Peak Oil Experts Fear Big New U.S. Job Losses, Economic Downturn

Ralph Nader helped conclude a cutting-edge energy conference here Oct. 9 on Peak Oil by describing what alternative energy proponents must do to reduce harsh new job losses and similar hardship for the public.


CENSORED IN 1980: SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE GLOBAL SUPERMARKET While modern technology has increased worldwide food production and raised per capita income, millions of landless peasants in Third World countries face starvation and malnutrition. Prime agricultural lands in Third World countries have increasingly been converted to the production of cash export crops by vast transnational […]

Who needs terrorists?

For years Americans have purchased pharmaceuticals from Mexico and Canada because they are so much cheaper there.  Their governments provide Universal Health Care and their governments bargain for the best prices.  We have been repeatedly warned not to buy medications from these countries  because the pharmaceutical companies say the drugs cannot be trusted. So, what […]


CENSORED IN 1981: THE MILITARY’S UNKNOWN A-WASTE AT HANFORD Radioactive waste is building daily throughout the United States and the government doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. The failure of the media to fully address the issue of increasing radioactive waste qualifies this story for nomination as the #3 censored story of […]

Myths of Main Street: What does it really mean to “Go Local”?

In the face of raging distrust of corporations and the federal government, localism is no longer provincial, it’s no longer cheesy, but cool. But what does it really mean to “go local”?

Biodiesel flickers out leaving investors burned

Aletho News | January 5, 2010 The future of biodiesel fuel looks highly uncertain as federal tax credits that provided refiners $1 for every gallon produced expire with the new year. While many fleet vehicles have been manufactured to use the fuel, few will continue to do so since they are convertible to traditional fuel. […]


CENSORED IN 1992: THE WORLD’S LEADING MERCHANT OF DEATH In the 1980’s, global arms spending rocketed to nearly $1 trillion annually — or, about $2 million a minute. The two leading arms merchants were the United States and the former Soviet Union. Now the Soviet Union is gone, but its place has been taken by […]

A Mouse is in the Imperial House

Looks like Disney has a new groove in the guise of Shanghai flavored mouse. The going rate for this new look is a measly $3.5 billion. Add 1.3 billion people living in China who are clamoring for mouse droppings – I mean Disney products – and you have the formula for continued financial success for […]