Kreig ‘Presidential Puppetry’ Exposes Obama, Romney, CIA Secrets

  Other Topics: NSA, Petraeus, Benghazi, Election Fraud, Boston Bombing Scandals About the Author: Andrew Kreig, 64, is an investigative reporter, attorney, author, business strategist, and non-profit executive based in Washington, DC. “Presidential Puppetry” grew out of his work leading the Justice Integrity Project, a non-partisan legal reform group that investigates official misconduct. The major […]

The Puppet Masters

The “New Yorker” magazine is probably the most independent, important mainstream media source in our country.  I first heard of this article on NPR, when they interviewed the author.  I doubt that you will be able to finish reading this, but the Koch brothers and their hands in American politics must be known.  Personally, between […]

Detroit says no to the ‘Gated’ community of the privatizers

Detroit Teachers and the fight against Walton, Gates, the Skillman Foundation their tributaries, minnions and the awful historical agency of tallywhacker Robert Bobb Defend Public Education / Save Our Students will meet this Saturday at 4:30 pm at the Gracious Savior Church, 19484 James Couzens (northbound Lodge service drive north of Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit, MI).    All […]