Setting up encrypted email

Anyone who has been paying attention in the last two months, knows about Edward Snowden, PRISM, and the NSA spying scandal. It has never been more pertinent than now to set up encryption when interacting on the internet. Below are some ways to encrypt email to get you started. Yes, sometimes it’s a pain, but […]

The Feds Are Making a List; inBloom™ Is Checking It Twice

On April 30, 2013 the Obama administration announced they’d cut the much-maligned application form for the health insurance exchanges from a 21-page application to three pages for individuals and seven pages for families.(This isn’t counting the 61-page instruction manual for applying online.) The devil is in the details. They now use three application forms and […]

CISPA and its connections to money

When CISPA reared its ugly head last year, it was soundly defeated. This year, not only is is back, it’s taking more swipes at individual privacy, passing in the House 288-127, with more representatives in favor of the bill and more supporters than last year. As the fight now shifts to the Senate, there are […]

Parents, Beware Gates $$$$ Connections! Teachers, You’d Better Watch Out Too

 Three Little Questions: To Parents: This is the massive data collection system funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that will put your children’s data up for auction. Why hasn’t your PTA told you about any of this? To Teachers: This is the massive data system funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation […]

How big is the bot problem on Facebook?

Limited Run is a startup that creates a platform for musicians, labels, and artists to sell actual physical products to the public. Like many companies, they have spent some of their advertising budget on Facebook. What Limited Run discovered, however, is that 80% of its ad clicks are coming from bots, essentially making their ads […]

Google pushing users to use real names on YouTube

If you ever have the desire to make a comment on YouTube, Google has now implemented a new popup box that urges you to use your real name instead of whatever name you registered with when you signed up to YouTube. If you refuse to use your real name, you are no longer allowed to […]

Why privacy matters

In today’s every connected world, it is of the utmost importance that everyone remain vigilant when safeguarding their privacy and identity. If this does not happen, then invasions of privacy and identify theft are more likely to occur. This happened to me recently at work. If I were a less honest person, I could have […]

Sometimes it’s not censorship

By now, we’ve all heard and/or read the horrifying story of what happened to Lara Logan. This morning, however, I stumbled across an article criticizing CBS News for sitting on the story for five days. “[60 Minutes] correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, ‘Jew! Jew!’ as she covered the chaotic fall […]

Washington plans to extend its CCTV network

The city of Washington, DC already monitors 4,500 CCTV twenty four hours a day from the DHS Joint All-Hazards Operation Center. It now wants to add thousands more in an attempt to blanket the city with cameras in every location possible. The feeds already include the District’s department of transportation and school system and will […]