The Education Games: Reform as Doublespeak

Although we currently live in a world informed by George Orwell’s dystopian unmasking-as-novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, we seem unable to acknowledge that the Ministry of Peace is actually waging war. In our current education reform debate, educators must come to terms with Orwell’s recognition of the essential nature of political speech: “I have not here been […]

Washington Post Co. used Kaplan students as a pawn to threaten Congress

Many readers might be wondering about the incessant coverage of for-profit predatory colleges and universities like Kaplan or the Phoenix University, to name just a few.  The reason for the non-stop coverage is due to the incessant lobbying and profit taking on behalf of the one percent who own these colleges and seek to profit at […]

Donald Graham Determined to Drive Washington Post into a Ditch

  The Wall Street Journal reported on Dec 3 2011 , in the article “Post’s Graham Digs In Amid Pressure” by By RUSSELL ADAMS And CHRISTOPHER S. STEWART that Donald Graham is refusing to sell any major units of the Washington Post Company, like the failing Kaplan University, despite dramatic declines in revenue and profits and […]

America’s Border Insecurity

by S. Paul Forrest   No Republican campaign speech ever goes on for long without mention of illegal immigration and the desire to quell it. Though the debate itself invokes a clear and present problem, the persistent use of it as a political jumping point without consideration or offering of reasoned solutions, continues to […]


By Saul Landau “There have been charges that it is morally wrong for the U.S. to aid undemocratic regimes to strengthen their security systems, thereby serving to entrench them in power.” But “the U.S. cannot afford the moral luxury of helping only those regimes in the free world that meet our ideals of self-government. Eliminate […]

Poverty and Testing in Education: “The Present Scientifico-legal Complex”

[Part I: Poverty] Jim Taylor has entered the poverty and education debate by asking U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and billionaire/education entrepreneur Bill Gates a direct question: “I really don’t understand you two, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the world’s second richest man and noted philanthropist. How can you possibly say that public […]

Laughable It Is…

NPR spent about 15 minutes on whether there is spill over of violence from Mexico in the drug wars.  22 murders, 5 kidnappings among others, you tell me.  So what?  The “what” means that the “War on Drugs” is not working.  Given the appetite for drugs in this country, the ideas that someone is bringing […]

UK government seeks to expand its internet black list

The UK Internet Watch Foundation already blocks websites that contains child sexual abuse content, also known as child porn, but now it wants to expand its powers to include anything that has violent and unlawful content as well. The proposals were outlined in the UK HomeOffice’s latest anti-terrorism Prevent Strategy report, which was released earlier […]


There are a number of ways one can address a problem.  The one I face here is one of simple hacking, in a sense.  While no one has been able yet to hack my password so that they can publish articles in my name, apparently I have rattled someone’s cage enough that they have made […]

The Peace Corps: A Government Organization that Actually Makes Sense

If you are an average American, chances are that you have donated to a “cause’ at some point in your life. Whether it be giving 5 bucks to Red Cross when a disaster strikes a third-world country, dropping 10 cents into the red Salvation Army container, or donating your entire estate to the worthy cause […]